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Open Thread || Tuesday, December 29, 2015



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  1. End of the year, and we have some missing in action folks to account for. I will start the list. Keep it fresh, friendly, it must be a newsmaker that is mysteriously not in the public eye recently. Here goes:

    Michelle Obama
    Al Sharpton
    Valerie Jarrett ( the ghost)
    Brian Williams
    Ben Carson ( he was running for pres, right?)

    feel free to add on….


    • He is such a failure as a human being.

      My favorite comment: I am calling bullshit on this one. Obama’s “foreign policy” has been an epic failure so this is likely an extended vacation, no?

      Me: Also it will be a “Bash America thon” every mile.

      • Pretty much the comment I left at Politico along with leaving my favorite Carly Fiorina quote: Flying is an activity, it’s not an accomplishment.

      • I like the …billion tonnes of carbon footprints he will be leaving as he vacations around the globe.. .and the Isis us contained circle around the global map.

    • Is this about his upcoming Goodbye World Tour?
      He doesn’t seem to realize that the MSM isn’t that interested in him much anymore. When MrsO went on a weird junket to promote girl’s schooling, I don’t think we saw more than a few photos and not much else.
      They are old news, not very current.

      His minions might think he is a force to be reckoned somewhere in the world, but it’s just not so.

      • What is it — the UK Mail? . They like to do Obama splashes, so that might transfer over.

        But I hope you are right. General ennui with the Obamas. I hope they take Valerie with them.

        And it’s not like the Demokrat Party doesn’t have to hunker down and plan it’s first ever coronation.

      • Hah! Are we supposed to believe Obama or our lying eyes! He is an epic fail-on every level.
        Wait ’til his 2017 ‘supplement’ to all public skool textbooks hits the stands…talk about brainwashing.

        Obama will never, ever disappear into the sunset. It’s going to be talkshows, books, tours, bathtub interviews-you name it. World Affairs according to Obama – such a joke!

        • He also tried to school the candidates–seems the celebrity part of being president wears off fast and then the hard parts come…Since when did his love of celebrity dim?

  2. Soros is upset with Trump. That is a good thing! The Soros/Obama criminals have had there way with the worthless GOP.
    Today we are a banana republic with the .gov stamping on the constitution and our rights.

    • I saw this somewhere so I don’t know if it’s true or not. It’s kind of gross also, but funny to me so I wish it had happened…being the child that I am.

      Jeb challenges Trump to debate (yeah Jeb not even at 5% and Trump deep into the 30s at least). Trump responds by sending pix of Jeb picking his nose.

      Yep, childish but satisfying on some stupid level. Probably didn’t happen, but ya’ never know.

      Soros — master criminal and scourge of the earth.

      • reply to Grace (sorry, but posts go all over the place here):
        Yes, Jeb! wants to debate MrTrump – uh, One on One or something.
        As if that would happen.

        There hasn’t been any Trump-ism to reply to this stupid and silly dare that has been made public.
        I mean, c’mon – MrTrump is on the warpath with the Clintons now, not the losers at the bottom of the Repub pile.

      • Well we’re on the same stupid level grace :D Trump is a loyal and fierce New Yorker, it’s how we roll and it’s not always pretty or politically correct. Maybe having a Tony Soprano as President is the only way to repair Obama’s damage to our country and our spirit.

        • We see eye to eye. This election, for me, is not about Party, not about ideology. It is about saving the country. It can be a bloodless revolution.

          The mechanics of putting it back together are clearly outlined — we have laws and we have a constitution — even Trump can follow that.

          I believe he is the only one that has what it takes to fight the corruption and hypocrites in both partys and take down Hillary Clinton and the media. Expose them for what they are and what they have done.

          He loves this country and will do what is necessary to protect us from enemies, foreign and domestic.

          And just because it seems that federal employees and appointees can’t be fired, I think Trump can figure out a way to clear the decks of the accumulated cronies and incompetents and entitled.

          As Todd Beamer said, “Let’s Roll!”

  3. H.R. 4269 Assault weapon ban. Is in the house now. It will rewrite the gun laws and change the interpretation of the 2nd amendment.
    Banning all of Ar15 and Ak 47 and there variant guns. 30 round mags will be banned as well. Semi auto Shot guns too.

    Are we sheep going to go along with this?

    • With Paul Ryan, R-D House Speaker, you can bet we will.

      If there are reluctant GOPers Ryan will just call in some Dem reinforcements, like he did with the Omnibus. That’s how the House will be run under Ryan. Then in return Pelosi will come and disparage him and the Rs in public. Rinse and Repeat.

    • And further to this. McConnell waves the white flag every time Obama gets out of bed another day, Ryan depends on the Democrats to pass legislation in the House and calls it a victory, and now Priebus is saying how difficult it is for the Republicans to hold the Senate.

      Pretty much I see the Republican Party preparing for the coronation and pimping for the Queen. It gives the occasional nod to the Bush replacement, Rubio.

        • Your Trump just squished on saying wages were too high in this country–meaning we can’t compete with low Chinese wages and he has no other way to try to keep work here, much less get it back from China.

        • I think Gowdy and Scott were strong armed by the GOPe, which Rubio is their only hope. It’s hurting Gowdy and Scott more than it’s helping Rubio.

          I’m sure they were threatened with losing their coveted positions in Congress, like some did when they didn’t get behind Boehner.

          • Well, they should have learned then. Bending to the pressure of the GOPe does not serve you well. In today’s Congress I have no use for those who choose their own power and party over the good of the country. I am over that.

            Rubio is my Senator. I was there before people even knew his name. He is a big disappointment. If he is the only one standing I will vote for him. But only because he is not Hillary Clinton. Rubio and Ryan are the GOPe select for the future. They are just younger versions of Boehner and McConnell.

      • Or, as one of the great orators of modern times might say it:

        “But resist, we much… we must… and we will much… about… that… be committed.” – Al Sharpton, August 9, 2011


        • The Republican Party was in trouble before Trump. To blame a loss on Trump is something Obama would do. But since for all intents and purposes the Republicans and Democrats are now a uni party why not? And Pelosi — she is co Speaker in fact, Ryan and Pelosi work as team. Compromise you know. Not surrender.

          • Ryan has said that he was cornered into passing the omnibus bill constructed by Boehner, and due to time constraints, looking at a gov shutdown, he had to do what he did.


          • AFVet — BS to Ryan on that. He has made a very concerted effort to join with the Dems. Something he sees as compromise. And there is no accounting party wise for the fact that more Dems than Reps voted for his Omnibus bill. Paul Ryan is worthless to me as a Speaker of the House. He can get the Dems to enforce his agenda — and his personal agenda is not conservative.

        • Oh, SNAP! To say I am like Obama…cower cower. I do think Trump has wrecked the party and it will never be my party again the way things look now…now I have no party. No party–no voting.

          • with all due respect
            spare me your self righteous psycho babble you pompous ass… grow up. vote. if you sit this out, and hill gets elected, our country will forever be gone.

            ya, i run the risk of the wrath of the other regs here for my strong words. big damn deal. get with the program.

          • Well, Tex (you’re new–so lose the name calling)…I won’t vote for Trump or Hillary …so where does that leave me…or maybe leave me? No party–no vote. Also I don’t get with programs because someone on a website tries to order me around. I am still a registered Dem, so could vote for Sanders in the primary, I guess…A No Hillary vote. Best I can do if Trump is the nominee.

          • So you think Jeb Bush has a conservative ideology — whatever that is — or Rubio — do you think big spender Paul Ryan is enacting conservative ideology in the House?

            I will vote for the guy who loves this country and wants to keep us safe from enemies — domestic and foreign.

          • And if you are an on the fence registered Dem then you best stay with your original party — Sanders. I guess since you are a no vote on Hillary. Maybe he has a shot. Or Webb if he runs 3rd Party. But it is hard to reconcile a registered Dem upset that Donald Trump has ruined the Rep. option for her.

          • You have said you would vote for Trump, grace. I won’t. And no, I will not vote for Hillary. If I can’t vote for a thoughtful, well spoken, truthful, freedom-loving, decent person willing to give their all to this country, then no vote. So why belabor all this–we know where we stand.

          • I’m sick of the “You’d better vote for the R or look who we’ll get?!!!?” option. We’ve played this game for the last two election cycles.

            Stop the train. I wanna get off.

          • I don’t care about either party right now. Trump has tapped that anger and I hope he wins because a vote for Trump is a vote for a bloodless revolution.

        • When I was growing up I always heard people on TV or in general say, never discuss politics with relatives and friends. I respect everyone’s thoughts here, however do not let O’s mess and the people in Congress sitting by doing nothing cause us to tear into one another. I do not feel that Trump cannot should be used as a scape goat of blame.

        • i tried replying to you below, but oops….

          no im not mew here. i have only commemted twice since elec nite 08, 1 below amd the other a few days ago saying the same.

          right or wrong, Trump loves America and wont sell us out for political correctness. hill will sell the nation, her soul, and your grandkids’ future just to be the ‘historic’ first female president. with hill, and huma, we’re doomed…

          and ps, your beloved repub party is good as dead. time to face facts.

  4. It seems Barry will be entertaining Prime Minister Hair at a state dinner in the White House, the first in 19 years for a Canadian leader. The most recent one took place in 1997 when Bill Clinton hosted then prime minister Jean Chrétien.

    I know Barry had nothing but disdain for our Conservative PM, Mr. Harper. Obviously Liberal a$$holes stick together.

  5. Funny seeing a Franklin Graham ad on Keith’s blog stating “I have hope for America because of Jesus Christ”. See, we can all get along in that spirit :)

    I turned my personal blog into a pro-Trump festival of goodness and light to give his supporters a “safe space” from trolling. All are welcome, but SJW Rules apply (thanks Mizzou students!) Anything that makes me feel uncomfortable will be removed ;)

  6. Star, When you were commenting that there were few conservative blogs that weren’t all out Trump or filled with as you call us, Trumpies. I mentioned neo neocon — which is a smart blog and the owner is not pro Trump but she is fair.

    I read this recent discussion and thought you, in particular, might find it interesting. For the rest of us, I think it is a thoughtful and good read — how to fight the left and what about the constitution. It’s not an answer but it is a good discussion.

    • Thanks–that was interesting. Maybe I missed the point in some places, but it seemed to be one of those “having said that” stories–on both sides. Indeed, how do people like me stop Trump? At the moment, I am NOTA–None of the Above–if it’s Hillary v Trump. To me, a lifelong political junkie and American this is sad sad sad. What stage of grief am I in? That Greenfield guy even mentioned Trump in connection with extra-judicial executions–meaning terrorist families? OMG, people!

  7. Pataki ending his presidential bid — I honestly forgot he “was running” or whatever.

    Rand Paul has been whining about the possibility of being sent to the kid’s table next debate so hopefully this will cheer him up.