As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Thursday, January 14, 2015

10:05 am CST || Holds a town hall; McKinley Senior High School, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
11:30 am CST || Holds a Twitter Q&A; McKinley Senior High School
1:20 pm CST || Departs Louisiana
4:50 pm EST ||Arrives White House

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  1. Could someone puh-lease inform Barry that he’s no longer running for PO(t)(u)S? These BS gatherings in living rooms, “remarks” at high schools, and Twitter/Facebook/YouTube stunts are no longer necessary. Go away…just flipping go away already.

  2. And now for the overnight Nobel Peace Prize update…explosions in Jakarta, reports of ten to fourteen gunmen, six confirmed deaths so far; police HQ in Diyarbakir, Turkey hit by car bomb, 5 confirmed dead (including a woman and a baby), at least 39 injured, Turkish government suspects PKK, no claim of responsibility; Sydney Opera House evacuated, and Manly Ferry cancelled due to police operation.

    Howard Beale, take it away.

    • Another day, another glut of violence and death from the “religion of peace”.
      Who would have believed the world would come to this.

      • Yes I agree. I woke up to read the news and learn of this.
        As far as the schedule above. He again, if I may repeat: He belongs behind a desk. He turned a blind eye on the above, and should be trying to resolve the matter.
        Sailors are arrested taken by Iran. That should cause any P. to cancel all BS trips and resolve that matter as well. Strip lifting the sanctions, strip the Deal as well.

        • Nah, he’s got children to impress. I suppose he’s going to become a Wise One and promote candidates of his ilk in the future — so it’s good to spend time dazzling kids now.

        • I think Ryan did some fancy dancing to delay action on the sanctions — the sanctions will be lifted before the House is scheduled to vote or try and impose some restrictions.

          Good old Ryan, playing for the Dems.

    • I lived in Jakarta. That area is full of high end shopping, fine restaurants and 5-star hotels. The Grand Hyatt is there and always full of American, Canadian and Japanese business people. When you watch the televised footage, note the ineptitude of the Polisi. It takes the intellect and expertise of foreign nationals to help them with their infinite resources. The Indonesians do not like Americans or our values. We are their infidel.

      • Speaking of the low intellect of the Indonesian and that they do not like our American value system, don’t we have an elected leader that is from there and does not like our values and is of low intellect? He did manage to fool Americans twice.

        • I was just going to mention that. Thanks for your personal input, Bonnie. It all makes sense now.
          How many trips has the Enemy of State made to Indonesia? The first one was nearly $200M, as I recall!
          We are such fools (collectively).

  3. The POTUS – Commander in Chief of a massive military, CEO of a ‘business’ that has millions of employees, and someone who will get a return call from almost anyone in the world is going to have a Twitter chat with, well, twits.

    It’s time for his minions in the WhiteHouse to clue him in that we don’t care what he wants anymore, we don’t listen to his blather, and wish to Heaven that he would stay in the WhiteHouse and work on his memoirs or something. Maybe update his resume as he will be unemployed next year.

    The MSM will quote MrTrump’s latest remarks tonight, not MrObama’s. We’ll see MrTrump, MrCruz, or any one of the candidates speaking before a gathering – we won’t see MrObama’s high school crowd.

    • His minions in the White House offering him a dose of reality? Why on Earth would they start now?

      Listen to the man’s comments as he stumps for… errrr, on the campaign tr–… ummmm, God only knows why he’s out on the road. Planting the early seeds of revisionist history for his presidency, I’d imagine. Reality contradicts nearly everything that pours from his mouth. This man and the cloistered bevy of sycophants who isolate him from any proof of his failure are delusional. The same goes for anyone who would show up, at this point, in a high school auditorium to applaud for him.

      • This revisionist history the Obama cult members are set to peddle will be the history taught in high schools and colleges in the very near future. That’s a great tragedy.

  4. Since the chosen one is out and about, I guess he gave the keys to the kingdom to Kerry. That fool is out thanking the Iranians for “taking” such good care of our sailors.i see him doing this, then next slide is showing all the sailors with hands up being detained. What have I missed? They give inept a bad reputation.

  5. This is a cutie. The ACA has a little fine print clause that tries to smooth risk between health plans and makes the ones with healthier people pay the ones with sicker people, and this is resulting in small, innovative plans forking over dough to bloated big ones. This may not open–don’t know.

  6. At a rally, Trump read the lyrics to Al Wilson’s 1969 record of “The Snake”
    Now, I probably will catch flack on this, but, if I had to describe how I feel about so called “refugees” from the ME and our Southern border, this would be my words of warning.
    OK, fire away.

  7. OT No cable access. Depending on you guys for report on debates.

    That said, I’ve been reading about how NC and MB plan on being “more aggressive” and doing the gotcha’ thing,possibly pitting one candidate against another.

    Whatever happened to good old fashioned debate moderators — neutral. Whatever happened to what the debater is saying is the feature and not all these media princesses. Will be disappointed if NC and MB take this path. Disappointed, but no longer surprised.

      • Discontinued all cable tv service. I might look around for some Cspan streaming. But I can live without. Especially now that part of it the show of the Moderators.

      • One thing for sure, everyone , including FOX and RNC, is loaded for bear against Trump.

        For the Dems the real enemy is the Republicans and all straight Christian heterosexual white people.

        For the Republicans the real enemy is Donald Trump.

        No wonder Iran can make our sailors kneel with the their hands on their heads, NORK can develop nuclear weapons, Putin can gobble up the ME to serve his national interests, and every illegal and America hating terrorist knows they will be welcomed by this Administration, facilitated by none other than Mr. Welcome Wagon himself, Jeh Johnson.

    • Gracepc I agree as well. If I needed a better show of entertainment I can change the channel. I do not need to be entertain or disappointed by what the moderators say. They are not running.

  8. Hope tonight is not going to be a re-play of Megyn Kelly’s outrageous behavior at the first FOX debate.
    I assume this one is going to be on the economy and the stock mkt plunge since it is FBN, but one never knows.
    IMO, this is the perfect time for Trump to attack Obama/Hillary on the Iran deal. In fact, it should be the only topic! The shameful, humiliating video of our Navy personnel blindfolded on their hands and knees is the culmination of Obama’s seven years as Traitor-in-Chief!
    The fact that Hillary supports Obama and the nuke deal is tantamount to tyranny!
    This is Trump’s night to take her down!


  9. OT and Silly. Looks like the Academy Awards are now supposed to consider color and ethnicity . Talent, merit, etc. no longer acceptable. We know the Awards are political but this is normal crazy liberal stuff being put on other crazy liberals.

    Maybe there should just be participation medals. At ome point this idiocy must catch the eye of some thinking professional on the Left. Yeah — he didn’t do a first rate acting job — but hey, Black, Asian, Muslim,Sexuality of all stripes, etc etc. Anything but craft and talent.

    • How about an Oscar for everyone? Everyone’s a winner.
      Now that’s diversity. Winners win, losers win.
      You want OT and silly?
      This week during a Hillary rally, a reporter for one of the Hispanic news stations asked Hillary if she could stop the use of illegal as in illegal immigrants.
      On yes she gushed, only undocumented immigrants will they be referred to when she takes office. That was frightening, when she takes office.
      OK, so I now propose that;
      Drug dealers = undocumented pharmacist.
      Auto thieves= undocumented auto re-possers.
      Bank robbers= undocumented depositers.
      Drug smugglers= undocumented importers.
      Murders= undocumented abortionist.
      OK, I’m done, thanks for listening… now where is that bottle.

      • Well, if you really want to go there. How about Obama, the Undocumented. There is the iffy birth certificate and then there is a whole lot of rumor about high school documents, college documents, law school documents, religion – undocumented. Blah blah blah.

    • Perhaps the awards should be given on the box office dollars earned.
      Another use for illegal immigrants by the Democrat party..give them the necessary bucks for a ticket, a coke and some popcorn!
      Of course…something will have to be done to alleviate terrorism anxiety among the audience.
      Does the white demographic attend more movies than the Black or Hispanic population?
      Socialism = everyone gets a participation medal

    • Oh noes, yet another reason to be offended! Maybe if black producers, directors and actors made better movies, they’d be nominated. Or maybe they should just have separate Oscar ceremonies for black people.