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Obama Schedule || Wednesday, January 6, 2015

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
12:30 pm || Lunch with Biden
2:30 pm || Meets with Secretary of State Kerry

All times Eastern
Live stream of White House briefing at 12:30 pm

75 Responses to Obama Schedule || Wednesday, January 6, 2015

  1. Resting up for his CNN debacle tomorrow.
    It was hard listening to his lies yesterday. …’not going against the 2nd amendment’…oh no butthead, just using it as your damn tp. Full speed ahead in this final year of destruction.

  2. Can you imagine having a two hour lunch with either of these characters? After about a minute, what do you talk about? The weather? The Ravens? The Bears? How great Obama is? How swell everything is going? How delicious the tuna sandwich is? Man, that must be torture.

  3. I know many pure eyes here would never touch MSNBC, so I will fill you in on the Donald this AM. His usual mix tape of greatest hits, of course, but with one new wrinkle–he is running out of the goodness of his heart and love for America, if he got elected…sniff (not quite the tears of our lacrymally talented president)…he might never see his great golf courses again… How he figures that, I have no idea–no presidents seem golf-deprived… I don’t get this guy, as I might have mentioned.

        • Donald was right this morning when he said that North Korea is controlled by China. That is where their food and energy come from.
          Donald is the only one with the guts to say that.
          Donald is Great. To bad you don’t get it.

          • Yeah,pretty sad all right. I don’t get it because I listen to what he says–it is never an ans, just a response…notice that? Everyone knows China has influence over N Korea…not a secret–is Don promising to use his nego skills to get China to get N Korea to give up their weapons? Where was that comment going?

        • I can’t relate to golf-mania. My X played around with it. When his golf buddy was showing me a basic swing & said I could probably be a good golfer, X (aka the sperm donor) said the day I took up golf he’d quit.
          …hence the X.
          (But I don’t golf, just got sick of the verbal abuse.)

  4. So NorKor possibly explodes a H-bomb.
    Now just waiting to hear that Iran explodes IT’S nuclear bomb.
    Tks. Marcus for the link.
    I had no idea.

    • There is a rumor going around that your much maligned Congress has passed repeal of the ACA in both houses and will send it to the president for the mouthy veto and then try for an override…

        • They did something including skunking Reid on the filibuster. We shall see on the override. If it did get overthrown, does your boy have a set of policies for taking care of those who bought into it, downgrading all the frilly policies people had to buy, giving the half a trill back to Medicare, taking care of people in treatment, etc ad infinitum? Because the Reps will then own it–and better have some ideas…besides buying across state lines or HSAs.

          • NYT/Kaiser study–20% of those with insurance are having a terrible time with med bills. Could it be those deductibles…? Or the time off work for a bad illness? Or this whole screwed up system?

          • High deductibles, high premiums & dreadedly soon, the “tax” for failure to comply.
            It is imploding, hopefully taking those not subject to its over reach (govt critters) with it.

          • Well, you know, those people in suits who exempt themselves from all the EO’s they ignore…the elected persons who have excellent health insurance and can also get rich on illegal ‘insider trading’, or whatever it is they get away with, butt would send us, the little guys to jail (Martha) for the same practices.

  5. Obama must have needed an easy day to recover from his theatrical performance yesterday. If only he could cry over all the people killed by illegal aliens he let out of jail…

  6. I’d say screwed up system and profiteering.
    My insurance number over $200, that’s another $2,000 a year over what I pay now.
    I was crying to my cousin about that increase when she trumped me by saying her plan has a $5,000 deductible.
    I shut up.

    • So, say for the sake of argument, they do override the veto, what do Reps have to put in its place and to bridge a transition? I sure don’t know. Trump is for insurance for all–what is his plan besides the universal he used to be for.

    • For us (2 adults, non smokers, no health issues except acid reflux, within “acceptable” weight)
      Insurance has increased $14,000 annually for the least expensive policy (which means least coverage) offered
      And even after all the additional premiums generated through this ridiculous law, health CARE is still subpar for people like me.
      However, I know for a fact, that it is great for getting repeat drug overdosers into the ICU for free. And did you know, that after they are stable, they are given cab fare if they don’t have a ride home?
      What a con job the ACA is.
      Star, I agree that I never hear specifics from Trump.
      What I hear (and see) resonating with people is the concept of “make America great again.”
      The question I have is simple, “How?”
      We need specifics, Mr. Trump. There are plenty of us citizens who no longer drink the milk of platitudes. We want the meat and potatoes of intelligent, specific plans.
      How will you plan to payoff our national debt?
      How will you plan to jump start employment and industry?
      How will you plan to re-establish our military?
      How will you plan to diminish reliance on welfare?
      How will you plan to do everything that must be done ASAP?
      It’s all in the details, Mr. Trump, as you well know.

        • Or too much so-called care–like maternity for men or free b/c and meditation or whatever bells and whistles are required. I try to block some of this out.

        • Wonderful post re Trump! This “I will be so great you will get bored with how great I am” is a little vague for my tastes, too… LOL. Or his new one: “I can’t tell you because Americans want surprises…”

        • Capitalism made this Country what it is, or was until socialism began to encroach upon it.
          Open up the state lines as far as medical insurance goes.
          Let them compete.

      • Aileen, go to the next thread and watch the video I put there.
        Trump alludes to how he will do it.
        Basically, you stop giving money away to foreign countries and fix ours.

        • I watched it before I responded here. He is a charming, and I hope, a sincere man who does want to make The USA the world leader again.
          But debt reduction requires less spending – not just robbing Peter to pay Paul. What will be cut from the federal budget? That will require careful and deliberate thought…starting now. It can’t wait until post election.
          I’m not anti-Trump. I just want to hear specifics now – not campaign rhetoric.

        • Anything in there about how or why those jobs would come back from China, besides keeping our wages low enough to compete with China? The Japanese made cars here despite our wages because cars were big ticket items and people here bought them. The same does not go for sneakers. Or if tariffs were imposed, how Americans would like Walmart prices to double? Foreign aid is a pretty small percent of the budget, AfVet, it won’t cover all this even if it were stopped, which it would never be. Anyway, he would be sending more money overseas to “take Isis’s oil,” whatever that means, assuming Putin does not wrap up that theater of ops for us. What if we need more money from China, and they say hmmmm because we are in a trade war with them? How can you beef up the military, assuming Congress (remember them) goes for it without going further in debt? Being president is not like being a general contractor or whiz at licensing your name out. Many moving parts must chug along to make macro changes.

          • People bought Japanese cars because they were better than the ones the ‘Big Three’ were producing.

            Toyota and Honda were manufacturing cars that were far more reliable than the domestic vehicles.

          • Oh, so that’s the standard–he’s rich so he is smarter. Have you never noticed an inverse relationship between money and intelligence a few times in your life? I sure have. I am not saying this guy is stupid, but you can’t win a skirmish saying yeah, well, he’s richer than you.

          • “Being president is not like being a general contractor or whiz at licensing your name out. Many moving parts must chug along to make macro changes.”

            That’s obvious Star, politicians spend money, billionaires made it.

      • I think that he won’t layout any plans because the moment he does the Dem’s and msm will attack anything he proposes.
        They’ll be on it like a hungry hyena on a rotting corpse.
        Why tip your hand and get nothing but criticism?
        On the other hand he MAY have nothing… yet.

        • Of course, people will critique, shall we say, what you lay out. It’s the whole idea behind investigating and deciding on a candidate. This morning on MoJoe, they were crowing over how he mentioned Yemen in some blather about how he would charge the Saudis to protect them…Joe and the gang were thrilled–see, he is specific, he knows where Yemen is. Then someone says, he gets a catchword or phrase that sounds deep, something to that effect. Dunno, people, this does not meet my standards of thoughtful policy.

        • The logic behind my thinking is this: Mr. Trump is not successful because he speaks his achievements into being. He is successful (I hope! Ha) because he is a thoughtful planner.
          When he prepares to embark on a construction project and assigns a project manager, I would bet his response to the pm saying. “This building is going to be the greatest building ever!” Would be something along the lines of “How” and “When.” The details involved in these projects, the planning, the scheduling, the financing – all require the most careful and deliberate plans. Plans that sometime don’t reach fruition for many years.
          So, to me, it makes sense that he must have some kind of specific plans, that at the very least, are under consideration and possibly debate by trusted advisors.
          If not – he is not the man we need. IMHO

      • Arizona Medicaid has always given free cab rides to everyone they “insure”. Free rides to dr. Office, lab, radiology, ER…and home again.
        Plus! The cab companies that are providers get paid for “dry run” fares: they get to see how long it takes them to get the ‘patient’ (& their families) drive to the appointment and return home again! WE pay for this $hit!

  7. AFVet @ 2:27pm
    I too believe he is making plans and has some already.
    I believe he knows that soon its gonna be crunch time and he’s not going to say ” duh’ I ain’t got nuttin’
    The embarrassment would be shattering and I don’t think his ego could stand it.

    • Excellent catch, but I just couldn’t read the whole article.
      EVERY wording about muslim rights
      American employers, got none, well not many, American rights, eroding every day under the Obama regime.

    • 12 years ago there was a white American mooslime where I worked.
      The company decided we don’t get our usual 2 15 min breaks a day, just lunch (it was legal here).
      HOWEVER, the mooslime took time to pray & wash his feet in the men’s room sink at least 3 times a day. AND had his usual lunch.
      Total BS.
      I defied their mandate & went outside for air, I was never ‘caught’ butt I would have said I was praying.