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Open Thread || Thursday, December 31, 2015

White House Dossier will return Monday, January 4.

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    • The first one is a report on how the Clinton’s trashed the WH.

      The second one is a video of the history of the Clinton’s dating from Arkansas.

      These two links are showing up all over the net.

      • Check out the links Harv.
        Trump has the gloves off.
        The video is long but you can just scroll back and forth to get the gist of it.

        Better watch it before they take it down.

      • Possibly.
        A news reporter who was staying at the hotel said she heard a explosion.
        I didn’t catch her name or news affilation.
        It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

      • Nope. Dubai pays the radical muzzies to leave Dubai (UAE) alone. Aka, extortion.

        Perks of being married to a ME intel expert, well, til he retired in ’92. His comment on the hotel fire, “someone missed a payment”. He also says, that region hasn’t changed in 2500 years, and it won’t for another 2500 years. So he may be right?

    • Have not heard why it started. Couple people injured, and I believe Fox stated one person had a heart attack. I was busy cooking Cabbage. With left over ham from Christmas and some bacon as well. Yum…

  1. Stir seems to think that trashing the furniture in the White House, stealing doorknobs, renting out the Lincoln Bedroom, and overall sticking their finger to the United States whose taxpayers PAY for the upkeep of that mansion and essentially a fort to keep the president and his family safe isn’t bad at all.

    They are just sociopaths,…..nothing to see here, and oh, don’t vote for them.

    I have a big problem with what these trailer trash did to the furnishings in the house that we pay for.

    I have a big problem with their attitude toward the American People.

    Hillary has a reputation as being a real bitch, just ask her SS detail.

    Bill Cosby was just indicted for the same damn thing Bill Clinton has gotten away with for years.

    So why not look at the information and make our own decisions.

    • Trump is also on record for not accepting a salary as POTUS. I have no idea about your link?

      He did open a campaign donation link on his site to keep him legal since people insisted on sending him money. His expenses so far are 300k (compared to millions by other candidates) and he uses that for campaign hats, stickers and signs, he gives away free.

  2. Crazy busy day — last day of year.

    Happy New Year Everybody! Blessings and grace to you and yours. May God keep us and this country safe from enemies foreign and domestic.

  3. Since the topic seems to have been the low life Clintons, State released 3000 emails today, under cover of New Years Eve. And is still not in accordance with the judge who ordered timely delivered of so many per month.

    Many of the emails revealed secret and confidential information. And the hag continues to insist not so. Meanwhile the MSM tries and fails to convince that Billy Jeff’s sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky is alleged. And just for giggles our boy king Barack tells Jerry Seinfeld (Seinfeld, really? Why?) that many of the world leaders are “insane”. The opening here is just too laughably large.

  4. Obama to Begin Illegally Issuing Work Permits to Illegal Immigrants Already Formally Ordered Deported by a Court

    Another day, another gashing wound in the Constitution that once bound this nation together.

    President Barack Obama’s new 181-page plan to award work-permits to at least 100,000 foreign college-grads also contains a convoluted section that would also sneak work-permits to a huge range of foreign migrants — even after courts have formally ordered their repatriation.

    In plain English, the section in the rule would automatically provide updated work-permits to 15 categories of migrants who are appealing judges’ deportation orders.

    Cut and pasted from AOS. I am sure the anti illegal immigration boys Rubio, Ryan and now Cruz will get right on this.

    By the way, Breitbart has good tracking of Trey Gowdy’s immigration position. And funny, today Gowdy sent me an email entitled Who I am Voting For. I sent a return email
    Who I am NOT Voting For.

    Links to articles on Gowdy and Obama’s newest illegal action.

    I’m sure somebody from Republican “legal” will get right on this after the New Year.

  5. You guys/gals drove me crazy, had to do some last minute shopping on NYE.
    Black eyed peas, didn’t have, I do now.
    Hambone, in freezer vacuum sealed from Thanksgiving.
    Vodka, got it, but I couldn’t find V-8’s Golden Goodness so I’ll wait till I do.
    Lowly martinis tonight.
    Soaked beans, 1st cocktail, start defrosting hambone, mix and start 2nd.
    Now hold on till midnight for Times Square ball drop.
    OK, maybe 1 last one after ball drop.
    See everyone next year,

  6. I got 5 emails today alone from Ted or Heidi Cruz begging for money before the FEC midnight deadline. It’s getting a bit whiney. I got one from Carly Fiorina, and she only wants $13. Wouldn’t it be great to adopt the British system and have an election decided in months rather than years?

    Happy, healthy 2016 to Keith and the rest of the WHD crew!