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Saturday Open Thread || December 26, 2015

Thank you all for the Christmas wishes in the previous post. Though I’m Jewish, I did indeed have a very merry Christmas!

I hope you are having a nice holiday. How about some more comments letting us know how you are spending it? And what you are eating! Or anything else on your mind, of course.



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  1. Inequality is their mantra and air pollutants are killing our planet, they say………so Obama and family, and Billary are off to Hawaii and the Hamptons , respectively ,on their big old jets spewing CO2 by the tons, eating fabulous meals on us, and laughing at the inept GOP who is trying to grasp the fact that 47 % of our fellow citizens don’t give a flip, and the remainder are voting for Trump. I am trying to stay with the GOP, but they are not listening to their members. Have a Happy New Year, Keith. Cheers.

  2. OK, will start it off…Piece in the Post this AM by a Harvard scold saying we should tax “bad” foods in order to get “the obesity crisis” under control. Usual clickbait…One guy had mean names for overweight people even I had never heard—I suggested maybe we needed more mental health spending instead. And of course, we heard from the “I am thin but…” set. And the “it’s easy–eat less” set.

    • That guy with the mean names–here is one of his: melt fat people down and use the blubber oil to light lamps … Is this what they mean by if you see something, say something? He also suggested ramming into fat people with motorized groc carts. You know–commenting is fun–but you meet the scariest people…

    • I think we should debit (tax) the paychecks of each professor that brainwashes our youth with anything less than a true objective opinion.

      Put that in your skullcap Professor.


    • The Scolds and the Better Than You love to chastise big people – they assume that eating too much is offensive, while drinking too much is somehow sophisticated.
      Those who indulge in mind-altering drugs, or smoke anything other than the damned tobacco are just living their lives or something so they get a pass, too.
      Live and let live is just not something they adhere to, it’s do as I say or else.

      • Yes! One of my comments was should we tax drinks even more than they are taxed (which the observant might notice has not stopped alcholism, professor) or so the Harvard profs quaff single malt with their bales of kale?

    • Typical rot from Obama and his ilk….Confiscate guns that kill people, tax ‘bad’ foods that cause obesity, tax the very air we breathe…tax, tax, tax!

      I don’t even try to keep up with the food/beverage taxes imposed on us by the Mooch who shovels in the ‘bad’ foods by the carload. Both of the Obamas’ have been eating us out of house and home here and abroad for nearly eight years, while the poor kids in public schools starve to death.

      ‘Eating’ is the only ‘shovel ready’ job these two jackasses have created.

    • You know what always gets me about fat talk?! I exercise and eat better than most. I do not eat processed food, sugar, gluten, you name it. And I am fat.

      It’s NOT easy being thin and it does NOT just involve eating less.

      I am sure you know someone who eats whatever s/he wants, rarely if ever exercises, and is normal weight.

      There are people who are fat because they eat too much, but there is much, more to our weight than what we put into our mouths.

      And society ridicules those of us who are fat. We are fair game.

      • I could go on and on about how right you are–and I do on those predictable comment sections…so so right. 3500 cals equaling a pound–debunked. Exercise as key–debunked. I could go on for hours.

        • I like the egg thing. Eggs — bad for you, bad for cholesterol. Eat only the whites. And then — the heralding of the white egg omelette. Now, eat the whole egg. It is healthy. The yolk is healthy.

          Eat and drink responsibly. The things that you enjoy. It is nobody’s business. I am not fat, but I have fat friends and family members. I never categorize them as that. It’s insane.

          And what I really do not like, especially since the Obamas’ came to rule and the country filled with lefties, commies, idiots etc. — is the shaming. That’s absurd.

          And yet, Lena Dunham is supposed to be beautiful and a role model. Nuts.

  3. Great Holiday! Had a wonderful dinner with daughter, son-in-law ( a gourmet cook) and 2 grandsons. Prime rib was the order of the day. Excellent with a very nice Spanish red ( Tempranillo). Pro-republican dialogue. Then went to my brother-in-law , who is Jewish, and supports Trump as do I. Politics dominated the talk with a lot of millenials who haven’t a clue. I am sure you heard the screaming when I suggested there be re-enactment of the draft so that all the young-uns have “skin in the game.” O well. Can’t wait for next year. Merry Christmas to all.

    • With all of the young people that are burdened with school debt and can’t find jobs, why don’t we re-institute the GI Bill? They can then serve their country, have a job, get out with job training and, if they still have school debt, no one to blame but themselves.

        • No, we are not. We are dissing the femi nazis who will never serve a day of their life. We are dissing the phony outrageous war on women. No problem with women in the military. Big problem with women in the military, first responders, firemen, policemen etc who cannot pull their weight.

          It’s dangerous.

  4. Both of my children are home for Christmas. It is so wonderful to have them here, and we are fortunate that they both really like and enjoy each other’s company.

    After our family’s Christmas dinner, we invited neighbors to our home for dessert. There was much laughter and great conversation. No talk about politics, thank goodness!

    My older daughter starts a new job in January. She had worked in the oil and gas industry in Texas. That industry is tanking fast, and she was fortunate to have found another job even if it does involve a move to another state. She is very concerned about selling her current house and has buried a St. Joseph’s statue in her yard. :)

  5. Two years ago my ‘job’ as the Christmas chef was outsourced to our new SIL-a gourmet chef and event planner.
    It was a Yuletide Feast, to say the least…15-20 courses of non-traditional delicacies, some of which I didn’t even recognize. Buffet tables brimming over with goodies befitting royalty.

    Somehow, I really, really missed my old traditional dinners with recipes handed down for generations. Even missed the ‘politics’ – nary a word. It was an eclectic group with family and ‘new’ friends. Everyone was on their good behavior.

    Next year,. I will demand to have my job back!

      • And my best gift–a packet of handmade coupons from my daughter–good for a big outdoor project (further salting of the weeds the city bugs me about and which have cost me $1400 so far), a big indoor project (getting clothes ready for charity pickup), and pedicures–just bec I like them and am too painy to do it these days. No dog…sniff.

          • Yeah…I saw a brown husky on Craigs that stuck in my mind–but huge pricetag and it would walk my daughter–and she is 5’10” and sturdy. I need to get out of the poodle “ghetto”–my daughter said there are no poodles in ghettos, Mom.

          • To Star,….check out the pounds for a dog that needs a home.
            All of our cats have been rescue.

            That’s of course unless you want a pure bred whatever.
            Sometimes mutts turn out to be the best.

          • On mutts, my brother had a shepherd lab mix and he was a great dog.
            Then he got a pure bred Golden Lad that grew to the size of a pony and was insane.
            He had to give it to a farmer because it was too big for the house.

          • I wish–she is not big on dogs and barely has agreed to the walking. Also the pound–she is not a fan. Remember the story I told a while back–she let some friend’s two cats stay in our back room–the woman went to jail–and turns out they were not both males–and they had six kittens, which grew into cats and I never heard them–she never told me but tried to catch them all and take them to the pound while I was asleep…Well, the pound is not a great memory for her.

        • Love the ‘
          handmade gift coupons’ idea…gifts from the heart!

          And the lasagna? Yum!!! It’s so good the next morning, too…if there are leftovers, that is.

          • There were–briefly–leftovers, but someone got to them before I did. Hey–Obamas–I know we haven’t had a mutual admiration society, but I will take Sunny off your hands–you don’t dote on her anyhow.

    • I was raised on comfort food and so was my wife.
      Nothing fancy here, but you won’t go away hungry.
      Star,…Lasagna, Mac & Cheese, yes ma’am !

          • Star, I think they are very good — earthy and hearty. A little goes a long way.

            Perhaps if they were not so difficult to find and prepare for market they wouldn’t be so expensive. I don’t know. But like I said,a little goes a long way — lots of shavings and small bits are more than enough to appreciate the taste and texture.

            It is possible to lead a very good life and never have eaten a truffle. It is not possible for me to have a good life without chocolate truffles, and barring that chocolate alone.

  6. Some thing that really bugs me. Paul Ryan (check the Speaker blog) is intent on explaining how the Omnibus,and especially the Transportation bill, is a win for Republicans.

    To me, it is like Nancy Pelosi and Obamacare — you have to read it to find out what’s in it. So, pass it now so we can find out.

    There is a lot bad stuff in this Republican monster (probably why more Democrats than Reps voted for it). But to me, one of the most egregious is restricting mobility in and out of the country based on IRS regs. If citizens do not have the freedom of movement then they are not free. They are chattel, tied to the land or the place. And IBD makes this clear. And I love the part about Mr. Ryan, Mr, McConnell tear down this wall!

  7. The kids were here during the afternoon of Christmas Eve…the mom and dad of our precious granddaughter in her special Christmas dress that Grandma bought. Wish you could see her picture. Looks a lot like the Gerber baby. Sweetest spirit in that child and lots and lots of curiosity. When she was born, I realized why I had been born.
    We ate “heavy hor doerves” at will all afternoon and there are still leftovers in the fridge and freezer.
    Christmas Day was a day for just me and the husband. He deep fried a small turkey and we had mashed potatoes (real potatoes – not those out of a box) and giblet gravy, dressing baked in a cast iron skillet, corn, peas, and his two traditional “must haves”: cranberry sauce from a can and brown & serve rolls! haha.
    Nice, quiet, peaceful and rainy day. I read two books and he managed to read one.
    A trip to Lowes today looking for bargains on Christmas decorations for next year.
    Prior to Christmas I was stuffing goodies into the stockings hung on cast iron reindeers. I managed to pull every one of them off the mantle – and have a bruised and skinned arm to prove it! My husband says this was the Christmas that “Grandma got run over by the reindeer!”
    Tomorrow, the ornaments and decorations are taken down for storage along with the artificial tree. When Christmas is over, I want that stuff put away ASAP.
    I am one of those people who need neatness and orderliness in my surroundings! ;-)

      • Empty space where the tree stood…glad it is all packed away but miss the beauty. Had two trees this year: – one at home and one at a temporary residence. Husband helped remove the decorations on home tree…I decorated both and “undressed” and removed the temporary residence tree. “I am tired,” she said as husband made a casserole from Christmas dinner leftovers.
        More rain to come this week but yesterday and today were perfect.
        Seriously, I know my daily activities are of no interest, but perhaps the mundane helps remove the consistent political reporting and subsequent analysis.

  8. Thanks Keith, I am glad you had a nice day as well. I am blessed my 32 year old son has been home for the last 3 days. My 20 year old son and him just got back from exchanging their gift Mom got them. :) We had huge baked Ham. My brother n law got the good ole ham off a farm. I made oyster dressing and candied yams to bring to dinner. Missed some Giblet gravy. I am glad everyone here at WHD had a fine day. Love to all.

  9. I heard, but I did not understand. So I asked, “My lord, what will the outcome of all this be?”
    He replied, “Go your way, Daniel, because the words are rolled up and sealed until the time of the end. Many will be purified, made spotless and refined, but the wicked will continue to be wicked. None of the wicked will understand, but those who are wise will understand. “As for you, go your way till the end. You will rest, and then at the end of the days you will rise to receive your allotted inheritance.”

    • Would you please give me the Biblical reference to that, I like to read it again out of my Bible.
      I love the feel of paper and the scrunch of the paper as I turn the pages.
      The internet is neat, but for me, nothing beats holding a book, turning the pages as I read, thinking about what I have just read.

      • I’m with you, CK.
        I think it is Daniel 12:9-13.

        Fourth year I have read the Bible through…(I still have 25 pages left for this year.)

        Waited until old age to take God’s Word seriously. Wish I had done it earlier.