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Video || Hillary Clinton is on Fire!

She’s on fire, and she’s burning down.

What a sense of deja vu she must be feeling. She’s the prohibitive favorite, the moderate, steady alternative, and then a socialist comes out of nowhere and evens out the race.

Hillary may be indicted for her email woes. She is a walking time bomb for the Democrats. They have no serious alternative. Bernie Sanders can never win a general election, and if he can, the country is irretrievably lost. But the country is not irretrievably lost.

The only way the Republicans can lose is if Donald Trump is nominated and the Establishment walks away from him. And that could happen.

14 Responses to Video || Hillary Clinton is on Fire!

  1. Excellent analysis, Keith.

    I’ll just add the ‘if’. If the GOPe decides to walk away from Trump, there will be hell to pay. The conservative side of the aisle is in a Howard Beale mood. We’ll soon find out, as I’ve suspected for some time – the two party system is DC and We, the people.

    There are more of ‘us’ than them.

  2. For that “if” to come true, the RHPC (Right Half of the Political Class, which I think is a better term) would have to be putting minority party status ahead of the interests of the nation as a whole.

    And since we are talking about a political class with ideals generally at angles with those of the country class, it’s a possibility.

    On the other hand, since the GOP has been on the side of gun owners as a bulwark against tyranny, one would have to suspect they know better.

    But on the OTHER other hand, it’s known as the Stupid Party for a reason.

    My head hurts. >.<

    • If the GOPe walks away from Trump (or Cruz for that matter, if that should be the case), then they can be officially declared insane and the entire leadership of the GOPe should be banned from politics for the rest of their lives. Their “walking away” or a lack of robust, all out support for the R nominee, whoever that person might be, will doom them for political eternity, and usher in Hillary or even Sanders. My view.

  3. She and her well living family for all these years deserve nothing but the worst (worse?). I am so sick of the Clintons.
    Girl don’t go away mad, just go away!!!

    • Definitely rings a bell. It was a question—“Will you support the R nominee?” —one of the moderators posed at the first “debate”. Trump was the only one who didn’t immediately raise his hand the moment the question was asked, and the GOPe anti-Trump hay out of the whole situation. Went on for days. Then Trump said, “OK, I will support the R nominee”.

      If the GOPe walks away from a Trump R nominee, (or any other R nominee they don’t like) they will have cemented their current reputation as spineless, clueless and traitorous.