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Video || Obama’s SOTU Broken Promises

By the staff at LifeZette.

14 thoughts on “Video || Obama’s SOTU Broken Promises”

  1. What IS this obsession with closing Gitmo that he strives to accomplish? It can’t be his concern for the inmates quality of life, or that any foreign Islamist will be grateful for their return to their homeland.
    As for the rest of the broken promises, maybe it’s a good thing he couldn’t keep them or things would be much worse now.

    We all know that his vision or understanding of the SOTU is full of delusions about how well the yokels in fly-over country are doing, how his actions hurt more than they could ever help anyone, and where the thinking of most Americans is today.
    If he was to give a true picture of the actual state of our union, we’d all end up in tears or just be so angry that we throw all the ‘bums’ out of DC.

    1. If things have to be first this, first that, how about last? Last SOTU by Obama. Check. Last SOTU by a black president (nah, not certain or even desirable). Last SOTU by a president who doesn’t really care about the state of a country with so many flaws? Check. Last SOTU by…? Last SOTU by a Harvard guy (sorry Ted). Check.

      1. How about last SOTU? They’ve devolved into a circus, no matter who the president is. Send a letter to congress or only have it on C-SPAN. No special guests, no clapping, no pundit speculation beforehand.

  2. If you like your healthcare plan, youi can keep it.

    If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.

    I will lower my handicap by 5 strokes – well, he kept his promise to play more (without women partners too), but no improvement to his game in sight.

    1. Interesting.

      But I bet he would, in the days of old, all in for a war against white colonials or neo colonials. And I am pretty sure a few good Republicans as prisoners of the War on Women, the War on Poverty, the War on Diversity wouldn’t bother him a bit.

      He does not seem bothered one bit by the horrid executions and massacres of Christians either.

      But, yeah, I guess — pacifist at heart. Obama.

  3. OT. But no more bizarre than what this SOTU is shaping up to be — world gone off rail.

    Rupert Murdoch — old but rich and smart — Rupert Murdoch is to wed yet again. This time to Jerry Hall — also smart, but younger, and former Mick Jagger wife and model. Somehow I expected more of Hall. Oh well.

    1. Two old people enjoy one another’s company. Hope that is what this romance is…if so, good for them.
      (Hall is worth 15 mm or so I read.)

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