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  1. Because football.
    Whew, Sat’s games – a boring one-sided game, then a sit on the edge of your seat game!
    Go Steelers.
    It’s good to take a break now and then.

  2. Heavy rain in metro NY this morning. Better than snow , of which we have had none. You know iits coming, but we seem to dodge the bullets so far..
    Wait, does that last comment make me a gun clinger?

    Happy Sunday to all….somebody wake Lee up, time for coffee!


    • Incredible!
      Most f’up thing I’ve ever read.
      As you noted Lee, the savages continue their attacks and the citizens are treated like the invaders.
      PS this for the coffee.

    • These sexual attacks on non-Muslim women raises some questions beyond the obvious:
      Are these attacks the result of sexually frustrated Muslim men, or are they acts of “violence” against women?

      Were the faux refugees given instructions to force themselves upon non-Muslim women by their factors?
      The attacks that are happening in several different countries seem to be programmed or co-ordinated.

        • Those notations are ignored by the m’m. It is partly their responsibility to explain what is unknown to a lot of people. Yes I understand it is an individuals responsibility to pay attention. However for the people who do not go on the net. There are quite a number.

          • Any religion that treats women like cattle is not welcome in America.
            They think that they can change this Country ?
            WRONG, and neither can the current POTUS.

            We the People will fight anybody that tries to destroy Our Constitution.
            And that includes all three branches of the government.

        • But, like many tenets in the Koran, “mainstream Muslims” don’t adopt this as a practice…. It does seem coordinated…Many cultures, including ours sometimes (I speak as a rape survivor) don’t see women as first class citizens. But I certainly don’t think the Dems have a lock on reversing this or are even proposing things that would change this.

          • There are some that speak up–but no one HAS to. Just not speaking up does not make them complicit. I think Trump is a boor, but if I did not state this, does it mean I like him?

          • Star, I don’t give a tinkers damn who you support.
            I support the one that will put this Country back on the tracks to what She was designed to be.

            Not what Obama wants it to be.

          • That part of the book. The word starts with T., is not explained on m’m. So as far as I am concerned I don’t care if they said I had a million dollars coming to me. Would not believe it.

    • Exactly – the American spirit.
      When MrObama looks to countries that have disarmed the population, he ignores or dismisses the spirit of Americans that keeps us from allowing a dictator or strong man governance.
      The government of Australia could disarm it’s people because they are attuned to bow to the Queen as their ruler and have been governed by the “royals” for hundreds of years.
      We fought that fight hundreds of years ago, and umpty-millions of immigrants came to the USA to avoid the kind of government that the liberals would love to impose on us.
      Take away our guns – ha! not gonna happen.

      • The Dictator issue, and Tyranny is always left out of the discussion.
        They rant and rave that they want to protect everyone. As well at the same time they have protection for themselves.

    • And the larger, top-line “guest column” in my Globe today above mine is one from a local lib psychologist repeating every misleading study and “gun violence” “fact” the left can vomit. 50 years ago such blatant misrepresentation would make the author and the paper pariahs for promoting such propaganda.
      Today? Well we all know about today don’t we?

  3. Was literally in the middle of posting right behind srdem65 this morning and the dreaded pop that tells you all power has just gone out interrupted what was starting as a wonderful Sunday morning.
    Today’s Globe column:
    It hits Bundy for his misguided adventure but at same time brings out the absolute hell our own federal government has put upon the Hammond family.
    BUT, the best read (or bad as your blood pressure will be sky hi after you read) is this link:
    It is the background on the U.S. Attorney who after 5 years went back after the Hammond’s under Federal Anti-terrorism statutes for two small fires that any rancher knows are both good for the regeneration of grassland and as in the second fire, needed to save property in life as a backfire against a larger encroaching conflagration.

    Between the German government forcing a million muslims on its people and our own federal government using its power to intimidate ranchers to hand over their private property for the sake of more acres for govt control, civilization as we know it, truly is under attack.

    • Thanks Geoff.
      Two things:
      Does any/all judges have the right to reduce sentence without a retrial?
      The other is Double Jeopardy.
      Maybe one more:
      If the judge was wrong, and had no legal authority to reduce sentence. Shouldn’t the judge be in trouble and not the family?

    • Reading some of the comments on the CTH link, they state that Trump is a D*ck.
      Well IMO opinion, that’s what we need to turn this ship back around economically.
      He has questioned the military commanders,….we need a George Patton, we need Douglas MacArthur.
      Those types of leaders were dismissed by Obama.

      This Country is a gigantic business, and Trump has been successful in running a gigantic business.
      The USA is far greater than Trump’s enterprise.

      I think he sees a challenge that he cannot refuse.

      • Agree. I’m sick and tired of the so called “pure” conservatives trashing Trump because he isn’t a “real” conservative when it has been exactly those so called “real conservatives” that haven’t done squat to stop Obama and who for the past TWO YEARS passed Cromnibus Crap bills that funded everything the Alinksyite wanted.
        They can’t stand that the PEOPLE are pushing back. Had they just done what the people wanted there would be no Trump. (But now that there is, I have to admit, I’m loving it.)

        • Plain & simple the powerful conservative base are afraid of Trump and his rise above them. He can shake loose the low hanging rotten fruit that has been calling the shots. Those Rinos want their power & Trump is smarter than they are.

      • That Treehouse place attracts tacky comments (or worse) as I have said…I may agree in this case, but the overall tone is squirmy. Yes, we know why you support Trump…How is he going to turn this ship around economically–notice he rarely addresses this except to say we need low wages to compete with China, despite any canny deals he thinks he will cut. Or Icahn will. He makes money–and you can bet he is in the stock market. Has he commented on that? He once said he knew all the hedge fund guys and “killer” bankers. The country is not a gigantic business…A business needs to MAKE money… I am too tired to go into all this again today…

        • This is in reply to Star, putting in new comment as the narrowing down tree is irritating as hell and only limits conversation.

          I certainly agree on the comments and the website itself. Just one of many I use and on this particular story it, and surprisingly the Washington Post had the best historical/contextual content.

          I understand there’s a lot of questions. I also remember a lot of those same questions were put to one Ronald Reagan. The attacks on him were brutal at the time.
          Trump’s not a “true conservative” in the Bill Buckley sense but he’s as true an American in the “America first” sense that I’ve heard since Reagan.
          I take the approach that it’s going to take a lot of blowing up in the administrative industrial complex to get this country back on track and the only one at this point not beholden to the elite of either party is Trump.
          I know to some I’m taking the same leap of faith that the Obama voters did on “hope and change” in ’08 but yet I find the two at opposite ends of the accomplishment scale and to me that makes all the difference.
          Obama had never done or built a thing his entire life. He was nothing but a stinky teleprompter turd who happened to have dark skin. Trump on the other hand HAS actually built things and mad a fortune doing it. Is he perfect? Heck no but do I see him as better than anyone else at present to stop the liberal machine that is destroying this nation from within? Absolutely.
          Just my two cents anyway.

          • I see the hope there…we call need hope. But my little voice says no-no…Despite the fact that one poster does not give a tinker’s dam what I think, I do give at least that at what my “friends” here think. I am puzzled at some of it based on what was posted over the last seven yrs, but I read it, or at least the civil posts.

          • I agree with Geoff and on top of that no other candidate is explaining how they are going to do anything to make our nation back to being well either.

            Now a few of them are saying they are going to build a fence and they are going to fix the immigration problem and they are going to do this and that but not explaining who, what, when or why so why pick on Mr Trump.

          • We’ll all vote on the least objectionable candidate in 2016 (to us, personally, as best we can understand that elusive judgement). It’s mostly been that way for voters, with few exceptions. Reagan was one of those exceptions, for sure. We were excited, anxious to vote for him, and we were correct to feel that way. He was straightforward and we understood him and trusted him, liked him.

            That’s just the way it is. It’s difficult wading through all the candidates’ talking points, spin, manner of presentation, studied or quirky presence on television. We know about the news media propaganda on the candidates– actively supporting some, and actively opposing other candidates.

            Political campaigns are basically the crazy circus come to town, a long running stage show, a strange movie with a lot of mediocre actors and that never seems to end. And in the end, we generally vote for who we think will do the least damage to the country, our liberty, our dreams.

          • I meant to add that there is more genuine excitement this year with Trump, the crowds, the coverage, the overall, “we can do this” attitude than in any other election since Reagan, that I can remember, at least. The excitement with Obama’s election campaign was ginned up, plotted, scripted, so I don’t count that as genuine.

          • Rubio had a four-point response on the China meltdown thing on Cavuto–bing bing bing bing. I can’t recite it from memory, but it started with how China’s stock market has less to do with this than people think. It is a small part of their GNP. They are adventuring in the offshore waters (those islands) to distract their people from how they cannot manage an economy, which is still pretty strong by the way, he said. He recommended beefing up the Pacific Fleet and sailing in those disputed waters and not just letting this go. I can’t remember all the pts, but they were specific.

  4. Sharyl Attkisson’s show Full Measure reported on new information regarding Benghazi. An email from Jeremy Bash, former DOD chief of staff, has been released which shows he had consulted with Gen Dempsey, Gen Ham and Joint Chief of Staff and they identified forces that could go to Benghazi. There was a Special Forces team in Croatia that could have gotten to Benghazi in 1.5 hours, and also a Marine FAST team that could respond from Spain. They were actually in the air and had to turn back because they weren’t given permission to enter Libya. Yet, Greg Hicks, was told there were not troops available or he would have secured permission for them.

    Note, Gen Dempsey testified under oath, along with Panetta and a bunch of other Obama minions that no troops could arrive in time.

    These teams would have arrived in time to help prevent the deaths of Woods and Doherty.

    I am sickened beyond disgust by this new evidence.

    The video is in two parts:

    • Thanks AZ Granny for the link. As the time. That is the bottom line. Immediate “attempt” was not done…
      I do not know details of what they have told Americans that work for the Govt. abroad. Don’t worry the next time, really, we’ll have your back.

      • Some spirted argument here today, yes?
        Again, when I use the word argument, its in the trial sense, ” your honor the defense would argue. ” ok?
        Now, you asked a question a day or so about Trump saying, we’re not the world’s policeman, let Russia handle Syria, etc.
        And what was the difference between what Time says and Obama says/ does in regards to some of his foreign policy.
        I’m not the sharpest pencil in the pencil-box, but dammit, I can’t find one.
        Please, no more tough questions.
        Of course I’m kidding, keep them coming, everyone else too.

    • I’m glad you brought this up. There was some talk about these incredible Obama/Clinton level decisions to not act just after Benghazi happened, but then the media completely stopped talking about it. It just went whoosh into the ozone. Instructions from the White House, no doubt. In a better world, the people who willingly let our Benghazi heroes die for political reasons, would be in jail for life.

      • If you haven’t watched, the 2nd video shows the full email at the 40 second mark. I hope we learn who issued the stand down order. And when we do, I hope they’re tried for treason. I also find it curious that the WH still refuses to release where Obama was that evening.