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Happy New Year!

A very happy New Year to everyone. Thanks to all of you for reading this year. I hope 2016 is a great year for you.

Warmest Regards,


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  1. In 2 hours and 45 minutes it will INDEED be a Happy new Year ’cause I’ll still be alive and kickin”!! Happy New Year to all WHD Denizens!!! May your comments never be moderated!! Oh, and this is the year we discover that Star and AF Vet have been secretly married for 30 years!! Nothing else would explain the bickering!!!

    • That made me chuckle. Reminds me of the old time radio program called The Bickersons. Don Ameche and Francis Langford played the role of a middle-aged couple who argued about everything from the time of day to how to make park a car. Very funny stuff, and very popular in its day. The Bickersons. LOL. Here’s a taste of “bickering” by the Bickersons.

      Happy New Year everyone. May the good Lord lift your spirits, give you courage, and lead you and yours to joyous moments throughout the year.

      • My friend called her neighbors across the way — The Bickersons. Another she calls Punch and Judy.

        She and her mother used to give people pseudonyms so no one would know who they were talking about. It’s fun, really.

          • Oh, my. It’s not just my family giving folks nicknames. Blinker lives nearby; he has the most fabulous Christmas light displays that blink. Then there is California, who moved here from California. A coworker, OCS, who suffers from only child syndrome…

          • My next door neighbors had just moved in and came and asked me to pay for half of a block fence between us, which I declined to do. When they came they were all sweaty and I called them The Pewy Lines to my kid and it stuck now for 10 yrs. You know–in cartoons, those wavy lines from smelly characters?

      • I haven’t heard that series on siriusxm, Old Time radio. I love Fibber McGee & all the old scary tales, X minus one, dark shadows….

      • AFVet and Star driving down the road:

        Star: Slow down!
        AFVet: Shuddap. I’m driving, not you.
        Star: Spoken like a true Trumpster.
        AFVet: Yea, so what? At least he stands for something.
        Star: What’s THAT supposed to mean?
        AFVet: You know what it means. Read between the lines.
        Star: Read between the lines? How about YOU stay between the lines by driving in the correct lane!
        LOL. Can hear it now. Have a great new year you two. ;+}

        • Luckily yes. I’m in the S/W part of the state. Oklahoma is a mile to my west and Kansas about the same to the north. I’m at the highest point in the area so if it reaches me, well, I’ll say hello to Noah for ya!
          We get flash flooding and Shoal Creek, a small river, large creek went way over but only some isolated incidents and a couple days at best.
          What really amazes me though is how many have died during this for no other reason than they drove into the water and were washed away. One was even witnessed by Highway Patrol helping another person already. Ignorance is literally killing people.

          • I am glad you are safe. Yes people will not stop driving through the water, it will carry you, and or hurt your engine. Back home in N.O. there are also certain streets where the water may rise in the street alone during a bad rain. People fly through the water, which therefore causes water to make waves into people’s homes.

  2. And I hope 2016 will be a great year for you too, Keith !
    And AFVeT, Lee and Grace, I just read your greetings so I say, the same to you with my warmest regards.
    And to everyone else here, A Happy New and Exciting Year ! It is always so nice to go here and visit you, listen to you and talk to you.

    • We have a local radio program here that discusses Honeybees and their current maladies.
      They have been suggesting to people to plant more flowers for the bees and other pollinators, butterflies, hummingbirds, etc.

      We have a raised garden plot in the backyard that I am going to put wildflowers in this year as soon as the weather breaks.
      It’ll be my spring project.

      Hope your bees winter well.

        • Thanks Marcus, I will look for that come spring.
          We had a flowering crabapple that would literally buzz in the springtime.
          Bees loved it.
          It got too big and I had to take it down.

          • Yesterday at the store, I was suggesting to a couple to try the peanut butter with honey. They said thanks, but they bees at home, and lots of honey. I mentioned the issue and they were not aware of it.

          • To Lee.
            Do you realize that honey is an antiseptic ?
            It tastes sweet but if you put it on a cut, it burns like alcohol.

            It also will heal the wound faster.

          • Star says:
            January 1, 2016, 4:22 pm at 4:22 pm

            You keep your meathooks off my undoc flowers…They are the only thing that doesn’t die on me.

            Unfortunately Star, I checked the Trump Plant Deportation docs and your Mexican petunias — top of the list. Perhaps it’s best to let them “go gently” before Janet Reno, who has been retained as a consultant, invades your garden plot and takes them by force!

            Have you considered garden gnomes?

            I joke, of course.

      • Wildflowers, a wonderful idea, AFVeT.
        The little girls are snoring right now, I hope they are fine. I am a little bit worried about the queens, didn´t see them before I said goodnight, but maybe they were hiding in the cellar, drinking nectar.

      • Ask This Old House had a segment with a guy in Texas who planted butterfly friendly flowers to attract the Monarchs on their journey.
        Local nurseries usually have an employee that can help with what grows well in your area that will attract the pollinators.
        In Tucson, the Texas Ranger flowering bushes attract tons of bees, the bush is just buzzing.

    • And to you as well m’lady. Hope you’re able to keep Sweden Sweedish. By the looks of things the powers that be from Berlin to D.C. just want to spread the Middle East out across the planet to dilute us all.
      Stay safe, warm and have a very blessed new year.

      • Ironic , after all these years, it is the West that will help the Middle East conquer them, and help the Muslim world establish it’s caliphate.

        Candy from a Baby.

          • World Domination is their goal, and a caliphate is part of that? They need to be stopped.

            Should they reach their goal? Then they’ll start killing other factions of Muslims, there’s many of those.

          • DeniseVB says:
            January 1, 2016, 2:15 pm at 2:15 pm

            Unfortunately until we get to their “eating their own stage” they will have killed us all.

            I do not this Pope recruiting Crusaders. Nor do I see many Americans rising up to protect their country either.

  3. Happy New Year to you, Keith.

    Thank you for gently guiding us through the political outrages of 2015 with humor, insight, and calm good sense.

    You are appreciated so much more than you know.

    Sincere best wishes for a happy, healthy, safe, and successful new year to you and to all those close and dear to you.

  4. Thank you, Keith. A very Happy New Year to you and your family.

    And an Irish blessing for you and all your readers:

    May joy and peace surround you,
    Contentment latch your door,
    And happiness be with you now,
    And bless you evermore.

  5. Happy, peaceful, and healthy New Year to all. Keith, thanks for the forum, the quips, the news, the insight. And happy anniversary to Star n AFVet! Ha.

    It’s going to be a very fascinating year, buckle up.


  6. Happy New Year, Keith and thank you for all that you do. Happy New Year to all of the WHD family too! May everyone have a wonderful and blessed year.

  7. HAPPY NEW YEAR to Keith and all the WHD denizens who though haven’t been able to wave the magic wand and send Obama off to his never, never land, have done a superb job of making the last few years tolerable.
    The comments, the insight, the links, it all simmers in a pot of very, very, intelligent and insightful stew.
    If this crew was running the NSC instead of Jarrett, Rice and Rhodes, ISIS would be back in the stone age by now, Assad would be buried under a real read line, and back here in the states, CAIR would have been labeled the terrorist funding organization that it is and kicked out years ago.
    Wow, that felt better!
    What a way to start the new year.
    Actually made midnight this year. Didn’t know if I would as I broke out some Jefferson Reserve bourbon to share via messaging with my new son in law as he broke out some Russell 10 year in Nashville.
    Now off to friends for a mid-day prime rib to kick this sucker off right.
    I know it’s cliche but resolutions anyone? Mine is to bust my butt to find the one conservative editor out there in newspaperland to base the column and spread from there. Need to transform from milk money to bread money! lol
    As usual I’ve ranted on far too long, but that’s what happens when your among friends, right? Right? RIGHT? Answer me dangit!
    Later all, have a safe one.
    I cleared with my better half the idea of a WHD summer confab and I got the green light. Could set up a closed group on Facebook to discuss, but I have to admit I use Fbook (give you a clue what I really think of it?) as often as thinks about the ruin he’s causing across the globe so that’s a big IF. I’ll dust off the cobwebs upstairs and see what I come up with.

    • Right. Happy happy.

      We should gather — you drink the good stuff. Throw in some decent McCallum — as in not bourbon — and I am there.

      Best of luck finding that conservative editor. I don’t know where you hang out on the net, but perhaps you can nestle into the ones you respect and establish a foothold for looking.

      I have no idea why I threw that unsolicited advice out — but too lazy to formulate best and brightest, Take it for what it’s worth.

      Happy happy to you Geoff. Your words are well done.

      • I’m already signed up for RedState in Denver (my son lives there now, but I’ll stay at the hotel for all the great food they feed us).

        I’m thinking of CPAC in March (DC area) too.

        • About two months ago I was on Red State — don’t know who — said everyone free to comment on post except Trumpsters.

          Haven’t been back. I got the sense they are anti Trump and you are still going to CPAC? I guess I get in that it is sponsored by but still. Oh well — they treat you well and good eats!

  8. Happy New Year to Keith and to all my normal friends that write daily on this site.

    I’m 45 minutes north of Tampa and right now it is 78 degrees and very sunny. My knock out roses are in full bloom and so are the blue plumbagos. There is a pair of monarch butterflies zipping around my back yard and a couple of little geckos out playing on the patio. I’m going out to catch up on a little yard work and then take a nice nap.

    Ain’t life good???

  9. God bless us all, each and everyone.
    Can’t find the words to express how fortunate I was to come across this site via a link and meet everyone.
    A finer crew would be hard to find.

  10. Apropos of nothing really. It just made me laugh. I just opened an email from online retail site with hipster attitude (they eschew AMAZON).

    Anyway they have the following big block of new year’s wisdom from a sage icon.
    This is a new year. A new beginning. And things will change.

    Taylor Swift

    Well, duh. Words to live by.

  11. I used to say – way too often – “I’ll be happy when…” such and such happens or doesn’t happen.
    Not now. I’m resolved to be happy now.
    Happy New Year to everyone.
    This song by The Easter Brothers says it best:

    “[Verse 1]
    While the world looks upon me
    As I struggle along
    They say I’ve got nothing
    But they are so wrong
    In my heart I’m rejoicing
    How I wish they could see
    Thank you Lord
    For your blessing on me!

    There’s a roof up above me
    I’ve a good place to sleep
    There’s food on my table
    And shoes on my feet
    You gave me your love Lord
    And a fine family
    Thank you Lord
    For your blessings on me!”

    • [Verse 2]
      I know I’m not wealthy
      These clothes, they’re not new
      I don’t have much money
      But Lord I have you
      And that’s all that matters
      Though the world may not see
      Thank you Lord
      For your blessings on me!

      There’s a roof up above me
      I’ve a good place to sleep
      There’s food on my table
      And shoes on my feet
      You gave me your love Lord
      And a fine family
      Thank you Lord
      For all your blessings on me!

  12. This is the year of action. Talk and type here for energy — get out there and get people to register to vote, and have them get others to vote. ASK people to do you a favor and vote for YOUR candidate.

    November will be here in a moment. Start now. Save America.

    • This one isn’t about favors mark.
      This one is about the Country.
      Favors ?
      Give me a break.
      I don’t know you but you may have hit the wrong site.

      • IMO, that’s a little harsh AMV. Republicans and conservatives especially have a reputation for sitting out elections because their special snowflake was not the nominee. So in both primaries and generals it is important to vote — either for the candidate the person is asking you to, after researching it, or your own preference. And despite the weather and inconvenience.

        Have you ever seen a Dem GOV effort — they even advertise on Craigslist and elsewhere and pay people. The Dem GOV swarm neighborhoods like locusts.

        Dems vote like crazy more than once. They transport incompetent and disadvantaged people to the polls. Illegal immigrants receive pre D filled voter registration cards and think they have to vote Dem and they do. They either don’t care or don’t know they can’t vote — so they leave with the one that brung them.

        • If I thought the candidate you clearly favor could “save” the country, whatever that really means and however that really could be done, I would vote for him, wouldn’t I? I don’t. I think he is all talk– and for your info, I have several “special snowflakes.” If not voting is a vote for Hillary, then so be it if the alt is Trump. I have one vote like the rest of you and can cast it or withhold it. And all the snide remarks in the world won’t deter me.

      • No vote is a vote for the opponent IMHO. I’ll vote for the R candidate even if I don’t like them, in hopes of keeping Hillary from winning.

        Only 384 days to go before we’re rid of the first grifters.

        • Yep. And for me, that includes my weasel State Senator Rubio — who wouldn’t recognize the inside of his office round about now — allergic to the Senate floor — and voting — well, that’s a whole other matter.

        • Most of the candidates say they will support the nominee…I won’t, but that is a perfectly respectable position. You are voting against Hillary…I am not voting for someone, either. I just wish I had someone to vote FOR…

        • I know you think that…I don’t think that. Instead, I foresee a mind and soul-numbing continuation of half-vast ideas and initiatives and bluster and blaming passing for leadership–if the choice is betw Hillary and Trump. Also I doubt the economy will improve much, the stock market (do you have a IRA?) same. As for terrorists, this talk of killing doctors and children right and left is depressing to say the least. I face the coming yr with dread and foreboding. I don’t see a revolution…I see a blabby morass. Of course, I could be wrong–just going by what I see so far.

  13. trump is in construction — sort of. Demolish buildings, build new ones sometimes.

    So, I was just thinking if he was elected couldn’t he just pull some giant machines up to 1) DOJ and just scoop it up, dump it into a big hole and cover it up (yes people included and Secretarys must be there), then move on to IRS, DHS, HHS, HUD, and DOE (both of them). Tamp it all down and plant daffodils or something like Lady Bird Johnson did. Beautify WDC. Just a thought. Oh yeah, stop by SCOTUS and pick up a few people like wise Latinas and Roberts.

    • I could use a cup or two.
      I had my bisquits and sausage gravy for breakfast on New Years day, sat down to watch the Rose Bowl parade and saw most of it but dozed off.
      I never eat a heavy breakfast like that, usually oatmeal or stewed prunes, yea, I’m at that stage in life, didn’t mean to gross anyone out.
      But today a plate of them black eyed peas, they were ready yesterday but I always let soups or chili cool down, put them in the fridge and eat the next day, always seem to taste more flavorful.

  14. Well, well, well.
    Just as Rush Limbaugh predicted the day after Hillary said that ISIS is using a video in their recruitment efforts, one has been made.
    al-Shabab, an al-qaeda affiliate is using it.
    Now remember, it didn’t exist before, but thanks to Hillary it does now thanks to her.
    Well done Hillary, any more bright ideas to help the enemy?

  15. Is this a weekend thread ? Oh, that’s fine with me, I may post this link again if Keith puts up a fresh one.

    As some of you know, I turned my blog over to a “safe space” for Trump supporters and fans. I will remove trolls, it’s not for discussion, it’s for open minds, you know, like umbrellas, that only work when then open, derrrr.

    I try to find the positive information, too much Trump bashing on the social and mainstream medias. Enjoy!

  16. FYI. I am an Ace of Spades blog reader. There are “specialty” threads at certain times on certain days. I like the Sunday Book Thread. On Saturdays (I just went over) they have a Gardening Thread. Usually the specialty posts them are interesting — with links — and the comments varied.

    So, no Mexican petunias or bees, at quick glance. But some of you might find it interesting.

    • My purple petunias are becoming iconic. The book day sounds interesting–I listen to 3-4 books a week…am a former library rat. My kid has never read an entire book in her life. She isn’t “into” reading, she says. Reading has saved me…from so much. If only a lot of these younger people knew…

      • Big reader myself — started young. Moved around a lot and books literally became my friends. Anyway I enjoy the Sunday thread — you might also.

        Non readers. I have a good friend. She hates to read. When young her mother used it as punishment — go to your room and read/sit down and read. Yikes.

        • Also kids today — 24/7 info blast and overload, but learn little if at all. Short attention span, and loss of creativity imo. Plus they are missing out on the sheer pleasure of reading. Also, in my experience — so many cannot write and cannot spell.

  17. Armed protesters take over federal wildlife refuge in Oregon…
    Bundy and the militiamen…
    Songs, flowers and pennies…
    ‘We’re planning on staying here for years’…

    These are the upper left headlines from Drudge. My thought: Afraid to click on them for fear that this becomes the spark that sets us afire and allows Obama et al to enforce martial law and we no longer are free country but a third world dictatorship.

    The frightening part is that I even have this thought — so much has this country changed under this man and the force of the left lying in wait over all these years.

  18. Happy New Year Keith and family, and thank you most of all for the White House Dossier where I can vent about that no good Obama who wants to hurt all of us and he does so every day!