As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Thursday, January 7, 2015

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
8:00 pm || Participates in a live town hall event with CNN’s Anderson Cooper on guns

All times Eastern
Live stream of White House briefing at 1:30 pm
If possible, I will also live stream the town hall event

73 Responses to Obama Schedule || Thursday, January 7, 2015

    • Thanks for the link, Sadie. That was going to be my first question – a no-brainer. It will never see the light of day.

      Still waiting for the 20 or so emails from Holder’s wife that were uncovered by Judicial Watch during the F & F probe and were declared off limits b/c she is a private citizen, not a Fed employee.

      Looks like the bastid Obama is going to spend the last year of his reign on his gun control band wagon to keep the world from critiqueing his criminal acts and epic failures both here and abroad.

      His fake performance and tears on Monday was his most disgusting ‘act’ to date. Note that he wiped the fake tears THREE times while staring straight into the cameras to make sure nobody missed it! Wonder if he will repeat it tonight!

  1. All day to prettify for the the speechifying that will take place tonight? Will there be croc water again at the mere mention of those awful guns and the horrible republicans who want to use them to destroy the civility of the increasing diversity of our society.

    • I grew up in a hunting/gun household. My father, a shrink who had threats against him, carried. After the home invasion in 1981, we had guns…My ex (now deceased) was a competitive pistol shooter for yrs. I can tell you those people sell guns to each other every day and this will mean nothing to them. It will also mean nothing to the scum and gangmembers running around most cities. The guys who attacked us had high quality Smiths, not Saturday nite specials, etc–my ex got a look. This
      initiative is all windowdressing–but it will give them possible grounds to go after people they don’t like–selectively.

  2. The participants in this faux town hall event will be searched for any weapon by heavily armed security guards, thoroughly vetted by operatives of the Obama WhiteHouse, and of the same mind as the President.

    The very last thing most Americans want to do is give up their right to protect themselves from evil-doers, no matter what their religion or intent.
    While MrObama sheds tears for the thought of first grade children killed by a madman, he praises PlannedParenthood for killing those who will never see first grade. No tears are shed for Americans massacred by Islamic terrorists, none for the hundreds of young men and women killed by gang members, or those killed at the hands of illegal aliens.

    He and his minions have no shame.

  3. This meeting should not be happening. This suggestion of a meeting should have been laughed off the table by everyone, including the Press. He will ramble on and on. The word “Tyranny” will not come out his mouth.
    The founding fathers are rolling in the graves.

  4. Remember folks, if you’ve had a bad day and want to forget it all just make “NRA” and “hostage” your drinking words, tune in at 7 pm cst and be out like a light by 7:05.

    For the teetotalers, take bets on whether O just gets fake angry, cries fake tears or does both.

    CNN is pumping up that the NRA declined to participate. Why would they purposefully walk into an ambush? Look for Obama to vilify them and the gun manufacturers ad nauseam while he lies through his teeth on what current law is and what his “common sense” proposal are not.

  5. Kabuki Theater at it’s finest, we’re on to you CNN. Up Next: Hillary sobs about her husband’s public humilitation.

    Kids, this is not Bill Clinton’s Democratic Party, time to move on and elect the Bombastic One who Loves America :D

    • I’m sickened this was released in response to the SB terrorist attack. The preferential treatment of Muslims only serves to harden feelings toward them.

  6. Its looking like 2008 again. Only this time I hope Obummer gets the blame!

    Recession, Market crash, just ahead. Unless the Feb unleashes QE 4 . Which they most likely will.

    Pay off your debt and don’t buy a car, wait for the sub prime repo’s.

    Good luck we are all going to need it.

  7. Obama will get on stage, talk and cry about 30,000 gun deaths. FBI says 8174 deaths due to homicide with guns, CDC says 21,175 deaths due to suicide with guns. I would have thought his tears more sincere if he hadn’t posed for the camera.

    I read on the WH fact sheet that the SSA will report people on disability with mental health conditions (under certain circumstances). This is very disturbing and I hope doesn’t prevent people from going for the help they need.

  8. Wait. So Obama’s “townhall” is by invitation only. What a sham.
    It’ll be loaded with shills, ringers and well rehearsed stooges.