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Clinton Encouraged Unsecured Email Use

Hillary Clinton has denied ever sending unclassified email over her private unsecured network. But according to the latest batch of emails released, not only did she send classified information over her a private network, she encouraged the practice.

According to Fox News:

One email thread from June 2011 appears to include Clinton telling her top adviser Jake Sullivan to send secure information through insecure means.

In response to Clinton’s request for a set of since-redacted talking points, Sullivan writes, “They say they’ve had issues sending secure fax. They’re working on it.” Clinton responds “If they can’t, turn into nonpaper [with] no identifying heading and send nonsecure.”

Is this a criminal offense? Seems like the “accident” and “it wasn’t marked classified” defense is gone now.

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  1. The Dems:
    MrsClinton did not send classified information out on her private, unsecured server.
    Planned Parenthood does not kill babies then sell their body parts.
    The war in Afganistan is over.
    The Repubs are waging a war against women.
    We didn’t build “that”.
    We are all racist.
    MrsObama is a fashion icon.
    Americans are responsible for all the world’s troubles.
    Obamacare is saving everyone money.
    The federal government is in charge of everything and everyone in America.
    Illegal aliens are good for our economy.
    Up is down, over is under, bad is good, men can be women, women can be soldiers, guns are bad, drugs are good, God is dead.

    They are wrong.

    1. Spot on. Thanks.

      Regarding Clinton. It is clear she has sent classified documents over an unsecured system. If it were anybody else, except Barack Hussein Obama, she would be disallowed to even run for office, let alone the highest office of the land, and she would be preparing with her lawyers 24/7 to prevent landing her sorry corrupt ass in jail.

      It is almost as disgraceful as pretending Mooch is anything but an ill mannered grifter. Fashion icon indeed.

    2. srdem, it has been really satisfying watching you evolve in your postings here through the years. I was raised by my Kennedy Democrat grandparents. It would be very interesting, had they lived long enough, to see whether they, too, could embrace the modern incarnation of the Democrat party.

    3. I worked with classified material. Secret and Top Secret. This Is a gross violation.
      I would have been prosecuted.
      Part of getting your clearance is trust. That is why we are vetted.

  2. Worst SoS in the history of our great country. I never bought any of her excuses and we all knew she was lying about that video being the reason for Benghazi.

    That alone should disqualify her for POTUS, and we still have her slimey foundation to investigate. Then there’s Bill’s girls…..I just want the Clintons to go away, have a nice life.

    1. Also her statements recently saying she did not lie to the parents but indicating that someone is lying is despicable. One of them has challenged her to take a polygraph.

      In the end though, there is as much chance of Hillary being rightly investigated and punished is as there is of the boy dick being impeached. And there are of so many reasons now for impeachment,at a minimum.

    2. One good Patton-style speech by the conservative candidate about what the proper response to Benghazi should have been, and the DNC is out of business for decades.

  3. Rumors of a Biden/Hiawatha ticket.

    Uncle Joe says he regrets not running. Uncle Joe is a loon, but the craziness he drops usually leads somewhere. As in same sex marriage.

    1. I’m also picking up rumors of a Biden/Kerry ticket. Egads! It seems clear that Biden is the candidate-in-waiting once Hillary gets indicted. He’s been too quiet of late (except for yesterday’s comment that he’s sorry he “dropped out” of the race). We know what’s really going on the backrooms of the White House. We know he didn’t really drop out, he just got back on the shelf for a time. Timing and all that. Waiting for Hillary to be indicted, etc.

      So Hillary gets indicted, pulls out of the race, declared guilty (let’s assume, for the moment) and then what? Obama pardons her for her “dedicated service”, etc etc. And then the Clintons owe Obama BIG TIME for future favors. That’s the Chicago way, no?

      1. Considering that it is a den of thieves — for everything Obama has on Clinton, Clinton has on Obama — I don’t expect much.

        If anything, Hil could drop out for health reasons,Obama could quietly pardon her (no indictment is necessary for a pardon) and only then would Biden get a green light. He is totally beholden to Obama so no matter what he might want to do — Obama is calling the shots on that one.

        They are all cowards at heart, so I expect as little drama as possible.

  4. And this is how the FBI is going to charge her with willful disregard for national secrets.

    Joe DeGenova predicted this to all unfold….


  5. I love it when she’s caught red-handed. We all knew she was lying. It’s like with Obama. Her lips were moving. But that gun is smoking!

    The trouble here is the FBI can’t indict her. Sure, there’s plenty of evidence. But the indictment has to come from Loretta Lynch and the Justice Department. There’s going to be, or there’s already been, a big meeting at the White House where Obama puts Hills over a barrel and tells her he really should allow her indictment, but if she’ll do a, b, c, d, and probably e, f, and g for him and his regime, he’ll let her off the hook.

    She’s never going to be indicted by this administration.

    1. You’re correct. I suggested there would be an FBI indictment, but it is indeed the Justice Department’s decision to indict or not. Good catch.

  6. Here’s well connected and reliable R. Emmett Tyrrell from the American Spectator writing today about how an FBI indictment of Hillary is imminent. Included in the charges:

    1. Improper disclosure or retention of classified information.
    2. Destruction of government records.
    3. Lying to federal agents.
    4. Lying under oath.
    5. Obstruction of justice.

    It’s about time.

    1. I read that and other discussions of conflict between FBI and DOJ.

      Loretta Lynch — one way or the other might have to make a decision. Sucks for her — and that makes my heart sing. She tried to ride both horses — first, the Clintons and then Obama. I hope every one of them gets what they deserve and more.

      The Clintons and the Obamas for all the corrupt, illegal, extra constitutional things they have done and both AGs under the Obama Administration for allowing it.

      1. Yep. Big fight going on there. As in: “FBI Director James Comey has reportedly said he will resign if the Bureau’s recommendations for charges are ignored.” (from the Spectator article). Can’t wait for the book to comes out. ;+}

  7. There’s no way she can explain herself out of this one. I’m seriously questioning her health status. She confuses easily, sleeps late, looks ill, makes few appearances and Secret Service doesn’t allow reporters to question her. Hot Air had a link to this email, where she expressed surprise that someone used personal email at state. Yet she used personal email as did everyone else. Stick a fork in her, she’s done.

  8. OT. I do not get it. Apparently the Administration has issued new dietary guidelines suggesting that men and boys eat less protein from meat.

    I guess so that the males can grow up to be pale and puny and weak like BHO. And the females — what should we eat to bulk up to Mooch size?

    1. IMHO they’re trying to get less meat consumption because they think the methane gas from the animals contributes to global warming. I wouldn’t trust a thing this administration advised.

  9. I can’t believe all of you are so misguided on this topic!! The solution to the HRC email fiasco is simple! More Gun Control!! ‘course, that’s the solution to climate change, income inequality, the war on women, and I could go on!!

  10. I am sorry………..I no longer have faith that we are a country that is based on laws. We are a country based on laws that are for a few or some and not all.

    After 6 years of Eric Holder ignoring Obama/Democrat scandals with no appointment of independent counsels/prosecutors in addition to the ACA decisions by SCOTUS, I believe our judicial system has become corrupted. After President Obama scolded SCOTUS at the SOU Address, I just don’t believe a Conservatve Justice like Roberts was supposed would give the benefit of the doubt to ACA.

    The Clinton Email scandal is ANOTHER example of the need for Independent Counsel. It won’t happen……….From now on the Judicial Branch will be used to attack a President’s Enemy’s. The NSA is now used to monitor Congress…..can you imagine if Nixon was caught listening to Democrats phone calls during Watergate? The NSA listens to Republicans Congressman speaking to Netanyahu and the MSM ignored it. Makes me wonder if the NSA was listening to SCOTUS…………

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