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Christmas Open Thread || December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas, everyone. I hope all of you have a wonderful day.


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  1. Merry Christmas to everyone. It is finally quite this morning. The tradition here is families get together on Christmas Eve night. They have a big dinner. At Midnight they step outside and let off fireworks. Goes on for half an hour. Then they go in and open their presents.

  2. Good morning all and a very Merry Christmas to everyone of any faith or no faith at all.


    The world was but a cradle,
    When the infant child was born.
    Nothing but a manger,
    In which to keep him warm.

    The angels’ chorus sang,
    There was frankincense and myrrh.
    Yet not a sound he made,
    This child with heart so pure.

    No mortal man could see,
    As the star shone down so bright.
    How this small defenseless babe,
    Would fill the world with light.

    For on that peaceful night,
    God sent his only son.
    That one day he’d be a man,
    Eternal life would come.

    So let us now rejoice,
    Our souls through him redeemed.
    Remember not the presents,
    But what Christmas truly means….

    God bless ye one and all and God be with all our men and women protecting us around the globe.

  3. Merry Christmas to all.
    We’re having turkey AND ham, with all the usual fixin’s. Cookies are everywhere and one could get a sugar high just by walking past them.

    Daughter, Grandchildren, their roommates, and the friend of all will be sharing dinner today.

    Have a nice, pleasant, and loving day.

  4. Stopping by to wish everyone a…
    Joyeux Noel!
    god jul och Gott Nytt Ar!
    Wesolych Swiqt!
    Best I can do, no accent marks available on my tablet.
    God bless our troops and keep them safe.

  5. Last post today from Cisco as I’ve been threatened with banishment from the dinner table if I don’t put my tablet away.
    Dinner a couple of hours away, so its been a cocktail or two and conversation.
    If the impossible became possible, I think how terrific it would be if we could meet somewhere, VFW or American Legion hall, and have Christmas dinner together, pot-luck of course, bring the dish your best at.
    I know time and distance along with obligations makes it impossible, but sure would be nice, yes?

      • Truer words were never spoken. As President Ford once said about another President: “My fellow Americans, our long national nightmare is over.” We will all rejoice when the current Presidential nightmare is over. There will be celebration, fireworks and dancing in the streets all over America. The difference between Nixon and Obama, however, is stark. Nixon, if you examine his actual achievements, had a million times more positive accomplishments than Obama will ever have.

  6. I just listened to Handel’s Messiah on-line. It was just wonderful! My soul needed it! Love to you all and Merry Christmas! We have a counselor and he is born!

  7. Merry Christmas to all. Happy Birthday Baby Jesus.

    My day was filled with love and gratitude. With a few slips.

    Last night — kind of “funny”. Went to midnight mass (really AT midnight not 10 pm — who does that — it’s like decaf coffee). Midnight mass for me is all about ritual. I love ritual. I try to block out today’s Catholic Church in America’s “irritants”. But reality is reality — and I don’t always succeed.

    Started Mass out with Prayer for Migrants and Refugees! Yes we did! After mass I went to light some candles — this church has a Mary side altar with candles. I alternate between this church and my parish church (no side altars — no crucifix either — big from Italy mosaic of Jesus as a young man though — handsome, flowing mane of hair etc etc. — and I still have gotten to Father “Vegas” the pastor. But I digress in a most non Christian way.)

    Anyway, the old Mary side altar had a very modern sculpted statue of Mary that I had grown to like for its simplicity. But now — we have the new –, Mary. There is a large “Hispanic looking gas station quality” garish painting of Mary. And right in the middle of it is a circle of Mary’s womb with a fetus in it. And off to the right is a new Mary statue — traditional blue and white garb AND she is pregnant with enlarged belly.

    I am pro life and against abortion personally. So I get it. But in a church people who light candles for intercessionary or other prayer do not need to be reminded that Mary is the mother of Jesus. Anyway — I went home and ate some cookies. And was grateful nonetheless.

    • This is not new behaviour from me. When I went on a rant about a change in Mass or a new priest and ask my father what he thought. He would look at me and say with reverence “Mass is Mass”. And he is right. Throughout it all — Mass is Mass and the transubstantiation is the body and blood of Jesus Christ.

    • I find it curious as to why they feel the need to ‘document’ a pregnancy.
      At least, that’s what I got from your comment.
      Maybe I’m wrong on that.

      • Next yr–A Jesus ultrasound? I don’t mean to be flip…But it sounds a bit…literal. That cute priest (is it OK to say that) Father Jonathan on Fox referred to Joseph as Jesus’s stepdad…never thought of that. Maybe some things don’t need modernizing…

        • Agree, A lot of things don’t need modernizing and often suffer badly from doing so. Not always better.

          I cannot tell you how intrusive the big mosaic is of the young Jesus in my parish church. It is huge. It is the back and sides — floor to ceiling of the altar.

          Give me a crucifix any day. As an aside Star — I don’t know if you know — but many Cathoics will cross themselves after receiving communion and often look for an altar or wall crucifix to face while doing so — sometimes it’s all one flowing movement, receiving, walking, sign of cross….Nope, no crucifix.

          Me. Ritual. Tradition.

          • ” A lot of things don’t need modernizing”……Boy, is that the truth. A lot of liturgical “modernizing” is really yet another jazzy fad foisted upon us for reasons no one understands or accepts. It dissipates after a time, then along comes another “new idea”. And here we go again. I think I mentioned before that I attend the Latin liturgy because I just couldn’t take the horrible hootenanny music any more, the lack of respect for what is actually happening on the altar, or the shallow spirituality (my opinion) in the Novus Ordo. Liturgy is a big deal for me and degrading it for no purpose except to “modernize” it is blasphemous. Your father was correct, of course, the Mass is the Mass. But liturgy matters. A lot. Tradition matters. Respect and understanding for what is happening on the altar matters.

            I have a good friend who is a nun and we have had arguments about all this. She is a lovely person, truly, but she gets genuinely angry when I talk about what we have lost in the Novus Ordo (again IMHO). She is as liberal and as far left as you could possibly be. She calls the traditional Mass a “circus of bells and smells”, which, of course, misses the whole point, but that’s where we are in the debate.

            A last point: my observation of the congregants in the Novus Ordo is that too many are irreverent, chatting, wearing shorts or dungarees, paying not much attention to what is happening on the altar, if they even understand what is happening on the altar. (Not all, certainly, but far too many) This is not the case in the Latin, Traditional Mass. There is strict attention focused on the altar, and what phase of the Mass we are in at any given moment. No chatting or handshaking or glancing up at the ceiling. Makes all the difference in the experience.

            (rant officially over).

      • Not documenting the pregnancy. I think this side altar was set up more for the pro life movement of the parish — they are quite active. Rather than intercessory Mary altar or chapel.

        I just didn’t like it.

  8. Thank you, Keith, for providing us this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. You are wished the warmest and most joyous holidays.

    Merry Christmas, everyone – hope that you are enjoying this glorious day with all of those dear to you.

    For our precious military away from home, each of you is lovingly tucked in a warm and safe place in our hearts – thank you for sacrificing so much for us all.

  9. Merry Christmas Everybody!! A friend, who’s a Marine, just posted this on Facebook:

    My wife: What’s the core temperature of the ham supposed to be when it’s cooked.
    Me: Marine Corps.
    Not certain that will suffice.

    I’m still laughing!!!!

  10. Bergdahl. Boo Hoo. Not. He is a deserter and a traitor and good men risked their lives and some lost their lives looking for him.

    I am posting this because it was funny that the “guards” asked him if Obama was gay and that is the headline. And it’s not going to win him any political points with the Admin either. So, it’s a win win. Kind of a perverse present.

    But if you do read the piece, what runs throughout, is what a sorry ass he is — whining and worrying about himself. So many POWs have suffered more and longer and some died — bravely. Bergdahl’s blood runs yellow.