As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Video || Koffler on Fox Business News – 1-12-16

We did this at 6 am this morning. Aside from he double chin, I thought it went okay.

We were talking Trump, Hillary, and the upcoming Republican debate.

30 Responses to Video || Koffler on Fox Business News – 1-12-16

  1. 6am EST? arrghh. That’s 4am AZ time and 3am on the West coast.
    You are a good TV personality, have sensible and reasoned opinions, so this 6am stuff has got to cease.
    I’m offering my expertise as an agent (10% gross negotiable) to get you better air time.
    I’m seeing a FB,Twitter,Snapchat full push agenda for you that will make the TV gurus take notice. First – an interview with one of the Kardashians, then a sub rosa chat with a convicted killer now sitting on death row in SingSing, and a set-up where you’re filmed in a heroic rescue of a kitten stuck in a tree.
    We’ll talk.

    • LOL, I agree srdem, I watch a lot of pundits on various nets and cables, Keith has a sweet smile and a warm demeanor.

      We just need to start a fan club! Maybe petition Outnumbered to let him be One Lucky Guy :)

  2. You were more polished than the co-anchor–no mean feat, for being on the air at oh-dark-thirty. Figure an hour for show-prep, and an hour and a half to go from alarm clock to studio, so…that would have put you on deck at, what, 3:30 AM?


  3. Mornings with Maria is one of my favorite shows and I usually watch, flipping between it and Morning Joe. This morning I saw Maria B was STILL absent (where is she Keith?) so I stuck with MoJo and missed your appearance.

    Agree with others you have great TV presence and should be on far more often.

    I note that your intro is singularly Lifezette. Guess What, hosting us at WHD is chicken liver??

  4. Why would anyone watch the
    ‘debate” ? I cannot stand even one moment of this insane brain dead GOP nonsense.

    What do you think you will learn that is not on the internet already?

  5. Also the State of the Union address?

    Little Zero Muslim commie dictator will say the word “I” over 1 billion times!

    Why not stick your head in the oven instead?

    • You never know…as many ways as the man has cribbed from Nixon, he might borrow the line, “I shall resign the presidency effective at noon tomorrow” for the speech.

      True, if he did, he’d follow it up, with impeccable timing, with, “Psych! You bitter clingers sure got your hopes up for a moment there, didn’t ya!”

      But, as with a ten-figure Powerball jackpot, an American can dream, can’t he?

  6. Very well done Keith, added this to my current Trumpost as I try to bring many different (and positive) viewpoints and I clearly value your expert opinions. Dagan’s one of my fav FBN pundits especially when she was on Imus.

  7. Excellent job, Keith! Degan (sp) is also one of my faves – dating back to IMUS. Your great insight and reporting skills are so refreshing!

  8. No doubt whatsoever – Trump knows exactly how he is presenting himself and he absolutely is following his strategy. No doubt.
    Green tie guy should have read his question – he rambled and got his 15 seconds of fame.
    Great job on your answer to that convoluted question, Keith.