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Obama Schedule || Wednesday, January 13, 2015

11:00 am EST || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
11:55 am EST || Departs White House
2:00 pm CST || Arrives Omaha, Nebraska
2:30 pm CST || Holds a living room discussion Private Residence; Omaha area, Nebraska
4:15 pm CST || Delivers remarks; University of Nebraska Omaha
5:20 pm CST || Departs Omaha, Nebraska
7:25 pm CST || Arrives Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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    1. Just glad I don’t have to travel on the Kennedy Freeway, Dodge, 72nd St or I-80 this afternoon – some or all of those roads have to be in the path. Depending on wind direction, AF1 should pass over my office in a few minutes.

      1. He is meeting with a local teacher in a suburb – should allow for optimal disruption of traffic. My son’s high school (near the teacher’s house) just sent out a message to parents saying expect roads to be closed, etc. His route to his speech will be down the major north-south arterial, and when he leaves it will be during peak commute time.

      1. Surely you don’t expect Mooch to go to Omaha? That’s flyover country and its filled with masses of unwashed peasants. She only likes extravagant locations.

  1. Last night my brother sent me a breitbart link showing the quick down and dirty 10 most glaring lies of Obama’s SOTU:

    To which I replied:
    Yeppers. My column for Sunday is already shaping up as “I don’t know whether Obama is full blown schizophrenic or just virulently passive-aggressive, but whatever the final diagnosis the only saving grace for this country is that last Tuesday evening was the last Obama State of the Union that will ever be inflicted upon the American people.”

    So no matter how bad your day may turn today, just remember WHD’s, today is the first day after the last SOTU from the scourge that shall not be named.

  2. so about 330 pm CST someone will be calling the local SERVPRO to come clean up all the BS he left on their living room floor, eh? SCOAMF, creating jobs!

  3. “Masses of fighters on the back of pickup trucks and twisted souls plotting in apartments or garages pose an enormous danger to civilians and must be stopped but they do not threaten our national existence.

    President Barack Obama
    President-United States of America 2016

    Masses of fighters on the HORSES and twisted souls plotting in TAVERNS or BARNS pose an enormous danger to civilians and must be stopped but they do not threaten our national existence

    King George II
    King-British Empire-1776

    The Presdent is just employing centuries old Anglo Saxon foreign policy methods. It worked out perfectly for those pesky colonists and their leader George Washington.


    “Masses of fighters on the back of pickup trucks and twisted souls plotting in apartments or garages pose an enormous danger to civilians and must be stopped but they do not threaten our national existence.

    President Barack Obama
    President-United States of America 2016

    Masses of fighters on the HORSES and twisted souls plotting in TAVERNS or BARNS pose an enormous danger to civilians and must be stopped but they do not threaten our national existence

    King George II
    King-British Empire-1776

    King George’s foreign policy worked out perfectly for those pesky colonists………..

    1. For a guy who’s always lecturing us about “who we are”, he is clueless to what we think our national existence means.
      We might be of this group or that, have different ideals or any kind of difference, but our national existence depends on all of us being safe in our homes and at the workplace.

      Terrorists killing people at a Christmas party is a crime against all of us, not just a group of anonymous people, but a group of law-abiding Americans.
      We were all offended, sorrowed, and angered.

      1. The biggest problem with Obama and his “who we are” is he says it from the context of “who he is”. A Frank Marshall Davis mentored, Saul Alinsky inspired, liberal academia indoctrinated hater of America as founded.

    1. “I’d tell you to go [engage in an autocoital act], but that would be rude…because I know, without even looking, that yours is too short to accomplish it.

      “Now get the [infernal underworld] out of my living room.”

  4. MSM love for Nikki.

    I liked Ann Coulter’s statement.

    The RNC would never do this to any candidate but Trump. He is a Republican candidate and deserves the same party support that the others do.

    If the minor league GOPe wins with Rubio expect a younger but more arrogant same old same old.

  5. I’m glad he know who I am. I’m the guy working 7 days a week, Indiana born & raised, buying guns and selling them on the streets of Chicago. Along with pink ponies, purple daisies, and a bag full of psychosis.

        1. Don’t have the exact quote–it was about the political rancor and how someone with the gifts of a Lincoln or Roosevelt might bridge it better and he himself would try to do better while still in office…Fake humility to me bec he went off on a toot on Reps right after.

  6. In with a bang – out with a whimper. The incredible shrinking man is back to business as usual – flying the wings off AF1 and filling the ozone layer with hot air.

    1. I watched part of his speech and can honestly say, a root canal would have been less painful to endure. I hope this was the last SOTU we’ll ever hear from this guy but I bet he’ll give a big a** speech before our new President is sworn in next year. He won’t go quietly…

      1. No, he won’t go quietly. He’s a talker, a loudmouth, the kid in the back of the class who won’t shut up. He needs a situation where he can speak to large groups of adoring people who swoon at his every phrase, his every word, his every gesture, his every mispronounced word. Without the adoring crowds, he folds up like a cheap suitcase, a lost little boy still worried that people don’t like him, don’t think he’s cool. A very dangerous person with a severely distorted personality and a strange fellow, indeed.

      2. Didn’t watch a second of it. Only way it would have been newsworthy would have been if he’d said he was resigning, and that wasn’t going to happen.

        I mean, really…

        “Our lead story tonight, President Obama reads self-congratulatory speech from teleprompter. In other news, dog bites man. Film at eleven.”

        Thanks, but I’ll pass. If I had been offered the choice of watching Obama congratulate himself for an hour, or receiving a six-hour Coca-Cola enema, I’d take the enema.


        Is it 2017 yet?

  7. The more I read about Iran keeping our sailors hostage overnight, the more I realize there is really something fishy with this story. If I were to wear my tin foil hat I’d think this was staged somehow to make Iran look like a trustworthy ally before the sanctions are lifted.

      1. It has been suggested that the secure communication equipment on board was confiscated by Iran.
        Don’t know for sure, but if they crack our code it may change the dynamics.

    1. AZ Granny, Weasel Zippers has many pictures of the Sailors that were captured by the Iranians.
      Bottom link on Keith’s left sidebar.
      I think it was staged too.

      1. This absolutely stinks of something underhanded. What are the odds of both boats “breaking down” at the same time, and then our returned sailors leave in them under their own steam? The kind Iranians made repairs while they tore out the GPS and anything else of interest?

        1. Last night they announced it was one vessel. Than the mentioned communication. This morning they, than stated it was two. We will never know what happen. Were they outgunned. Never know. They were suppose to contact any other military in the area for help, from what I understand is the rule of thumb. This morning there was the news of apology. Than we were told no one apologized. O should have been behind his desk last night on top of this.
          Than the sanctions are due to be lifted. They should tell Iran no. No deal at all.

  8. Daily Mail has photos of the ten sailors with their hands up behind their heads and kneeling down, photos of the rifles and ammunition that was confiscated by the Iranians and more.

    1. oops Carol I didn’t see you — too outraged. The link below contains the pix from AOS, not DM. One way or the other they are disgusting — and probably taken while Obama was talking about himself and his great foreign policy,

  9. Outrageous. Look at these pictures of American sailors on their knees with Iranian guns pointed at them and read the dumb ass thing Josh Earnest said, and tell me Barack Obama should not be impeached for his failure to protect and defend this country and to stand for our military.

    Commander in Chief, my ass.

    1. That is NOT our Navy.
      They were told to stand down.IMO.
      This is an indication of how our military has been weakened by the current president.

      1. I am not equipped to discuss particulars. But I heard on a conservative talk show, a sailor who knew these boats (swift), had been assigned to them, and said that there was no way this should have happened. He said the Ensign (or whoever was in charge) did not have a properly equipped boat or take appropriate action.

        That said, there is no excusing what follows here.

        And there is no excuse for John Kerry’s pathetic pathetic response. These pictures and his words are known around the world now and Obama has humiliated this country most especially with this Iranian deal.

        After seeing this pictures, how people can support this Administration is way beyond me. If the Democrats do, then they are beyond the pale of American.

          1. Simple. Their Obama inspired ROE was to not resist the Iranians. Give up. Like Grace, I heard a couple of Navy guys (on Mark Levin if I remember correctly) saying that the Iranians constantly harass our Navy in these waters and have for years. They pretend they are going to ram our Navy boats and turn away at the last moment. They use other maneuvers to rattle the Navy boats and ships in that area. One of the Navy people I heard on the radio said that Obama’s ROE in those waters was to not fire (even a warning shot) unless fired upon. In addition, each of these type boats has two powerful motors–one in use and a spare just in case it’s needed. So we’d need to have all four motors–two for each boat–conk out at the same time for these sailors to have found themselves in such a mess. Extremely unlikely. Additionally, the Navy guy on the radio (a Petty Officer who worked these very waters in these type boats, said these crews are trained to, within minutes, hook up with the disabled boat should one be disabled, and haul ass out of there. None of that happened. To have two well maintained boats, as these were, with four powerful motors all conk out at the same time, and thus stranding 10 sailors who were then captured by the Iranian Navy? Not going to happen. My opinion is the Iranians surrounded these two boats because they wanted the electronic gear (we both have a clue as to what that likely was), capture the US sailors, accusing them of sailing within Iranian waters, and then show how generous they were by releasing them 24 hours later. Additionally, we certainly have satellite footage of the whole event because we watch that part of the world 24/7. Somebody (lots of people, no doubt) knows the truth here, and the Obama team is not telling it.

          2. Marcus and AF Vet That is pretty much what I heard also. But what I heard also included criticism of the Ensign (or whoever) was in charge of the captured boat. Now, it’s possible that he was ordered to do so. Also I heard the first thing they do is dump all or as much gear as they can overboard.

    1. Brilliant…and what a reminder that the current constellation of warring entities in the ME is what we are dealing with today, and not very well at that. King could have done the skit today, and just change the leaders. Same bowl, same soup.

  10. RE: Propaganda photo of US sailors.
    Iran showing that THEY can bring America to its knees the have its ass kissed by Kerry.
    Meanwhile, Obamas teleprompter gives speech how America’s military has never been stronger.

  11. An off topic, idle comment of no value:
    Oprah has a new weight watcher’s commercial.
    The Husband says, “Oprah! Get over yourself!” to TV.
    Pretty much the way I feel about the Obama’s, Rubio, Christy, all of Congress…no make that all of Washington, DC.
    And all the “denizens” of Hollywood and Broadway.
    And I’m sure there are more…give me a minute.

    1. Sleazy, lying Republicans. They’re dying to win the WH with someone like Rubio because they plan on making “comprehensive immigration reform” the first order of business in 2017.

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