As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

136 Responses to Open Thread || Monday, December 28, 2015

  1. About MrTrump:
    The powers that be are in full attack form now – no more snide snickers about the “clown” or his uneducated supporters.
    What happened? He pointed out the MR Clinton is a sexist offender. While the MSM is covering for MRS Clinton’s offenses, they have always put a protective net over her hot-pants husband. Bill, Bubba, former President- is charming, friendly, fun even, and a great guy if you don’t pull the curtain away from his private (and not so private) affairs.
    2016 is going to be a more interesting year than ’15 .

    • Keith, you have to tell us the TRUTH about what really goes on in this Obama White House:
      -the secret daily meetings you guys in the “WH press corps” know that happen/will not dare report…
      -the SHAM/FAKE marriage nowadays between Obama and that bitchy wookie & the spoiled/bratty kids…
      -how your fellow “WH press corps” members are such sycophants for Obama they refuse to report/ask REAL questions that we demand (I also think alot of them arent too smart -LOL)

  2. We really need to question her judgement…Running around without her make-up lately. And that coat! Looks like she swiped one of the Persian tapestries from the WH and made a coat out of it. Hideous.

    Soon, HRC will look like Bubba’s mother! Can only help the GOP.

    • Would a principled conservative have been pro-choice, said Hillary was a fine senator, snapped his teeth at long-time conservative Reps like a junkyard dog, been for single payer, say scurrilous things about women, etc?

    • It’s been clear the GOPe parade to the Oval Office was designed for Jeb. He just couldn’t pull it off for all the reasons often pointed out here. The approved progenitor, Rubio, was the approved “next best”. It’s not going all that great for Marco, so the GOPe has to pump some air in his tires. Little wonder they are ticked off at Trump. He’s destroying all their little plans. The more they try to undermine Trump (and also Cruz, for that matter) the higher the ratings for them go. It must be driving them crazy. And the get-rich-and-powerful plans of the Bush and Rubio parasites still hanging on to the fantasy are going “poof”.
      Hey, where did all the coattails go? ;+]

    • I had hopes for Tim Scott…not now.
      I am not a Rubio supporter. He is just another O.
      Slick talker but short on intelligence and experience.
      I believe he is an embezzler. That makes him a liar in my book.
      Liars lie. To everyone. About everything. Always.

  3. Star, Perhaps you know of the site linked below. I think this is an excellent blog. And she is not pro Trump. You might like it.

    It’s too bad you don’t care for videos, because she is also a dancer and from time to time she will reference ballets and even though I am not dancer and no fan of ballet I have come to appreciate them. Other than that not a lot of videos.

    She was a Dem and has a very interesting 6 or 7 part series of her conversion in the archives. I have also seen her write for Legal Insurrection.

    Anyway, quality. You might want to check it out.

  4. Just a weird little story I missed in 2008 and 2012–Obama was endorsed for President the the Communist Party USA in both his first and his second elections. You’d have thought his campaign managers would have bragged about that, wouldn’t you? Or that The ‘Bam would have mentioned it at least one of his speeches. ;+}

    For the 2012 election, CPUSA said “Re-electing Obama is “Absolutely Essential””

    LOL… Yes it was. For them, apparently. So, is the CPUSA loud endorsement for Hillary 2016 just waiting in the wings? Waiting for the right moment? When everyone is asleep?


    Couple of interesting references about Van Jones and Valerie Jarrett in the article, too.