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Open Thread || Thursday, December 24, 2015

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  1. Feeling Scroogy around the edges but fighting it. MoJoe was clips of greatest idiocies. In clicked to F&F for the first time in a year, yup, some blond dame in red with her sprayed thighs sticking in my face. CLICK! Off. I will try to be nice today…for you guys if nothing else.

  2. It seems that all you northerners and easterners are having a warm and sunny Christmas – enjoy it while you can. Mother Nature is sneaky and sure to hit you with a mean cold snowy miserable spell.

    Here in fly-over Phoenix, it’s cold and raining, snow in the high country.

    Have a safe and sane Christmas Eve, and a most Merry Christmas.
    (If you don’t celebrate Christmas, have a beautiful day off from work)

  3. One of my oldest friends (she really is – age 95!) sent me this Christmas wish many years ago. I share it every Christmas with the hope that this year, her wish will come true.
    “My wish for all of us is that the love of His Holy Spirit will fill our hearts as He intended, so that a Joyful Spirit will be a common emotion among us, this season and throughout the year.” -Margaret Bray
    Merry Christmas To everyone!

    • Excellent! We have to find a quiet place, physically and psychologically, and get away from the frenzy, the “last minute” sales, the yelling, the arguments, the traffic, the noise in general. That’s when we begin to get healthier spiritually and in other ways. Once we reach that state, we can read Luke 2: 2-21 over and over until the words finally sink into our hearts and minds, in spite of the noise around us. That’s when the peace comes to us.

        • Sometimes I can get into that Nativity moment…The close quarters, the shifting, warmth and scent of the animals, the scratchy hay, Mary maybe a little scared even panicky, the weird vibe, the star, those astrologers popping in, how do we talk to THEM?, angels… What a magical story…if you really use all five senses…

          • Yes, it is. You should write about that moment using your great writing skills and that splendid imagination you have, and in the style you wrote that post.

          • It is a Great Story, however the timeline is suspect.
            Christmas was celebrated in December, while the Romans were celebrating the winter solstice, a pagan ceremony.

            Shepherds tending their flocks during the winter when there is no grass for the sheep to eat.

            I don’t doubt the story one bit but the calendar we use didn’t come about until much later.

          • I like the what…Luke version…Where the “wise men” followed the star to the stable…Yes, I know the celebrations are in line with more pagan fests. I can see them trying to get a look at the baby, comparing their charts, nodding, putting down their presents, should we just leave them here on this floor–it’s filthy.

          • I have read some articles that say Christmas and Easter celebrations could be reversed.

            The wise men were astronomers that could have figured out where the Christ Child was while avoiding Herod.

            They had to travel a long distance to find Him.

          • Also I checked and I was wrong–Matthew is the only gospel that mentions these guys, not Luke …Zoroastrists, it is speculated…Also from Wackypedia (consider the source), there is no mention of when they visited Jesus–there was mention of a
            “house” and Mary being the only one there–“the mother.” I guess some of this is lost to the mists of time…I like the traditional version of these three showing up, the birth presents of gold, frankinscense and myrrh.

  4. Star @ 11:57 am
    Thanks for the link, the Merry Christmas y’all article was a great read, I like.
    Being old and acting strangely kinda hit home. Sometimes I get up to go to the kitchen or another room and I forget what I came to do or get. I don’t think it’s as serious as those conditions mentioned in the article.
    I feel better now that I know its not that serious.

    • I hate that commercial where the woman can’t find the carkeys and ever-so-tolerant hubs finds them in the fridge and she cringes in shame. It has to get really bad, many incidents, before you haul yourself to the doc or someone does it for you.

  5. Here’s the Benediction used in our church at the close of the service.

    May the Lord bless thee and keep thee.
    May the Lord make His Face shine upon thee and be gracious unto thee.
    May the Lord lift up His Countenance upon thee and give thee Peace.

    Merry Christmas everyone :)

  6. Just learned grandson #3 received a Congressional nomination to the Air Force Academy, Class of 2020. There are more steps left in the process, so it’s not a done deal yet. The Academy has to send him an official ‘Letter of Appointment”, which is mailed in a couple of months from now, as I understand it. Not all Congressional nominations result in an actual appointment to the Academy, but I think he’ll make the final, final cut. Terrific kid, he is. Smart as can be, took all the science and math courses he could in high school, joined the Civil Air Patrol, high school ROTC, played lots of sports, etc. The family is loaded with military types: I am retired USAF, his father is retired Chief Master Sergeant, his uncle is a current Senior Master Sergeant, his other grandfather is also retired USAF. I think he’ll make the final cut. Funny story: he got a B+ (and not his usual A) in an Advanced Physics class last year, and he was beside himself. “How could I have screwed up like this?”, he said at the time. ;+}.

    The Air Force Academy takes in about 1,000 +/- freshman each year, sorting through about 12,000 initial applicants. So it’s a competitive exercise. You have to really, really want it to get this far. And he does.