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Open Thread || Saturday, January 2, 2015

Sorry for the late posting. Still hung over from New Year’s Eve.

That’s not true, but it’s a good excuse.

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    • Karen Carpenter suffered so. I contribute on a blog for eating disordered individuals. You think, “so just eat!” That is so hard for them, lots of times impossible. Karen had so much to live for but she could only see a fat ugly monster looking back at her from her mirror. It’s so very sad.

      • A friend of mine lost a daughter because of anorexia. It was the absolutely most tragic event you could imagine. She was so, what, obsessed with her weight, and there was nothing they could do for her. They tried everything available at the time. Just so sad.

        • There are many other mental health issues involved also. OCD, manic/depressive, schizophrenia…some can be saved. But, you are correct, without binding them to a bed & force feeding (which adds more mental stress) you really can’t force feed someone who is deathly afraid of food.

    • We got our hotel reservation, but have not yet registered for the gathering.

      We signed up for tickets to the republican debate in Charleston and Greenville (SC) and are waiting to see if we won the lottery.

    • I went for a few years when I with College Republicans back in the late 1990s… Always had a good time (after hours ;-)mixing & mingling & talking politics with people from all over the USA.
      Id like to go this year because of the election.
      And the new location at National Harbor is cool.

  1. So the dictator is going to EO the 2nd amendment this week. HNIC just writes any old law he wants.
    GOP says YES may I have another!!

    • Obama’s last year in office will be a trip to Hades for the American people. He’s tested the “I have a phone and a pen” tactic and knows the Republicans will roll over like mangy dogs looking for a scratch. Obama is primed and pumped to unleash the final pack of mad dog Executive Orders to bring us to our knees. In effect, he’s got the Supreme Court and the Congress in his pocket, so it’s going to be a rough ride for us.

        • Yep, it’s going to be a rough one. We’ll survive it, but it will take a huge effort, lead by a POTUS, a Congress and a Supreme Court with courage, focus, committed to the principles of a Constitutional Republic. Right now, they ain’t there.

    • Matthew 10:26 (KJV)

      Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known.

      • Aileen….I love that verse and say it often to myself when I see and/or read some of these atrocities that are going on not only in our country but all over the world.

    • Armed protesters take over federal wildlife refuge in Oregon…
      Bundy and the militiamen…
      Songs, flowers and pennies…
      ‘We’re planning on staying here for years’…

      These are the upper left headlines from Drudge. My thought: Afraid to click on them for fear that this becomes the spark that sets us afire and allows Obama et al to enforce martial law and we no longer are free country but a third world dictatorship.

      The frightening part is that I even have this thought — so much has this country changed under this man and the force of the left lying in wait over all these years.

  2. This last year is going to be a wild ride. Anything and everything Obama hasn’t done yet will be on his agenda. He has at least 7 trips coming up, not to mention the President’s Day retreat he’s hosting in Palm Springs. Michelle will travel extensively this year and leave us holding the bills. I will be so glad to see them leave the WH. 383 days to go.

    Meanwhile, the POTUS who likes to release criminal illegal aliens back onto the streets so they can commit more crime will do the same with the even more dangerous Gitmo detainees. They’re transferring 17 to other countries this month. How long will it be before we see them in terrorist videos?

  3. So what explains, at the electorate level, the 40+/- percent approval rate of Donald Trump? The geniuses in the media and political experts are stumbling all over themselves trying to explain the Trump phenomenon.

    Here’s a possibility: over 40 percent of voters are considered Independent. They are disenfranchised Democrats and Republicans who are fed up with Establishment politics, and we know there are a lot of them, including many of us here. And they exist in large numbers. Could it be that Trump, whether purposely or by accident, is attracting Independents more than the other candidates are attracting them?

    Here’s a 2014 article on the state of the Independent voter, and probably describes the current state pretty well.

    • Have to agree… Im “Republican” in-name only on the big issues like; ‘National Security-Foreign Affairs’ and ‘Less government/more opportunity for personal choice-action’.
      But sadly it seems today’s “Republican” leadership & politicians dont even respect those issues nowadays.

      • I know. The establishment politicians are doing their own thing, and the “consent of the governed” idea is placed in some backroom in their offices, next to the coffee cups.

    • The Dems are very loyal locally.

      They have a good ground game.

      The thing that amazes me is McConnell — Kentucky sticks to him like glue.

      Re. independents and libertarians and Republicans — not sure, guess it depends on the candidate. One thing I do know is stay clear any “libertarian” of I have finally given up on that site and “libertarians ” in general.

  4. Byron York goes all trembly at Rubio’s 3K at a high school auditorium (I think) ignoring Trumps 13K in Mississippi.

    What’s interesting is Rubio’s in SC — home of Trey Gowdy. How much did Gowdy have to do with this — I got two emails from him this past week “Yea Rubio” . Expect SC with Gowdy and Tim Scott for Rubio . If possible I dislike this minor league GOPe of Rubio, Ryan, Priebus even more than the GOPe in power. Largely because they came in as conservatives and now reveal themselves to just be Boehner, McConnell wannabes. My disappointment with Gowdy is pretty deep. And I am now beginning to question the Benghazi hearings that Boehner handed over to him. Oh well.

    Visuals below.