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Obama Schedule || Tuesday, January 12, 2015

11:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
9:00 pm || Delivers the State of the Union Address; Capitol Hill

All times Eastern
Live stream of State of the Union at 9:00 pm

68 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Tuesday, January 12, 2015”

  1. I can’t stand to watch. I’m going to the Knicks game, will catch the “after show” when I get home…

    Keep me posted folks…


    1. That’s a great idea! I’ll tune in. At our house, I’m setting up our Whiz-Bang Galactic Automatic Lie Detector (slapped together from an old KayPro computer). It will record Obama’s entire SOTU, process out all the lies, and eventually print out of the truth words for our convenience. Last year there were a total of four Obama words printed out after the SOTU. So it saves a lot of time and cussing generated whenever Obama makes a speech. Probably should patent the thing.

      1. I’ll take your Kay Pro and raise you a Radio Shack TRS 80. lol How big a nerd was I in college? Remember those computer mags that had code in the back to type in for the “surprise” game? Yeh, I did that.

          1. Sorry AFVet, still got ya,
            The Trash 80 (as we called em in the day) was before the 64. I had a 64 as well, then moved up to the YUUUUUGE 128 with portable 5 1/4 floppy drive with a word processor, spreadsheet and database disks. Granted, I spent as much time playing my Battle of the Bulge game as doing any work but it was THE advanced of the day. A day that now seems a very, very long ways away, a very old day, a day…..oh hell I forgot! lol

          2. Yep Geoff, I had that big ‘ol 5.25 drive too.
            I showed it to my Dad and he said that computers would never amount to a hill of beans.

            He also said that the internet would never amount to anything.

            He did have his opinions.

          3. I still have AOL–dating back to when it was “invented.” Why, don’t know except so many people have my email addy it’s hard to change. It is a little day-to-day problem child, tho, with the “mail not available, try later,” and frequent freezes…

    1. Debbie W-S, who supposedly represents many Jewish Democrats,is bringing a Muslim man — doctor I think. The SOTU is turning out to be a Muslim love fest.

      At one time there was talk in America of the “token black” — looks like the Dems are now into the “token Muslim”.

      It is almost a fair question to ask if any of the Democrat guests will be American or even worse, Christian.

  2. Dagnabit! All of you put on your big boy and girl pants and listen to your leader tell you how special and wonderful he is!
    MrO gave an interview with MattLauer that shows just how delusional and clueless he really is about the SOTU today. He doesn’t understand why we’re so polarized, why there is so much conflict, why the public doesn’t understand just how marvelous everything is here in the USA.
    He admits that he could have done more – by making more speeches – y’know, to help us dummies understand how great his agenda is today.
    Assuming that the editor of the interview piece is not making things up for fun, the President says some really weird things – such as – there was a time in the US when people hit each other with canes- huh?

    So, set up the tea trolley, get out the Cheetos and be prepared to listen to some lies, some delusions, and watch the Dems go bat-crazy every time he mentions some attack on our freedoms.

    1. He should be giving this ‘speech’ from the psych ward at Bellevue.

      He is obsessed with his legacy…and nothing else. He will go to any length to ensure that his every word and every body movement is choreographed to portray him as the ‘Second Coming’- regardless of the facts in evidence.
      He is totally out of touch with reality-the sign of a true sociopath.

      Eventually, I predict, he WILL end up in the psych ward…after he can no longer control the bully pulpit. The pundits will not be kind to him post-presidency.

      1. I’ve long believed Obama has been in some sort of mind control trance for a long time. Not a full blown MKULTRA deal, but more that he’s susceptible to certain signals, instructions and code words. I’m dead serious. Who induced it, what their motives were, how he is kept in that trance is still not well understood. Someday, someone will talk. Until then, it remains a mystery.

      1. I like bouncing them off the TV screen, but then the cat uses them for toys and we find them under the furniture.

        I’ll wait for the summary on the radio tomorrow.

  3. My legacy,
    * Most transparent administration ever.
    * Will read the budget line by line.
    * Affordable Care Act
    *If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.
    *No boots on the ground.
    * Nuclear armed Iran is unacceptable.
    * Al quiada is on the run.

      1. And what really irritates me is how all the MSM that STILL prop for him don’t point out that the Obamacare plans people are being forced to buy are higher premium, higher deductible plans than the “bad” plans Obamacare eliminated. UGH

        1. Yeah–that was a corollary to I will destroy the coal industry–America’s great resource. Still (and my bills are sure not going down), I boil down to we will FORCE you to buy this insurance–we know what you need–you are too stupid to figure it out even though you freelancers have found health insurance every yr, yr in and yr, out, you are too stupid.

      1. Yep. That’s what WE as citizens believe is the State of the Union. And that’s the only opinion that counts. A politician’s opinion on the issue isn’t worth a wooden nickle.

      2. That means Obama has accomplished his mission.

        Do you think for a minute that he cares about this Country ?

        He told us that he was going to transform America, and he has, and he is not finished.

  4. I was wondering, or maybe wishing that during the SOTU Obama has a meltdown like Peter Finch in the movie Network?
    Certainly not the “we’re not going to take it anymore” part, but just meltdown.

    1. Maybe a Reverse Sally Field…”You really don’t like me, really really…My mother was never home, she was running around the world, my dad was such a bad philanderer he was kicked out of Harvard for it, but I pulled myself up as best I could on a bank vice president’s salary (that typical white woman grandma) and gave out a lot of money from foundations in Chicago ran for state office and lost and then Harry Reid…well, he found me…I have suffered, clawed my way to the top, and now…I am not respected…sniff sniff…

      1. I think Barry was groomed from birth to be a “Manchurian candidate”. He is a pretender to the throne, a plant, a puppet. But who is pulling his strings?

        1. I think that he is.
          He was the one that gathered all of the CZARS.
          They were put there to manipulate all of the agencies that are destroying the capitalistic nature of this Country.

          He is the puppet master.

          The democratic party allowed him to become one.

        2. Agree completely. His entire life story has many holes, gaps and conflicting information in it, his phony SSN, his mysterious trip to Pakistan when a youth, his associations, his long list of peculiar, anti-America mentors, his hidden facts of his true biography, the phony “autobiographies” written by others, his uncomfortable relationship with the US Constitution, his long association with whack-job Rev. Wright, his strange marriage and relationship with Michelle (as though she were some sort of inconvenient stranger in his life), his eccentric relationship with Congress and all others who are outside of his “circle”, his consistently bizarre decisions which are not in the best interests of the US—the list of clues about who this character in the White House really is, or for that matter isn’t, is very long indeed.

  5. If I watch any of this “Love Fest For Myself” speech tonight, it will be on The Blaze. They are giving it the “Mystery Science Theatre 3000” treatment which should be a hoot. However, even with the sarcastic remarks, I doubt I’ll make it past 15-20 minutes.

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