In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Obama Schedule || Monday, January 4, 2015

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
2:10 pm || Meets with Attorney General Loretta Lynch, Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, FBI Director James Comey and ATF Deputy Director Thomas to discuss his upcoming gun control executive order

All times Eastern
Live stream of White House briefing at 12:30 pm

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    1. Matthew 7:16-20 (KJV)

      16 Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?
      17 Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.
      18 A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.
      19 Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.
      20 Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

    2. Comey may be the exception. My brother-in-law is an FBI agent and sees a big difference between Comey and Lynch/Holder. I doubt he’ll get any real say in the matter, though.

    3. My mind goes to the “Left Behind” series. Not exact, butt the antagonist/antichrist was handled from birth to take over the world & Vivian, family friend, was the first puppet master.
      (Ducks possible incoming…)

  1. Well, The ‘Bam is coming back after two weeks of programming by his handlers so he’s all pumped up to enforce his destructive agenda for 2016. This is going to be bad, real bad. If we had a Congress ready to take him on, and use their Constitutional powers we’d feel a lot safer, wouldn’t we? But we don’t have such a Congress. To rewrite an old saying, “No citizen’s property or liberty is safe as long as Obama is in office.”

    1. How is this possible Marcus?? One little zero we never heard of before causing so much anxiety for all these years to those that are watching. Just boggles the mind.

      1. Barry has been programmed to act the way he is acting from a very early age, even before his mother handed him off to his grandparents, who in turn handed him off to Frank Marshall Davis. He is the puppet of those who wish us no good, and was selected for that role a very long time ago. When you look at the string of miscreants who have been associated with him throughout his life, it’s clear he’s been purposefully shaped to do what he is doing now. It’s obvious that, on his own, he doesn’t have the intelligence, the street smarts, the inner whatever it takes, to pull the complicated political stunts he’s attempting on his own. There’s no there there with Obama, as we have seen when he tried to speak off his teleprompter. Anyone who needs a teleprompter to speak to fifth graders, as he does, is not going to be a member of Mensa real soon. He’s a complete puppet, managed on scene by the notoriously underhanded ValJar. The question has always been, who is ValJar working for, who’s pulling her strings?

        1. Marcus, I agree. It’s always seemed to me that Barry was chosen and groomed from birth for the destructive role he plays today.

        2. Why not look at ValJar s relative and good buddy Vernon Jordan?

          No one believes me about the Bilderbergs. Jordan long time member. Relative of ValJar. There it is!
          And Soros!

          1. I believe you to an extent — not all in on Bilderburg, but definitely on global cabal that even includes that little weakling Zuckerberg.

          1. Speaking of the b word. Breitbart has hilz saying we have been visited by aliens (and I am one) & she will get to the bottom of it when she’s prez.
            …cough, choke.

  2. Barry Soetoro..a rattlesnake coiled up for the last seven years – waiting to strike before the clock strikes midight on Jan. 20, 2016. His New Year resolution is to ‘tackle unfinished business’…what else is in store for us?

    His New Year’s resolution for the past seven years should have been to ‘work with Congress’ to enforce our existing laws according to the Constitution’. Instead of impeachment for ‘dereliction of duty, i.e. tyranny, our worthless Congress allowed this traitor to have free rein. A pox on both their Houses!

    1. Lee, regarding doctors asking if you have guns in your house (from yesterday). When I moved my mom to live close to me last August, I had to get her a new doctor. There were 15 pages of questions ranging from ‘do you feel sad?’ ‘Have you thought of harming yourself or others?’ And ‘do you own guns?’ She was pretty much forced to answer all questions before we could leave!
      0bamacare is filing all these answers & keeping an eye on regular, sane citizens!

        1. Hillary already proclaimed that the government can peruse your full medical history once a claim is submitted electronically. Her hiipa bs. Now all claims must be submitted electronically per 0care.

          1. I don’t know what they are actually communicating. My doctors electronic communication is not great amongst themselves and when I have been in the hospital this past year many of the nurses told me they only had limited data.

            The way I see it, the government collects alof of data, mega or otherwise, and then someone hacks it and steals our info. That’s how poor government collection and security is. Now if we talking about the Democrat Party — they probably have your house wired and all of your electronic communication tracked.

      1. Thanks Zephyr Dmm. I had to get additional test run a couple of months ago at the hospital. Everything fine. They did not have such questions. Maybe because my doctor recommended the test. Don’t know.

        1. Well, Star, if the doc says do it she generally does. I wanted to just leave it as it has nothing to do with health questions.
          She is easily overwhelmed these days.

      2. I was told that these questionnaires have been required since Sept, 2013, due to Obamacare. My first introduction to the new regulations was when was my eye doctor had a very short form that asked my race, ethnicity, my language and a few other questions. I left them all blank. It was rather strange as I was not a new patient and they offered no explanation.

        Several months later when I went for a routine test, I was given a longer form “Information Required By The Federal Government For Meaningful Use” printed at the top in bold. I asked what is meaningful use and how/who will use it but they didn’t know, other than to tell me it was required because of Obamacare.

        The questions were deeply personal and intrusive, not only about me but my family and offered nothing to help with the testing I was to have. I refused to fill out their form and was told to write “Declined” on the form and sign it, which I did. A friend encountered a totally different type of questionnaire at her doctor’s office. It was about 13 pages long and even more intrusive. I don’t know why so many forms differ. I later read online that doctor’s offices receive payment when they submit these forms. I have no confirmation but at this point I would believe it.

        How does this not violate the doctor’s Hippocratic oath to hand over this information to the Obama regime for their database?

        1. Then I worry about what may come if you put declined.
          Already the census “volunteers” harass you when you refuse to respond to ALL their questions.
          I was ready to threaten one large man who refused to leave my porch.
          Now we have an entry camera & locked courtyard gate.

          1. Your entry camera is a great idea. We refused to answer the census questions, as did several of our neighbors. We couldn’t believe the harassment from the worker. The phone# she left on our door was an out of area number. I complained to our city manager. No way was I calling a personal #.

            About declined – I almost worry more what some pencil pusher in the Obama regime will do with all the data collected through the intrusive questions.

  3. Keith: Regarding Mrs. Clinton’s drinking contest with McCain, since you are there in DC, is it possible you could ask John McCain if this is true, did he really have a drinking contest with Hillary? Thanks, Alexandria

        1. LOL!
          Reminds me of the story Winston Churchill was attending a dinner, when a lady who wasn’t to find of Winston told him, “if I was your wife I’d put poison in your drink.” Madam Winston replied, if I was your husband I’d drink it.

          1. Seriously though, Mrs Mc has a history of prescription drug & alcohol abuse…remember the arm cast on the campaign trail?
            She falls down drunk & is injured quite often.

          2. Another funny line from Churchill line:

            Lady: Mr. Churchill, I see you are drunk again!
            Churchill:Yes, I am drunk, but tomorrow I will be sober, and you will still be a fool

  4. If we want to see Obama’s plan for America look to Baltimore. The government is seeded with Obama Democrat flunky commies. The riots. The horrible black on black killings that continue unabated and now the plan for the government to buy houses to move the underprivileged,shiftless diversity base — Americans and foreigners into the neighborhood new yours.

    If there is a gun ban you can bet it will be imposed only against white law abiding citizens there and not to the Obama special snowflakes who will terrorize the city and the suburbs eventually and steal or be given everything good people have worked for.

    I speak like this because this is the manner appropriate to these people who look for nothing other than to turn this country into some third world playground for the Obama ilk of this country.

    1. And the guy heading up the HUD theft is none other than one other than one of the LaRaza Castro mutts who Clinton might have slated to be her VP. If so, they deserve each other and those who vote for them do too.

      1. “none other than one other than one” — a new sentence structure I am working on! :) Guilty of typing while angry.

        …none other than one of the LaRaza Castro mutts.

    1. Read the title — can’t bring myself to read the article. All symbolic of how much further into the swamp the left has sunk — increasingly the WAPO which is barely holding on to whatever reputation they had.

  5. Here’s one for the book’s.
    IL. State Representative LA Shawn Ford is calling for the recall of Mayor Rahm Emanuel.
    Illinois state law only address’s the recall of the governor.
    LA Shawn Ford was indicted on 17 counts of bank fraud, but was allowed to plea guilty to a misdemeanor which allowed her to keep her office.
    Illinois/Chicago, where crime doe’s pay.

  6. The fact that Socialist Bernie Sanders has surpassed Obama’s 20212 re-election campaign with a whopping $73M in donations (average $27.16 per donation), and is only $4M behind Hillary at this point, should tell us where the country is heading.

    2016 is our last hurrah! We are about to reap the harvest from Obama’s criminal, illegal E.O. acts and the breakdown of our borders and immigration laws. This election will be dominated by Millenials, illegals, Dreamers, and everyone else in between.
    It’s a ‘numbers game’, and nothing more. Trump may win the battle, but he will lose the war-IMO. And besides, he would never be able to deliver on his agenda. We are cooked!

      1. Oh my gosh, AFVet! Glenn Beck? I wouldn’t watch him if you paid me. I actually like Trump for calling it like it is, but the country is too far gone at this point. Soon, every State is going to look like mine – Kalifornia.
        Maybe I can’t see the forest for the trees, but the chickens are coming home to roost now. It has been 20 some years in the making. My $.02, of course.

          1. I don’t think the Republicans will allow Trump to be the nominee. Looks like Rubio is their boy and they are mounting a pretty aggressive campaign for my disappointing boy Senator who wants more to be liked than to defend his country. He’s getting where he wanted to be faster than he thought and he will go all out for the new minor league GOPe as well as the establishment GOPe who seem to have made an accommodation. And if Rubio runs, we will lose. No way, no how he goes after Hillary.

          2. Reply to gracepc’s comments re: Rubio:
            IMO he is no more qualified than O was/is.
            In my books, he is an embezzler-pun intended.
            My questions:
            What on earth brought him to the forefront as a candidate?
            What are his qualifications?
            Where is his wife? She has not been seen as far as I know.
            Does he qualify as a natural born citizen? (I don’t believe he does.)
            If he is the nominee…we will be no better off than we have been in the past two elections.
            -Supporter of free for all immigration
            -A loafing self promoter
            And who knows what else – he is obviously not in this because he wants the best for the USA.
            Good Lord Have Mercy…and put someone in office who will be qualified to lead this country – a Patriot.

          3. @Aileen..Agree re Rubio!
            He also lied about why his parents emigratted to ther U.S. Said it was to escape the Castro regime. BUT they left 3 years before Castro took control!

            I will stay home if Rubio gets the nom. No problemo. He’s just as bad as Obama, IMO…a shady opportunist..a Miami hustler.

      1. I remember being so hopeful in 2012 when we saw the turnout at the Romney rallies, especially the one at Red Rocks in Colorado. I’m afraid to get sucked in again….

          1. After Obama, voter fraud will become SOP for the DEMS. HRC has that Castro guy working behind the scenes to ensure that every illegal has a vote.
            We will never have a legit election again!

      2. If you are referring to the huge crowds, I agree. It’s phenominal. Trump is a reality t.v. star! And he’s great! But how does it translate into enough votes to defeat the overwhelming numbers of gravy train riders and would-be riders?
        Trump would need a very user-friendly Congress to get his agenda through. I just don’t see it happening.

          1. So what bappened to the record number of so-called ‘conservatives’ that were elected three years ago??? You know…Trey Gowdy and his ilk. Do-nothings-all!

          2. No Star, you are the expert on the congressional manipulations that occur throughout the proceedings of the glorious procedural ramifications that congress has instilled to further blindside and confuse people as to the what common sense dictates.

            Therefore people throw their hands up and say that they are sick of it.

          3. And yes, guilty–after 16 yrs on the Hill, though on the industry (spec interest) side, I do know how things work–and will always work…as those Tea Party people learned…they did not lie–they encountered reality.

  7. Well, the prez is back from his vaca and back to attacking the Constitution.
    His bill so far in 7 years is 70 million.
    That’s 10 million a year, and doesn’t include the transport planes, the helicopters, the SS, and all the lodgings for the hangers on.

    ! year to go, and it has been predicted that the prez will take at least 7 trips, and who knows how many Flotus will take on the taxpayers dime.

    If every dime was accounted for, I believe their travel expenses will exceed 100 million dollars easily by the end of their stay.

    That is obscene IMO.

  8. Hillary’s memes of the week. We need a fighter for women and children in the WH. And I love to watch TV, including Madame Secretary, while I am at home with Bill.

    WZ has some articles about the new at home Hillary, champion of women and children.

    As they used to say, “Gag me with a spoon”.

    What’s next — Save the puppies?

    1. Desperation is setting in.
      Run Bill out there on the campaign trail, what do I have to lose at this point ?
      Put it all out there and lets see what the MSM have in protecting a sexual pervert, and a treasonous crook that has laughed at the law for years.

      “At this point, what difference does it make.”

      1. Puppies You have a choice. Neither good. It’s either Obama eating you or Hillary “taking care of you”. Like I said — neither good. So, best to get our of town while the gettings good.

  9. What’s this? No Blacks or Mexicans in New Hampshire? Billy boy is giving his ‘first’ campaign speech in NH, and standing directly behind him are 4 beautiful young white blonde college girls, and three preppy looking white boys! Talk about stagecraft!

    1. The Daily Mail has an interesting take on Slick Willy’s little speech. Here’s their headline:

      “Bill’s female ‘fanclub’ backfires: As Hillary Clinton’s husband hits stump for the first time the women on stage behind him scowl, grimace and look like they’d rather be ANYWHERE else”

      LOL. Perfect.

  10. Its a good time to buy a gun! Barry is the greatest gun salesman of all time. Under the big zero sales are booming!
    Long on Guns and Ammo!

    1. I will not give CN’ the satisfaction of watching this show that is scheduled. They cannot get the gun’s away from the criminals. O and his click will keep theirs as well. They want to insult and take the them away from the hardworking, honest, tax paying citizens. In their speeches they keep claiming they want to stop violence. I am more concerned for the Tyranny part of the whole issue.
      As well in this day in age. You cannot hide them down the road. With all the technology they can detect where they may be hidden.

      1. It’s never about crime control.
        How many so called non-violent drug offenders has Obama released? Is 6,000 correct?
        If anyone thinks that dealing drugs is non-violent look at the cartels in Mexico. It’s no different here.
        Illegals not deported convicted of crimes? Thousands.
        But I guess guns can’t vote Democratic, so get rid of them.

        1. MT for re-redistribution

          There are a lot of dems that hunt and own guns, at least here in Montana where I lurk. The lefties are shooting themselves in the foot here. …not that our measly 2 electoral votes matter :-)

      2. War on poverty,….fail.
        War on drugs,….fail.
        Now there is a war on guns,…fail.

        Democrats do this for decades and fail over and over again.
        And republicans allow them to get away with it for fear of being maligned as the boogyman.

        Humerus indeed.

        1. MT for re-redistribution

          But they’re not failing. This is a constant ratcheting effect, slowly eroding our freedom. The left is winning, but very slowly.

  11. A curiosity: while watching MrO talk about how he and “his Attorney General, and his WhiteHouse” is going to stop gun violence, the click-clutter of cameras is non-stop in the background.
    Why take hundreds of photos of a group of people sitting in chairs or a couch, even if one of them is the POTUS?
    Are the still cameras just for PR now?

    1. Well at least NYP had the guts to call it what it is, quota.
      I’m sure this is not unique to Chicago but here goes.
      Police and Fire promotional exams are referred to as “paper”. ” How did you score? I got a 97 paper, referring to the score.
      Now, 70 is the minimum passing score, but that stil makes you eligible for promotion over someone who scored that 97 test.
      How.? In its continued campaign to diversify the city calls that a merit promotion.
      Minority’s benefit the most from merit promotions.
      I remember vividly of officers telling others that they shouldn’t or didn’t have to study so hard, just score 70 and get a merit promotion.
      Merit, quota look at the definition and tell me which one is being used.

      1. If someone with a 70 score can be promoted over someone with 97, then what is the incentive to excel and get a high score? This is very disturbing, as is the story about the air traffic controllers. NYC is doing something similar with that woman that wants to be a firefighter and can’t pass the physical exam. I just don’t get it.

        1. May I suggest checking out SecondCityCop blog.
          Language gets a little rough, but it tell of the low morale, the blaming of every ill in the black community.
          Example. While it’s claimed police shootingscare epidemic, they are significantly lower than 2014.
          “Activist” want CPD trained to understand the black culture.
          I don’t remember training to understand the German, French Polish, etc. culture.

        2. Apologize for leaving out a important fact about merit promotions for CFD & CPD.
          20% or a little more is by merit
          We depend on as much accuracy as possible, I dropped the ball.

      2. I took the postal exam ages ago. As I read the instructions, I realized that I – not a vet, not a minority, not low income, not disabled, etc., etc., etc., – well, I didn’t have a chance of being considered for a job with the USPS.
        All I can say is – look how well the postal system has done,
        The proof is in the pudding,

        1. Oh my! Exactly. What other business can lose a billon dollars a year and still be in business?
          Now I’m not quite sure it was a billion dollars last year, but hundreds of millions for sure.

      3. I think we are also looking at someone sitting in the Oval Office who was a beneficiary of the ‘quota’ system at Harvard et al. Will his academic records ever be revealed?
        Same goes for his semi-illiterate wife.

        1. I’ve often wondered, with all the backstabbing and disrespectful conduct towards Israel that one of their intelligence agencies hasn’t cracked the case, like the Mossad?
          It be a powerful weapon if it could prove, one way or another what is suspected about Obama being a Kenyan exchange student.

          1. I will always believe his records were falsified. What other reason is there to hide them? Other than grades, lol.
            Dubya and others had no problem revealing their mediocre grades.

        2. He was a beneficiary of the quota system, affirmative action and liberal thinking since his earliest days.

          He cannot sufficiently stand on his own. He is what he other people have made him. And nothing more.
          There is nothing unique about Barack Obama the person. Which is why he can so blithely go about trashing America as if were a sandbox full of toys for his pleasure.

    2. MT for re-redistribution

      Sounds like perfect material for massive lawsuits after every ‘incident’, paid by taxpayers, of course.

      What can I do about this stuff? This is awful. My puny single vote?

  12. Obama and his internal police are so busy picking away at American liberties I wonder if his crack foreign policy team (LOL!) has advised (ok, mentioned in passing) about the kerfuffle between Iran and Saudi Arabia. I wonder if they have a strategy for dealing with the situation. Or are we just going to follow President Jarrett merrily down the yellow brick road of all hail Iran.

    Obama has no clue what a mess he has made.

  13. And this — this is a joke. DHS and Jeh Johnson who should have been impeached or fired a long time for failing to protect America and enforce the law, says illegals and their families are being deported.

    Absolutely nothing this Administration does and says on immigration bears any resemblance to reality. It is all BS. Probably fear mongering yet again, and Obama hoping that Americans like him will say Oh Dear, the Women and the Children. Those hateful Republicans — how can they? Also if stops the conversation on Syrian refugees.

    Hopefully it will backfire and the majority of Americans, especially those who have suffered at the hands of illegals, will say It’s about Time. And encourage further action.

  14. I still cannot figure out what the POTUS does before 10am. Most executives have already met with department heads and planned the days work. Guess he’s doing Moochelle the dirty thing.

    1. He says he works out in the morning. That’s what I hear. And we see what a fine figure of health he is. Looks like can barely hold on to the podium and stay awake. Unless, of course, he is speechifying about how stupid we are and how evil America is. Those are the days he must skip the workout and eat his Wheaties.

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