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Open Thread || Wednesday, December 30, 2015



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    • He’s 78 years old. If he survives, he’ll be 80 before this is all settled. And broke, I’m sure.
      A teenager gets drunk, kills 4 innocents with his vehicle and gets probation. Bill Clinton gets a pass for his abuse of women who worked for him.
      Martha Stewart went to prison for lying to the FBI.
      Barack Obama was re-elected President after lying to the American public.
      Our justice system is a mess.

  1. NSA spies on Congress and Israel, but won’t touch Muslims here in America.
    HEY! Republicans in Congress, feeling better now for giving Obama everything he wanted in that horrific budget you help pass?

  2. Trey Gowdy and his support for Rubio opened up a can or worms.

    It’s simply impossible to follow every comment and statement from any of them; but his support for ‘dreamers’ burst my bubble.

    I’ve come to the sad conclusion, the two-party system is dead.

    • When Hillary and her team decided that calling Trump a “sexist”, it was a huge mistake. Trump, unlike the other spineless candidates, hits back hard, real hard. She and Slick Willy will regret the day they went after Trump criticizing his relationships and opinions about women. He will obliterate them by simply reminding everybody about their life long antics and unethical behavior across a full range of activities. Clinton Foundation, anyone? Trump will not let them get away with their crap. Bye bye, Hillary and Billy. You’re cooked.

  3. AFVet & Aileen,
    That’s why I have a sinking feeling that the mechanism is in place for Hillary to win in 2016 by stealing it, just like Obama did last election.

    • I believe the second election was fraudulent. And I believe if Hillary Clinton is crowned that will be via illegal means as well. There is no doubt in my mind that the Dems are encouraging illegals to vote. When they are given voter registration cards some believe it entitles them to vote. Many do not speak English. And the rest of it is just downright illegal and deceptive Democrat corruption. No way this election at the polls will be valid.

      • I believe that the ballots and all election info should be in English ONLY. I wouldn’t expect a foreign country to cater to my not speaking/reading their language, yet it’s the norm here. Why?

        • Quick story. My wife has been a ballot clerk for elections here for several years. What she’s noticed is that when the Somalis living here come in to vote, there will be five or six in a group. Then one of the group, the one who reads English, will go into the voting booth with each person in the group individually and mark up the ballot for that person. So, if the Somali “voter” can’t speak or read English, are we to assume that they are up to speed on the issues or the candidate? Or are we to assume that the ballot will be filled in according to the preferences of the “translator” accompanying them? Is there some voter fraud being perpetuated here? And if they can’t speak the language, are these people actually citizens with a franchise to vote in an election? If they don’t speak the language, how can they be naturalized citizens?

          Don’t get me started on this issue.

      • I have always been suspicious of these electronic ballot counters. They can be manipulated, hacked in some way, and otherwise tampered with to produce the “correct” results.

        • This leads discussion leads me to the issue of a receipt. If a simple paper receipt was given everyone could hold up their receipt if and when there was a doubt in an election.

          • Yep. Or the old fashioned paper ballot. There it is, right in your hand. Then again, we hear of paper ballots being used improperly. Wasn’t it sen Al Franken who magically won the Minn. election after boxes of lost ballots were found in someone’s car truck at the last moment of the election day? Something like that.

        • AFVet…I do the same. Mostly because I can vote early and then shut off (in my head) the non-stop political chinwagging, but also because there’s less chance of skulduggery behind the scenes.

    • If your nominee is Donald, he can’t whack her with his moneybags or something? You can’t be serious that you are already saying it’s rigged… Or would you “bet” it will be rigged… The Reps may lose, but look how their former adherents are already blasting their own party and making excuses–in advance.

  4. Trump is causing the libs to lose their minds. Now there is a Chrome add-on to remove Trump from your internet.

    >> The extension can be set to one of three levels of Trump filtration: mild, aggressive, and vindictive.

    The extension comes preset on mild, which is still fairly strong — Donald Trump’s entire Twitter page goes blank. On the highest setting, vindictive, entire news sites are blocked — CNN, Google News and even InStyle go blank. <<

    • Great link, Denise!
      This writer expresses my feelings almost to a ‘T”. I am not Trumpette, but I recognize that Trump does not possess any of the negatives I find so appalling with every one of the other candidates.
      In other words, he cuts through all the BS we have listened to over the past decades from both sides of the aisle. It’s refreshing in a weird way.

      Oh, and I am not alone. Many of our good ‘conservative’ friends are so fed up with the current crop of candidates, they are going with Trump. The RNC has had 16 years since Bush took office to groom someone worthy of the job. They came up with zero, zip, nada. Serves them right!

      • Thanks. I am supporting Trump/Cruz. But even if they win they won’t get much support from establishment WDC.

        If Trump wins there is the whole Gowdy/Rubio/Ryan thing. Pretty much I think that those we thought might be conservative or conservative lite like Gowdy will line up with the Rubio/Ryan gang. Paul Ryan intends to run for President after this election and he is lining up his team.

        The new GOPe will be like the old GOPe, only younger. Nothing changes and mostly the support for Obama’s agenda in the Omnibus will continue.

        Good people like Sessions who apparently reads or is informed about legislation and cares about the constitution, the rule of law and the country and want to prevent this insane invasion by illegals, guest workers, visa seekers of all stripes, will stand virtually alone. I don’t know where Cruz will end up.

        The Speakers blog is a bunch of Ryan vanity postings. I hope Trump does to Rubio/Ryan what he’s been doing to all the opposition. If he gets the chance. 2 cents.

    • Great rant! It reflects what the majority of us are sensing when asked about the direction of the country and where we seem to be headed as a country. Wee are not a happy people right now.

      According to the most recent Real Clear Politics poll asking people about the direction of the country, 67.5 percent say we are going in the wrong direction. Almost 70 percent. Astounding number. That’s most of us.

    • Thanks for the morning read DeniseVB.
      Tired of being told by O on one hand, and by Bill O’Reilly on the other, what my American values are or ought to be. I can work those out for myself.

      • Are decency, humility, studious grasp of issues, fairness, and likeability values any more? Guess not. It’s all eye scratching and vulgarity and name calling by the candidates (mainly one), the press, the fervent fans, the president.

  5. While we are on the topic of Bill and Hillary Clinton, their sordid lives, their antics and their general all around evil ways, I refer you to Christopher Hitchens book “No One Left To Lie To” (2012). As you know, Hitchens had had a sharp eye for fraud and deception, and in this book, completely demolishes the Clintons in his own special way. They have no place to hide. Whatever you think of Hitchens, he tells it like it is about the Clintons in this book.

    • Marcus, I really miss Hitchens and his sharp wit and intelligence. Yes, he had a sharp eye for fraud and deception and we really need this kind of writers today. Hypocrisy must be exposed. Also, he was slugging in all directions, left and right. Thanks for the link.

      • I didn’t always agree with Hitchens, but he certainly wasn’t shy about going after what he perceived as unfair or phony or manipulative. The Clintons were a perfect target for him. And, yes, we need a lot more journalists who are courageous about pursuing the truth, and fewer journalists who avoid investigating certain people because they fear they won’t get invited to play golf with those certain people.

          • Yes it is ! Let’s use our imagination.

            “In this cornah…..weighing 210 pounds, wearing the red shorts, the Big Builder from Manhattan, Stomping Chomping Donald Trump!”

            “And in this cornah, weighing 213 pounds, wearing a purple pants suit, the Rocking Socking Grandma of I’ll Play Any Card It Takes To Win, Hillary The Wilderbeast Clinton!!!”

            “Now when the bell rings, come out fighting. You know the rules. Two knockdowns and you’re out. I want a clean fight.”

            Something like that. ;+}

  6. Here we go. The little researched phenomenon “misophonia” aka “sound rage” has a support group on Facebook. I’m a part of it, something is definitely wrong with the way I hear certain sounds and makes me livid in a split second. There’s recently been a huge debate in this group, and a general theme to the page from what I can see, on whose responsibility it is to accommodate this issue. The family member making the innocent noise, or the person who is hearing the noise as painful, enraging and deeply, deeply distressing. I contend emotions are not the problem, it’s what we do with the emotion (our action). Choice. Personally responsibility. While there is some agreement, for instance we wouldn’t expect there to be city ordinances about chewing with your mouth open/closed, I’m outnumbered. OTHERS should accommodate ME, MY NEEDS and MY ISSUES. Sigh. Well,I did what I could for advocating personal responsibility. Ie, if I’m getting upset, I can likely ask for accommodation but it’s not a good idea to punch someone in the face. That’d be a UNHEALTHY choice and I have the responsibility to be disciplined even when someone won’t acommidate my need or preference. Do I even need to ask this: Why is the concept of personal choice/responsibility so hard to grasp!?

  7. I hope voters remember when Bill Clinton triangulated in his first campaign -vowing to pass welfare reform. When he was in office, he vetoed the reform bill-TWICE. It was actually Hillary who talked him into signing it.

    Looks like Hillary is beginning to triangulate on immigration-leaving Trump without a platform.

    No politician in today’s world is trustworthy; but the Clintons are in a class all of their own.

  8. And another New Years Eve with an “important” match, ( according to my husband ), Sweden against Canada in the Junior WM in ice-hockey in Helsinki. Some people ( well, many as a matter of fact ) say that the juniors are much more entertaining to watch compared to the professional-laden teams in the Mens WM. The juniors really give it all.

  9. Here’s a funny! The environmentalists want Trump to use pump spray instead of hairspray.
    Trump says pump spray leaves big clumps in your hair and then he has to take another shower.

    He’s right because my daughter talked me into using it and it is yucky.

    The chemicals that used to be used in hairspray that damaged the ozone layers were taken out many years ago but that doesn’t matter to those kooky environmentalists.

  10. Speaking of Ryan – I went to the same University (I think he was a year behind me). My husband was in a class or two with him – said he was a TOTAL professor suck-up. He’d sit right in front of his desk and always be with the prof chatting it up before and after class.