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The Pallid Prince: Bill Can’t Save Hillary

Monday was the day the Hillary campaign unleashed Bill Clinton, once again sending him out to stump for his wife.

While she is the Democratic front-runner, email investigations are swirling and her favorability ratings are down in the dumper, so it was thought the better-liked Bubba could add some pleasant pizzazz to his bland wife’s bland campaign.

But the Great Unveiling was more like a viewing.

The rail-thin Clinton, 69 but looking far older, stood there in New Hampshire appearing as a kind of muted version of his old self. His voice was thin, his delivery flat and dull, the music of days past mostly gone. He looked like a nicely presented, well coiffed grandpa — but a grandpa nonetheless, his hands shaking as he wagged a crooked finger, his movements stiff and brittle.

Clinton’s appearances may be most notable for his contrast with Republican front-runner Donald Trump, who is the same age as Bill, but cuts a figure of far greater vigor. Energy and health are two of Trump favored weapons. He’s aimed them at GOP opponents younger than he to great effect and has already deployed them against Hillary, who has had her own share of health scares.

“She’ll do a couple of minutes in Iowa, meaning a short period of time. And then she goes home,” Trump said recently in Davenport, Iowa. “You don’t see her for five or six days. She goes home, goes to sleep. I’m telling you. She doesn’t have the strength. She doesn’t have the stamina.”

The sight of creaky Bill may only play into this line of attack. Even worse for Hillary than Bill’s current stiffness is his past suppleness. Trump has made clear that with Hillary Clinton presenting herself as the candidate of women, Bill’s reputation as a ladies’ magnet of a different sort is fair game. The more often he appears, the more opportunities present themselves for Trump to remind voters that Bill Clinton is an accused serial sexual harasser who turned the Oval Office into his private pleasure palace.

After his speech Monday, Bill was asked by Cecelia Vega of ABC News if his tawdry past was indeed “fair game.” The former president dodged, mumbling something about how he wants to talk about Hillary and how he cares about the people.

That won’t work for long.

All that said, though, the former president lost his deft political touch years ago. It seems he either doesn’t fully get politics anymore or he has some deep-seated, Freudian urge to sink his wife’s campaign. There was the time in 2014 when he revealed that it took Hillary six months to recover from a December 2012 concussion and blood clot that resulted from a fainting spell, and that her health was “a serious issue.” That opened up a big can of worms for her.

Then there was the moment during the 2008 campaign when he ruined her chances in the South Carolina primary by comparing President Obama to Jesse Jackson, injecting the race issue into the campaign. Now, older and less and less wiser, Bill has been unfurled to do new, unknown damage to Hillary’s final crusade for the office he once held.

Get ready for an oldies tour featuring the many women Clinton has allegedly wronged and who no doubt perceive another chance to get a little of the justice they feel they were denied. And get ready for the other oldies tour, featuring and effete former president who threatens to help Hillary only in that he might protect her from the burden of being president.

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99 thoughts on “The Pallid Prince: Bill Can’t Save Hillary”

  1. Actually Trump is only 2 months older than Bill. Glad we’re watching the same campaign Keith !

    From 2008, didn’t Bill say Obama wasn’t qualified to bring him coffee? Didn’t that set off the race war and Michelle wanting to “rip his eyes out” ? Bill was right ;)

    1. True. Obama would’ve been getting Monica’s boyfriend’s coffee a few years back, as he said to Teddy Lady Killer Kennedy. But now, he IS qualified to bring Bill his bed pan. And it looks like he’s going to need one any time now. Hillary looks “High Energy” compared to that whited out sepulcher. A skin sack full of shyte. His Orgy island days are over.

  2. Excellent summary, Keith!
    The first thing that came to mind yesterday was how…um…’seedy’ Billy boy looks.
    It’s hard to believe he and Trump are the same age!!! Just goes to show what ‘clean living’ will do for a person.

    In spite of the hair, Trump looks better than all of the candidates combined. He has one attribute none of them possess: Confidence!

    The WH will definitely become an ‘assisted living’ facility for the two old battle-scarred has-beens. Neither one will be able to answer that 3:00 am phone call. It’s going to be Chelsea and Huma behind the curtains.

    BTW, Chelsea and Ivanka Trump are both ‘expecting’. Pre-planned? Or just coincidence.
    I’ll take Grandpa Trump over Granny Hillary any day! No contest.

    1. Donald Trump has never attempted to capitalize on being a Grandfather. On the other hand, “Old Granny” Clinton, or “Abuela” Clinton to the Latins, has made the effort, which has failed miserably. I DO HOPE that Slick Willie is trotted out on more and more of those venues that are only half-filled, like the gym in New Hampsire where he drew a “crowd” of 600, while Trump drew a real crowd in Massachusetts of 15,000!

  3. The Hildabeast just shows how far down this country has gone. In the past she could not be the ONE ! Dimmed down stupid voters.

    Obama and Hill are nuts! Crooks, evil,bought by the big donors. The beast has sold out to foreign donors to the Clinton foundation.

    Trump is MY CHOSEN ONE !

    1. MT for re-redistribution

      In my opinion, all DC politicians are “Crooks, evil, bought by the big donors”, regardless of the “R” or “D” following their stupid names. Real solutions, to them, will result in less income for themselves and their buddies.

      Trump is different. Not bought and sold by the machine. I expect the Repub establishment to desperately try to run him off with the brokered election, or however. It will spell the end of the republican party as we know it. Good riddance. I hope a more honest organization replaces it.

      Dem voters, on the other hand, are just way too stupid to even force this kind of a revolt.

    1. Yeah, he’s not his old self. I don’t think your one true candidate looks less than 69, though…He’s pouchy and worn looking, too. Must be his strawberry blond “do” that you think looks young-ish. I was thinking the other day if it’s Hillary and Trump, it’s two peculiar seniors.

    2. What’s Slick Willy’s latest squeeze’s nickname–the Energizer? I think that’s what the Secret Service calls her. Maybe, you know, the Energizer is wearing ol’ Billy out. Looks about ready to drop from exhaustion.

  4. I actually saw a snippet of Hillary at a campaign event.
    Couldn’t get to the remote fast enough.
    But interesting was the sound bite, ” we can’t let the Republicans win, because we all know what will happen if they do ”
    The response from the audience, nothing, they just sat there.
    No cheering, applause, sign waving just silence.
    Not a very rousing speech.
    I thought, that’s it, can’t let the Republicans.

  5. The past discrepancies for both of them are bound to be taking a toll on even the most nefarious of people that appear to be ‘bullet proof’.

    They aren’t, they’re just desperate to gain the WH again.

    (Maybe they are broke again and need furnishings for their retirement home.)

    People say that Trump is crude, but he will not stop illuminating the Clintons for what they are.

    ‘Bout time someone did.

    They both sound tired, they should be.

    I for one am tired of them.

  6. And the Oscar for best acting in a drama goes to…Barack Obama for his performance of ” Boo-hoo tears ” scene in “Another Edict “

    1. I thought he was all mellow and slow and looking for thoughts – in other words, on a high.
      As for the EO: could he have picked a more clueless and out of touch topic to present to a public that is afraid and wanting to arm themselves?
      He should have advised everyone to ARM themselves, not disarm.

      1. And all those tears from a President who won’t secure the border to protect us from criminals, releases hundreds of violent felons from jails so they can commit more crimes, insists on letting in thousands of unvetted refugees from the MidEast, and a President who arms drug cartels in Mexico in his Fast and Furious program.

        We’re the ones who should be crying.

      1. In the old movie days, actors used a glycerine solution to simulate tears. There would be a cutaway scene and next time the camera showed the actor there would be a river of tears coming down the cheeks. Someone or the actor himself would put the glycerine on, and there you go. Let’s look at the video more closely to see if quick hand Obama or little Josh Earnest put some glycerine on those cheeks. Or maybe onion juice?

      1. Picture of same at politico.
        Now I’m no photo analyst, but I’ve looked at the pictures and film a few times.
        The “tears” come from the outside of the eye, not from the inside where the actual tear duct is.
        And maybe it’s just me but it sure looks like he’s rubbing something in and with that middle finger.
        Maybe it is glycerine as Marcus mentioned.
        But no doubt about that middle finger.
        √ politco for picture.

  7. The 2016 Dems – frail, old White people, angry Blacks, pushy illegal aliens, and immature college students.
    MrClinton rambled, wandered in the past, all the while trying to convince the faithful that his wife was the only one.
    It was painful to watch someone who is obviously not in the best of health and who looks to the past for a reason for today.

    1. Both Hillary and Bill look like they are living in some kind of hell these day. Gaunt, pale faced, losing their place in their speeches, rambling, off topic, eyes looking for help. Creepy. Has Karma decided to settle into their lives? Perhaps.

  8. Hill and Bill have not aged well and look ready for the old folks home instead of the White House.

    As for Obama, I couldn’t believe his speech this morning. He said they watched 30 people on a website looking to buy guns and one of those 30 had a criminal record. How in the heck did the feds know who was shopping on a particular website? How did they know who the shoppers were beyond their IP addresses? Either Obama lied or the feds are spying on us.

    1. “Either Obama lied or the feds are spying on us.”
      …Heh, yep to both.

      Hide your guns Granny and lie to the doctor.
      The feds are watching you.

    2. I apologize that I may have misspoken. We were yelling at the tv while Obama speechified and I didn’t catch that he said a “study” showed 1 in 30 people looking to buy guns on a particular website. I still think it’s creepy though and he didn’t explain who did the study. The Blaze and other media called him out for his lie about background checks not being done on internet sales.

      Here’s a snippet from Obama’s speech from the WH website:

      “The problem is some gun sellers have been operating under a different set of rules. A violent felon can buy the exact same weapon over the Internet with no background check, no questions asked. A recent study found that about one in 30 people looking to buy guns on one website had criminal records — one out of 30 had a criminal record. We’re talking about individuals convicted of serious crimes — aggravated assault, domestic violence, robbery, illegal gun possession. People with lengthy criminal histories buying deadly weapons all too easily. And this was just one website within the span of a few months.”

      1. Reading it gave me a sigh of relief.
        It’s not as bad as I thought, although that mental health and unable to provide for themselves is troublesome

      1. And from a once great power now kowtowing to Muslims. When that service man was hacked to death on the street in broad daylight and the unarmed Brits either could or would not do anything was the day I wrote England off.

    1. This has Obama’s fingerprints all over it. He and Cameron are ‘silent partners’ in crime. If it wasn’t for Obama’s campaign strategists, Cameron never would have become PM. They have been working together surreptitiously for years.

      Obama must have HRC in the WH so that he has total access and control over his agenda and his legacy. Trump would destroy him if given the opportunity.

  9. As far as I know Trump has never smoked cigars and certainly didn’t…..oh “never mind”. Courtesy of my fav Emily Litella…old SNL skits

  10. OT

    Cargill fires over 100 Muslim employees who walked out over prayer dispute and did not return to work after 30 days.

    Unload your Cargill stock (not really) but Loretta Lynch and Bernie Sanders will be at their door soonest. And you can bet that the Hag will jump in also.

    Nasty capitalists exploiting poor Muslim workers.

      1. I’m a Druid, I pray to tree’s 6 times daily, and bubbling brooks 3 times daily.
        My employer MUST provide me with prayer space and provide the trees and brooks.
        Other employees must be forbidden to display any thing relating to Christian, Jewish, Morman or
        Amish faiths, because it offends me.
        Further only Druhalal food must be served.
        That is all…until next time.

  11. Great post and agree!
    What is obvious to me is that Hillary just won’t give up to get to the white house – he reason to stay with Bill Clinton whos coattail she rode all along.
    She badly miscalculated!

  12. Surprised to see the Dems defending Muslims and getting cheers from their audiences. (9:30 mark) That strategy will not work in November.Not sure why pollies would pursue this line and people would cheer.

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  14. Political correctness in public speech has protected the Clintons and people like them from the heat of the truth and its consequences. Donald John Trump has blown political correctness in public speaking to smithereens. Hundreds of Leftists are quaking in their Gucci shoes. They KNOW their turn in the pain-box is coming. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch of Communist Marxist Leftist Socialist thugs. My wife read this description in a thread: A communist is like cremation–total incineration. A socialist is like a moldering shallow grave.

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  20. Bubba is the epitome of “old white guy.” Where’s the outrage?????
    Even Plugs Biden has more vitality than this used up old man.

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  39. I believe Bill is quite ambivalent about his wife and her presidential aspirations. That ambivalence will become more obvious as the campaign progresses. The urge to sabotage may not be as “deep-seated” as one might think.

    I’ve read that his heart condition is very serious, so serious, in fact, that he may be said to be living on borrowed time. We must all pray for his continued viability. Hillary was able to ride l’affaire Lewinsky to a Senate seat. Think what she would be able to do with his death and the public spectacle that would follow.

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