As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || YouTubers Interview Obama

Yes, this is a disgrace. But who knows, maybe they’ll ask a good question out of left field.

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  1. HaHa! the ‘media’ coverage of “Barack Hussein Obama” has been a DISGRACE for 7+years…
    Keith, I dont see any of you chums from this “WH press corps” saying anything about this being a “disgrace” and not being allowed to ‘interview’ Dear Leader Obama.

  2. Before the MSM and the establishment elites realized that MrTrump was the real thing, they all seemed to have the same word to describe him – a clown. He was ‘clownish’, silly, not serious, a disgrace to the serious race for the presidency all the while ignoring the clownish and cringe-worthy actions of both the Obamas.
    While he was slow-jamming, the Mrs was fast-jamming or whatever it’s called. Photos of the Pres. taking selfies, MrsO singing to a vegetable or having a sack race inside the historic WhiteHouse were either ignored or considered to be appropriate.
    This interview with social media people can’t be any worse than his interaction with the woman who wears green lipstick, or his clueless and goofy SOTU speech.

    No matter who wins the election in November, we know that decorum and seriousness will be returned, that protocols will be followed, and we won’t have to be ashamed of the FirstCouple or their family.

    • yes, but to return to the decorum expected of the POTUS & FLOTUS and life in the White House…
      these Obama’s need to be called out & shamed for the way they behaved as uppity grifters for the past embarrassing 8 years.

      • Yes my friend but they won’t be.
        Who is going to call them out ?
        The congress ?
        The media ?
        The military ?

        Hang in there Navy, 1 more year to go.

  3. Did this event actually start ten minutes LATE, as the video shows?

    The White House page oddly describes Obama’s schedule in nebulous terms like “in the morning”, “in the afternoon”, while Biden’s note has actual times. Odder still, the posted schedule with times shows Josh’s press briefing (twice!) at 1:00 AM, followed by Obama’s YouTube gig at 2:15 AM, then with the correctly timed events, ending with Obama’s lunch with Biden at 12:30 PM.

    No wonder Obama is rarely on time!

  4. Sometimes the Government moves a little slower than we like. I cannot believe he actually used that as an excuse. It was announce that 179,000 unvetted migrants will be coming here, and he uses that comment.

  5. Who has time to listen to inane chit chat from Prezy lounge lizard? He is not only a disgrace – he is a national pest. Stay in your office and leave the citizens of this country alone, Barry. You are a disruption! No one cares what you think…about anything!

  6. Keith, the nickname “swoozie” tells me that none of these young people will ask any question pertaining to national interests – and more specifically to my interests.
    Our President and his handlers have lost all rational thought.

  7. OK!!! 1 year to go!!!! (Hopefully)! Just ONCE during that time I’d like to see THIS on his schedule “Meets with a group of REALLY pissed off Conservatives”! Yes, I know!! Never gonna happen. But, still!!!!! Or maybe even better, THIS entry; “Apologizes to America”!!! Hey, I Have A Dream!!!

    • Very interesting. It seems odd that the crew would re-program their GPS without permission where moving within proper boundaries is so critical in that part of the world. Why would they do that? Very odd. But, more to come on this, no doubt.

  8. No doubt, someone going by the name “Swoozie” will ask an intellectual barn burner of a question.
    A year and five days this joke will be over…

  9. Thanks, but I’ll pass on watching this nonsense.

    It’s sad that Barry had so much time for this nonsense today, yet he couldn’t find any time earlier this week to meet with the visiting King of Jordan. Too busy flying off to Nebraska for his post-SOTU circus road show, he met with King Abdullah for a mere few minutes at the air terminal at Andrews Air Force Base on Wednesday:

    In these dangerous times this PO(t)(u)S has time for YouTube people, but not for the King of Jordan whom he last met with in Washington about a year ago.

    • It’s not the first time that Obama dissed a King.

      When he received the Nobel Prize in Oslo in 2009, he declined lunch with Norway’s King Harald AND refused to attend the King’s Nobel Exhibit! Every Nobel winner from the Dalai Lama to Al Gore has honored King Harald with their attendance.

      Europeans were furious with Obama – calling him an ‘elephant in a porcelain shop’.

      He also refused to attend a concert in his honor, and never showed up to meet with a group of children who were waiting to present him with flowers.

      In short, Obama is an A**hole!