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48 Responses to Sunday Open Thread || December 27, 2015

    • Terrific article, great read and good news if it happens.
      I loved his quote on the DNC, ” nothing more than an arm of the Clinton campaign “.
      Naval Academy graduate, Marine combat vet, Navy Cross AND Purple Heart recipient, damn impressive credentials in my book, to bad he’s a Democrat, but he’s still has my respect.

      • Also served as Sec. Navy under Reagan.
        He is not a lib, as far as I can see.
        Parties, IMO, no longer matter much.
        It is the ideology of the individual that matters more.

      • A bit more on Jim Webb: “Runner-up in the 1967 Naval Academy boxing championships (he lost to another future Senate candidate from Virginia, Republican Oliver L. North), he finished first in his Marine officers’ training class and was awarded a Navy Cross, a Silver Star, two Bronze Stars and two Purple Hearts while serving in Vietnam.”

        This guy is no pushover.

        I like him because he fought all the powers that be to develop and defend a spectacular improvement on the old Montgomery GI Bill. He fought George Bush and John McCain, in particular, to get it through Congress and he won the battle. McCain is such a snot that he refused to even vote on the bill.

        Here’s a brief summary of the Bill Webb fought so hard to get passed.

          • My impression is that Webb is much shorter than North (though it may be a trick of what television does to peoples’ height. I dunno.) If there is as much height difference as there seems to be, it must have been one heck of a fight! Short guy vs tall guy. It’s not likely on you tube, but I think I’ll see if the fight footage somehow found its way there.

        • McCain: no neck, no truth, no viable plan to make America Great Again.
          He lies throughout his campaigns, then let’s his constituents flutter in the breeze while he eats pork in DC.

      • He was Governor of Maryland and from what I hear resposible for many of the bad things that have befallen what is called The Republic of Maryland — also wanted to tax your rain water. I don’t know much but what I have heard is not good.

        That said I would look seriously at anybody who could loosen the Clinton death grip on the Party and the Democrats.

    • I’m female. I believe we are naturally not as strong as males. That is a fact of humanity. Should she get a break? ….it seems FDNY is afraid of bad publicity. What will they do when a zhe/hir fails the test?

    • Safety standards were created for a reason. This woman has failed the physical tests SIX times. She needs to realize her limitations rather than ask to be given a job she’s not qualified for. Other women have passed the tests, so it’s not a case of discrimination against women. Lowering the test standards so she can pass endangers her coworkers and the public. What will it take, a pile of victims and lawsuits before they reverse their decision?

      • It’s why we’re seeing so many “mistakes” happening in the police departments. Lowering the scores to help minorities is raising the risk of oopsies. It’s like “affirmative action” but more dangerous.

  1. Thanks for that link Marcus.
    I was TOTALLY unaware of Webb’s bill.
    If it wasn’t for the old G.I Bill which I wouldn’t have been able to go to college.
    A side job or two it was sufficient, NO complaints.
    I reply using this comment box because my old eye’s cannot use that little squiggly box for the direct reply.

    • No problem. Another aspect of the new GI Bill is that you can give it to one of your kids or split it up among your kids. My #2 son has done just that, and when his daughter goes to college, it’s already paid for, she gets the living allowance, etc., just as he would have. He’s got his degree (math) so he doesn’t need it. Just amazing.

      • After reading here yesterday that a Veterans funeral will no longer have a rifle salute available, this news is a ray of sunshine.
        I don’t know if you’ve ever attend a military funeral, but back in the early 70’s I was touring DC and happened to be at Arlington Cemetery and was able to see honors rendered for a veteran.
        Things I remember.
        The loud snap of the Honor Guards hands as they hit the rifle stocks, the care given to the Flag being removed from the coffin and folding it just so.
        The Officer giving the Flag to the wife, or it could have been another family member, maybe Mom.
        And of course taps.
        So long ago, but burned in my memory.
        The changing of the guard at the Tomb of The Unknowns impressive but nowhere near as moving as the burial ceremony.
        Just wanted to say.

        • When I was stationed in Washington, DC, I did see two honor ceremonies at Arlington. You’re right. Every second of the ceremony is burned into your mind and heart. It is such a serious, solemn moment, and you never forget it.

        • My father in law passed last January. He was a Korean ‘war’ vet. The service was at the Vet cemetery in Vegas. There was the Flag Ceremony, it was solemn, patriotic and very touching. All vets deserve this and more.

          • I posted the article. I was and am outraged still. My father was a vet and the service is burned into my memory.

            Plus this is so unnecessary — blaming the sequester — which is political BS — and using the vets to go after the Republicans. Just like the used the “Republican sequester” to block vets from Memorials.

  2. Just wanted to throw in an abstract question brought on by the Christmas season:
    Do we know if Obama (and family) has attended any Church service since the last election in 2012?

    *Not included would be funeral services where he tried to advance his singing career at the expense of a dead person.

  3. One of the great things about WHD is that we all seem to have inquisitive minds, do our research, respect one another’s ideas and opinions.With that in mind, I’d like to share two websites that have brought me hours of new information and insights into a wide variety of topics.

    First, my favorite–TED Talks. There are about 2,000 short (8-10 minutes) lectures presented by experts in their respective fields. These are serious people. Most of the lectures are genuine leading edge with ideas on a topic which won’t make their way into mainstream knowledge for months or even years. You can look over their playlists and learn about them here:

    The second site is Crash Courses. A little lighter fare with 7-8 minute presentations by a host with animations and a bit of humor thrown in. If you want a quick review of what the Crusades were all about for example, this is a good place, this is a good place for a quick lesson.

    Just a couple of sites to learn something, review a topic, whet your appetite to learn more about a topic which interests you.

    Have fun!

    • Wow. Thanks a lot. I agree re. Ted’s. But the Crash Course is new to me, so I will check it out.

      Also, on Sundays I go to the Ace of Spades Book Thread. The topics change and the commenters provide commentary, recommendations etc. It’s great fun and useful if you like to read. Below is a link. If you scroll down a bit you will see links to each month’s thread for 2015. Check it out if you are so inclined.

      • Checked and bookmarked. I like the writing style: irreverent and funny. Both indicators that something interesting and important is being discussed. Thanks!

        • They have various threads starting with a morning and then ending with an overnight thread. Other topics in between. Lots of personality and lots of smarts. No one appears to know who Ace is, but well known in blog world. Ex military, security people and a bunch of other interesting types. Bring a sense of humor and an open mind — I learn stuff. Glad you enjoyed it. I checked out some of the crash course history. And sent a long a Ted’s on words to a friend.

          • Just a note to Grace concerning the Honor Guard.
            When I was in Texas waiting for my clearance to come through, I participated in two Honor Guard ceremonies.

            It is indeed a moving experience.

            I was part of the rifle squad.