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Live Stream || Obama State of the Union – January 12, 2015

The remarks have concluded.

33 thoughts on “Live Stream || Obama State of the Union – January 12, 2015”

        1. I even dragged out the potato juice–watched the “Twist” scene from Pulp Fiction, then started a DVR episode of EPISODES and forgot to turn back…The next thing I knew, that Haley woman with the clenched too-white teeth was talking. So how superficial am I? I make no apology.

  1. The highlight of the evening will be the ’empty chair’ next to Flotus. Clint Eastwood must be grinning from ear to ear! It symbolizes the entire seven years of Obama in the Oval Office! Talk about DUMB!

  2. Mark my words, this speech is going to be torn limb from limb tomorrow.
    Everything he is saying we should be, he stood in opposition of us doing for the past 7 years.
    The wrecking ball has spoken.

    1. Wearing a bright yellow sleeveless dress in the middle of winter does not ‘reflect optimism’-it reflects a woman with incredibly bad taste.

      Can hardly wait to bid a ‘Farewell to Arms’ – those bare, naked arms!

    2. I actually cringed seeing her yellow dress photo.
      It’s winter, wear long sleeves & appropriate colors.
      …oh, yea, she never dresses appropriately.

      1. I cringed seeing her dress too. At least it didn’t look like an old tablecloth or chenille bedspread like some of her other dresses have.

  3. My take – the same old campaign speech of 2008.
    He would like us all to be kindly toward Muslims, find a cure for cancer, finance “free” community colleges, quit polluting the earth, and quit arguing as if we really had differences because ‘that’s who we are’ or something.
    It wasn’t a bad speech. Typical lefty progressive giveaways, ignoring his part in making us divide into different camps, and wishing away big money in politics as he and his minions chase down big money.

    There wasn’t that wild applause or standing ovations that he might have expected. MrsObama had a look of disgust as the speech ended, probably because of the lack of enthusiasm from the Dems.

    Nicky Watsis(?), the Gov from S. Carolina gave a nice speech for the Repubs.
    All in all, worth watching. IMO, of course.

    1. MT for re-redistribution

      I didn’t watch. Did he blather the ol’ “Stick it to the Man” lefty cliches? They always bring a tear to my eye.

  4. ” This is it, the night of nights, no more rehearsing a line, or nursing a line, this is it the night of nights …”
    Thank you, Warner Brothers and Barry Obama.

    1. Overture, curtains, lights,
      This is it, the night of nights
      No more rehearsing and nursing a part
      We know every part by heart
      Overture, curtains, lights
      This is it, you’ll hit the heights
      And oh what heights we’ll hit
      On with the show this is it!”

      Bugs Bunny Show – Warner Brothers.

      I was more thinking Loony Tunes! Maybe for his last WH speech we could get someone to do “Th-Th-Th-Th-Th-… That’s all, folks.”

  5. Just like last year when he was “interviewed” by Glozell and some other YouTube people:

    Fashionista, science geek and ‘professional gamer’ will get rare interviews with Obama as he grants sit-down time with three more YouTube stars

    President Barack Obama will follow-up his State of the Union speech for the second year by taking questions from a trio of YouTube stars at the White House.

    The lucky users this year are: Adande Thorne, a video game enthusiast known as ‘sWooZie,’ Destin Sandlin, who makes educational videos and Ingrid Nilsen, a 26-year-old fashionista known on YouTube as ‘Missglamorazzi.

    They’ll quiz Obama on Friday in the East Room, where replicas of the sets they use for their web videos are being constructed, for 10-12 minutes each.

  6. Didn’t watch it. Just couldn’t do it. From what I’ve read about the speech, it was more or less a “Don’t Cry For Me, Argentina” moment for Barry. More self indulgence, “I (Barry) am OK, and you (us) are not OK” tone, and “You’ll really miss me when I’m gone”.

    No thanks.

  7. No amount of money – not even the power ball lottery – could’ve made me watch or listen to that droning imbecile’s speech.


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