As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || White House Briefing – January 6, 2015

The briefing has concluded.

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55 Responses to Live Stream || White House Briefing – January 6, 2015

  1. Ruger and Smith and Wesson stocks shoot up!

    Zero Wins gun salesman of the decade award!

    Literally millions of guns have been sold because OZero is trying to take the guns (that is the real goal)

    Trump will turn that around! Make America Great again!

    • I watched Trump first.
      Joshi: We find it a practical matter that President Assad can’t lead it’s Country.
      Joshi spoke worse of Assad than Isis.
      U.S. will collect evidence to learn more about the test that N. Korea made last night.
      Are you considering actions, such as Sanctions being taken against N. Korea?
      The United Nations council looking now of what steps can be taken to isolate them. Citizens enduring big poverty.
      The International community feel they need to end their provocative action.
      What good does sanctions do. It is already the most isolated? Joshi said we can make clear there is only one path, to end these test.
      Reporter: H. Clinton said earlier Chinese needed to be tougher with N. Korea. Joshi said they will be talking with China of what role they will play.
      Reporter: What o said yesterday, won’t amount to much. Joshi said the President thinks 30,000 people killed a year, and is a problem. He is determined to take actions where he can. Has O met with Ryan yet. Joshi: said don’t know if they have face to face meetings.
      I heard enough.

  2. And in other news approximately 8000 Cubans have fled Castro and are living in poverty in tents and on the streets in Costa Rica and waiting to come to the United States. They are blaming Obama for their problems and Costa Rica has closed their borders.

    Also a former Federal prosecuter for Reagan says Hillary could be indicted in the next few months due to overwhelming evidence against her for the emails.

    Chipotle is under criminal investigation over the noro-virus problem-stocks plunge.

    Trump only sleeps 3 hours a night and his Secret Service code name is MOGUL

    • Gee Chipotle under investigation. This Injustice Department sure does like to get its hooks into American business. You would think they were anti capitalist or something.

      Taking a guess that Chipotle is not a stock held in portfolios and trusts by this Administration’s members.

      Go Costa Rica! If I were Cuban I would go to Puerto Rico — best shot at getting bennies etc from US. I wonder if there are any Cuban criminals in that lot. Probably not — probably safely arrived on the shores of the USA.

  3. Gracepc & G1,
    So Kerry and Obama say Assad can stay, for now.
    I can hear Assad giving a great sigh of relief, golly gee, I can stay.

    • Obama/Kerry position on Assad is kind of shaky right now I think. When I read Lee’s notes on Josh PR I was surprised to hear he came out strongly against Assad. But I am pretty unaware of what is actually going on.

  4. OT. Here’s an interesting article explaining the Shiite/Sunni rasslin’ match using the “who owns the most oil” argument. The map showing where the oil reserves are located (in Sunni Saudi Arabia, most of the oil is under land occupied by the minority Shiite population, for example. A true recipe for big problems.), and where that oil is located and who has access to it explains a lot of the mayhem there. The map was created by a guy from the U.S. Air Force Special Operations School/Joint Special Operations University in Florida.

    • All due respect — good map, light article. I was uncomfortable going in using NYT but held on until he mentioned Friedman. Article tilts Shia/Iran if you read carefully I think. This is where I think the Obama Admin. will end up if it can bring itself to even comment on the conflict. But yes, oil is a factor.

      Then I checked Schwarz’s bio. Apparently quite the lib — Michael More and Slate and other creds. So, there is that as well.

      Here’s another quick look by an ex CIA ex Clinto supporter who leans to Shia — sees the Persian Iran as somehow more refined than the butchery of the Sunni MB etc etc. Once I got over that, I read him for certain things. He takes a hard core intel approach and what can be done.

      He’s also controversial.

      I can’t speak for you, but for myself. This little interchange is probably more thorough than Obama’s attention to his briefings on the conflict. Can you see Obama pouring over a map of anything other than golf resorts around the world?

      • Good analysis gracepc, thanks for the input.
        Yes good map, and lightly written.
        Obama and a situational or tactical map, hell no.
        Golf resorts, definitely.

      • Agree. the map is interesting because it ties (or purports to tie) a core argument in the middle of the Shiite/Sunni argument…..oil reserves. Of course, that’s not how the conflict began, as we know, but you have to wonder if that issue (oil) is keeping the rivalry going. I dunno. I’ve read a couple of articles (couldn’t possibly find them now) that argued (pretty well, I thought) that fighting over water and water rights was at the heart of some of their fights historically. Oil and water, they don’t mix in more ways than one. Relationships between and among states: whatta mess. Yes, golf course(s) for Obama. Maybe he’ll hire Trump to build a fantastic, really great, world class course somewhere? ;+}

        • Just as he did here, Obama has made a mess of the Middle East. Israel was our strongest ally. Now Iran is little dick’s best friend. Turkey is all over the map. Saudi Arabia and Iran — where is the US? Then there is Turkey — whose side are they on? And Egypt which barely recognizes Obama. blah blah blah — And here we “diversity” divisions all over the place plus that stupid confederate flag thing and our newest social group BLM. Blah, blah, blah.

          • Yep. Obama is the King of Chaos. Everything he touches, internationally or domestically, collapses, melts, is damaged, gets wrecked, torn down, diminished and otherwise destroyed. The next POTUS will have to be a miracle worker to get the ship of state upright and back on course. Not impossible, of course, but daunting.


    Official websites for the above noted Presidential candidates. All have outlined their positions to one degree or another. No leaves their face and music. So, there is someplace to begin vetting these people beyond the media.

    They are more or less vague on different topics. Those with governor experience or congressional experience appear to have more detailed answers. Bush, for example, has an impressive position paper with DETAILS on immigration policy based largely on Immigration Wars in 2013. Look at it, read it, compare it. Wow. Here’s a plan. Problem where is Bush in the polls and who wants him to be President? Still, he has more plans.

    Fiorina ‘s site is a mess — for a techie. Her immigration position is go to the Heritage website and see their position, that’s “my ” position.

    Carson on the other hand, doesn’t reference immigration or national security specifically but does have a section on the ME and Israel. It’s kind of a mess frankly.

    Cruz,IIRC, is pretty thorough.

    Christie, to the point as his speaking style, not much detail. Oops — don’t hear anybody talking about That.

    Rubio uses his experience as Senator. Immigration is problematic for him, so he largely addresses what to do after the border is largely and magically secured.

    Security of border — pretty much the same, with the exception of Trump with his wall and Mexico paying for it — which I think can be done to a certain degree. Everyone talks about wonderful “technology”. Again Bush is the most through for reasons stated above, plus he has FL and TX experience and 2 ex Presidents at home.

    Trump is respectable. He used Sessions on immigration. And, I would venture to say, that of all of them he is the one with the most face time with the Chinese and knows whereof he speaks in reality.

    So, there are position papers and details. It’s all what you make of it .

    And if you want the “hows” of something, then hooray, Jeb Bush is your man.

    These sites were skimmed and comments from memory of that — but it should be reasonably close. The links are there for your personal use.

    And this should cover extra and others.

  6. Apparently there is a Vanity Fair article out about Huma. Meant to be complimentary but can be read as other than that.

    Some are suggesting Ms. Huma, who has worked for Clinton since her college days as an Intern. Those Clintons and their interns. But there are rumblings — that Huma is an agent, or a handler, and extending that to ValJar for little dick.

    Some people “tin foil hat” this idea. But I went to grad schoolfor Foreign Policy study specializing in Russia and EE in WDC. Students were always approached. We used to play “whose KGB”. Same for other area studies people. Weird things happen.

    OT Kinda’ like my first two years in a catholic woman’s college before transferring. There we played “who’s going to join the order/convent” — we were rewarded at a dinner end of year when postulants announced by standing. Pretty astonishing.

  7. AZ Granny,
    A big big thank you.
    I knew I’d seen that somewhere on another blog with a link but I just couldn’t remember where.
    Good research. I knew someone on WHD had the info.

  8. OT: But disturbing.
    Zion, IL. police responded to a call of a suspicious man taking photographs outside of an elementary school.
    A chase ensued between an officer and subject, who was wearing body armor.
    During a struggle the subject was shot and killed.
    6 elementary schools and one middle school were placed on lockdown, which was later lifted.
    No description of the deceased, but I’m just wondering. I’ll wait and see.
    Per Fox32News

  9. Over here there is much discussion ( not in the media, but among people ) about the events in Köln ( Cologne, Germany ) during New Years Eve. Gangs of hundreds of men ( some say thousands) with North African and Arabic appearance targeted and surrounded German girls and women, violently abusing and robbing them. And this happened in other German cities as well. What followed was a great scandal. It took the media 5 days to report any of this. And now, I read that the female mayor says that females must learn to protect themselves, she puts the blame on them. She is much criticized for this and rightfully so. I will follow this with great interest, will Merkels disastrous immigrant-politics finally bring her down ?
    Yes, our societies have imported much social unrest and problems for the female population with all these strange men with bad attitudes ( and hardly anyone wants these people here but still they are allowed to come, who orchestrates this I ask in my conspiracy-mind ? ) Just like German media our MSM is slow to report, or reports in an evasive way , whenever the crimes are committed by immigrants ( which most crimes probably are ). But we learn to recognize the “code-words” ( for example “Swedish citizen”, brothers, etc ) and we can always find the news in the alternative media.