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Open Thread || Sunday, January 3, 2015

President Obama returns to the White House today from his Hawaii vacation.

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  1. He’s expected to issue some more of his unconstitutional E.O.s on what he thinks is gun control.
    It’s becoming apparent that the American public is more afraid of the POTUS and Congress than any homegrown or foreign terrorist.
    There can only be one reason why Americans are buying and stockpiling arms and ammo – they are afraid and understand they need to protect themselves and their family.

    It’s incredibly stupid for this President to want to disarm the public when the threat of another terrorist attack in the US is not just some nightmare, but reality.

    1. Never in my entire life did my husband and I ever think we would want or own a firearm. We now own three and have purchased quite a bit of ammo, too, bought with cash so our purchases cannot be tied to us.

      Neither of us are paranoid or crazy, just realistic about where are country is headed.

      My 80+ year old dad told me recently he has a firearm that belonged to his father. It is unregistered. He doesn’t want the government to know because of his age, fear it will be taken away from him.

      We are very middle class people who are now afraid of our government. It is frightening that we are at this point.

        1. My local gun store is so crowded they have installed the take a number system. 30 min or more wait.

          Even the dumb peeps know that the .gov is out to get them, and us.
          Zero smiles but is very evil. GOP must have a lot to hide from him as they are his lap dogs.

          1. WOW! Business is good then. Maine is the most heavily armed (per capita) state in the nation, so those who want guns pretty much already have them. There’s a long, long tradition here of owning firearms. But I hear the gun stores have been busy for those who now want to but a firearm.

      1. MarjoJimbo, if I may.
        The onus of self defense is yours and yours alone.
        No government entity can protect you in a violent or deadly confrontation.
        It’s an old cliche, “when seconds count, the police are minutes away”.
        I was a cop for 30 plus years so I don’t mean to disss any LEO’s out there. We are reactive, your a victim of a crime, you call 911 and we show up. We gather tips & clues and hunt for the bad guy.But you’ve already been victimized.
        May you never have to use deadly force to protect the lives of yourself or loved ones, but be filled with the resolve to do it, otherwise the consequences can be tragic.
        Unsolicited advice, I know, but imo, we are in dark times.

        1. Didn’t know you were a cop. I wuold add that merely having a firearm is not an automatic solution, as I am sure everyone knows. In our home invasion, the only chance I would have had to shoot was before anything “happened,” when the first guy came through the bedroom door. Not sure even now if I could have.

          1. Shoot first, as long as you are sure it’s not family. Re the recent news item about the mom who killed her own daughter. (Who should have been saying its me mom!)

          2. I knew it wasn’t family, but I also knew he got past my spec forces ex…I would have had a split second to make a decision…He crossed to tbe bed in under a second. Don’t be so sure you know what you would do…all I am saying. My father always said my ex should have “let himself be shot” and the shot would have scared them away…I can’t tell you how iffy that was–we argued about it for yrs. These things are not clearcut. Also handguns are illegal in DC–though we had one the next day and from then on. I knew many people who were always carrying. My ex took it in the bathroom with him–everyplace. Great way to live, by the way.

          3. By the way, AfVet…don’t say BS to me when I have been through it and you have not… You’re so sure you know what you would do–and I was so sure my ex would use his training to protect me. It did not happen. So don’t call BS on me, OK?

        2. My husband was stabbed waiting for the express bus to his job, (at a missile plant). He was ‘lucky’ & survived after major surgery. He couldn’t carry at work as it’s an AFB. The homeless thug stabbed 3 more people that day & was never caught. My husband now wears hearing aides, as they may have helped him that day, and can in the future. Now retired, he carries everywhere.

          1. Zephyr Dmm and Star sorry for the horrible issues that happened to your family. Zephyr Dmm, I have continued to lose hearing in my ear since my accident, years ago. I am now 95% deaf in my right ear. My family has told me for years, to get a hearing aid. I think I will finally make that step.

      2. Registering guns is a meme by the msm & the lib film/tv industry. Very few states require “gun registration”.
        Butt, in your dads case he just needs to say no I don’t own a gun when he visits his doctor! I’ve seen it first hand, the nurse asked my then 9th grade son if there are guns in the house, without pause he said no! That was in 2001.
        Just Say No!

        1. I know others who got that stupid invasive question, but I haven’t yet. I did get asked once in the ER was anyone abusing me. I said just WHD–nah, kidding.kidding!

          1. Star, in October when my son & fiancé had their baby, they asked mom several times if she felt safe going home with him, my son. He was there 24/7, most people see their love for each other….butt, if it helps abused women, good.

    2. Just one more reason we must not allow HRC anywhere near the WH in 2017.
      I will not vote for anyone who doesn’t solemnly swear to overturn all of the anti-American Obama’s executive actions.

    3. I am a 72 year old woman with a concealed carry permit. I do not carry, but can and will, if necessary. I am re-reading The Handgun Guide for Women. I have registered for a women’s handgun course at the local community college just to be with other like-minded women and to see what is new in how and what they are teaching. My license is good until 2017. Once licensed, staying on top of the laws are key. I have lived in Texas for a number of years but no longer do. They have just passed an open carry law. Not sure that I think that is a great idea, but good for them if they do. Just the sight of someone with a gun strapped on, might make someone think twice about terrorizing, or committing any act of violence. TX. will never allow the federal government to take away their 2nd amendment rights.

      1. Glad to hear that Bonnie!
        I too have mixed feelings on open carry.
        I think that concealed carry gives you the element of surprise.
        I think that a predator, and that’s what they are, expects a counter attack and resistance.
        It calls for alertness, don’t have your nose buired in a cell phone texting.
        Being aware of your surroundings and in your zone is the key, imo.
        Just like crossing the street, look both ways, then again.

      2. Maine just passed a Constitutional Carry law so we don’t need a concealed permit anymore, unless you are a convicted felon or otherwise prohibited from carrying a firearm. We’ve had open carry for a long time, so this is a new chapter for us. I’ve had a concealed permit for years, and I’m still not sure how I feel about the new law. A few years ago I trained (is that the right word) my wife to fire a handgun and she’s now an excellent shot. Better than I am, I must admit, she gets better tight groupings that I do. That’s ok with me. She took to it like a duck to water. Surprised me a bit, I must say, because she never talked about handguns, shooting etc. before. She’s a knitter, quilter, craft person, not known to be an Annie Oakley. ;+} My daughter now wants me to teach her the basics. So this Spring, we’ll go to the range and begin teaching her as well.

      1. Hotel tax just raised to 14%, general tax on anything bought in Cook County, that includes Chicago 10.2%, tax on ammo per round, tax on soda & liquor all went up.
        Garbage pickup $9.50 a month. Unshoveled sidewalk, hold on to your hat, $1,000 fine
        Would love to have you visit but it ain’t worth it.

        1. From Chicago to California from Florida to Texas, will we ever get our great nation back? Not sure if even the Donald will be up to it. How much more damage can O do in the next one year! My guess is Rahm will resign in the next 90 days.

  2. srdem65 and Cisco nail it. Wherever Obama and Democrats go, anti-American division and destruction follows.

    And here’s the first shameless self promotion link of the New Year. Sunday’s Globe column: Father Time leaves a letter for the new kid,

    And below is a prime example of how the subtle liberal bias of newsrooms across the country is doing its part to further push the country to the left.

    The first snip is the paragraph as written and submitted. The second is the edited that made it into print.

    “The only proven income equalizer is a growing, vibrant economy driven by motivated citizens each following their own individual dreams to the benefit of all. No government program can ever do that.”

    “The only proven income equalizer is a growing, vibrant economy driven by motivated residents each following their own individual dreams to the benefit of all. No government program can ever do that.”

    Notice the difference? Look close. Yes, it’s only one word. My “citizens” got changed to “residents”. I guess to some it won’t matter, but to me, I used “citizens” exactly to make a point. Too picky of me, or valid? Inquiring mind wants to know.

    1. It’s VERY important Geoff.
      I’m a citizen no a resident.
      I’m a citizen of the United States of America, but I reside (live) in America.

    2. And below is a prime example of how the subtle liberal bias of newsrooms across the country is doing its part to further push the country to the left.

      One tweak–take out “subtle.”

      1. One tweak–take out “subtle.”

        On that we can agree, more like blatant disregard for the facts and a virtual firewall defending obvious criminal activities.

    3. Geoff, Excellent. I had mentioned several days ago, that we should start writing little notes and hiding them for our younger family members.
      I will print this and hide well.

    1. I’m shirking I know but just won’t have time to watch it all. BUT, if the size of his rallies translates into votes, we truly just might have a chance to take this nation back from the left wing thugs that have hijacked it.
      What the MSM and establishment is really terrified of is that Trump makes inroads into the minority communities that have been taken for granted for years and have a decent percentage of their own just as angry as those “less educated whites” the media uses to try to put Trump support in a bad light.

      1. Geoff, I know it is an hour long, what I do is scroll back and forth.
        He is in no means a boring speaker.
        He is talking to the soul of conservative America, and it appears that it is alive and well and hungry for what he has to say.

      2. I like the part where he dares CNN to show his crowd! Nope, no way, that would upset hilz & the empty chambers she cackles to.

  3. The quote by President Reagan actually gave me a chill. “…this is the last stand”
    And so it is for 2016’s election.
    If you don’t vote, you haven’t let our freedom and great Republic slip through your hands, you’ve thrown it in the trash.
    Just rambling, hope it makes sense.

    1. You have your opinion of what not voting means, and I have mine. First time ever, if I refrain. But I would never have to say I voted for Trump or Hillary…I picked the least of evils…I voted against Hillary…or anything like that. Most of you are all for Trump–that is up to you. It’s called freedom of expression.

      1. That’s all I was doing.
        Differences of opinion are what makes horse races.
        Kentucky Derby is my favorite, mint juleps and all.

          1. My first one was in 1967 when I was a young recruit stationed at Ft. Knox KY.
            That’s where I picked up the taste for bourbon, Kan’tucky

  4. Star @ 12:37 pm
    My eyes just can’t take that darn squiggly reply box, so I’ll put it here.
    Yes a firearm isn’t a guarantee, but it gives you a fighting chance, slim? Perhaps, but a chance.
    Better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.
    I came out of the “closet” so to speak about my career, but I’m to old to care.

  5. Last thought, always and I mean always learn the self-defense laws of your respective state.
    Take a CCW class and see what it all about.
    Some are free

    1. My self defense laws start at the front door, or for any other door for that matter.
      I will call 911 when I need the bodies removed.

        1. NEVER!
          If their outside and don’t pose an imminent threat, leave them there, cross the threshold, do what ya’ gotta’ do.
          And don’t be putting any knives or other weaponin their hand.
          Bad, bad “advice”

  6. I have a question on the Trump thing. I could not find out who Obama really was and who was backing him, so voted Rep the first time ever–for McCain. I know you conservatives or former ones or whatever you are now probably also voted for McCain. Now, I know, many of you treat him with anger and disdain…Do you ever regret voting against Obama and FOR someone you now cannot stand and do not respect?

    1. I’ve definitely made some regrettable votes.
      Oh boy, have I.
      But I don’t distain Mr. McCain. I just don’t like changed politics.
      If I remember correctly, when he had a chance to be returned during a prisoner exchange during the Vietnam war he gave his spot to someone else. Both arms or shoulders broken with no medical attention.
      I’d be the first one on that plane out of Hanoi.
      I know that doesn’t speak to highly of me, but, well that’s the way I would have played it.
      I hope my recollection is accurate.

  7. Whoa hang on now….did I read someone on here did not know who Obama was? It was all out there for anyone to educate themselves starting with a judge who published previously (and wrongfully) the private divorce papers of Barry,s opponent in the il state senate race jack Ryan. It was a runaway train of affirmative action after that

    1. “a runaway train of affirmative action after that”
      And it has ended with a Constitutional train wreck like none other in our entire history.
      Such is what a liberal controlled public education system, media infrastructure, and a political correctness cancer pushed daily by Hollywood and television on minds too ignorant to know the difference.

    2. Yes, I said that. I spent quite a bit of research trying to find out who got him the convention speech that began his emergence from obscurity…He seemed to haveno Senate record. I finally learned Kennedy and Reid were behind the speech–where he tells Reid, I have a gift, remember that? I knew he had lost one election…did not know until later about his communist mentor or his weird upbringing…Did not read his books…but I did think it was strange he had two bios by a young age…work on living more, then write one.

  8. A little late with this, but…

    I expect to be evacuating Washington at some point in the next few weeks, if not days. And “evacuate” is no exaggeration–two suitcases and a carry-on will be the entirety of my worldly possessions at that point.

    Washington, DC has broken me. I can’t stay here any longer. While it’s nice to be able to keep ultra-close tabs on my congresscritters, they don’t give a damn what I think, so that’s moot. Lots and lots of touristy stuff does me no good if the Metro is too expensive (and too dangerous) for casual use.

    This entire area is too expensive, too unsafe, and too soul-crushing, for me to stay here any longer. My rent is overdue, and I have nowhere to go in this town.

    I’ve got enough for a one-way ticket to someplace warmer, where I have a friend that MIGHT be able to put up with me long enough to get back on my feet. If not, I’ll pack more blankets than I expect to need.

    For what it’s worth, I’m retired Navy, and there’s enough of a military and VA presence where I’m heading that I should be back on my feet eventually.

    And once I am, you’ll know. In their pursuit of a utopian omelet, the collectivists just cracked exactly the wrong egg.

    Keith has my contact information. I’ll be in touch when I can.

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