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Obama Sinks 40-Foot Chip Shot in Hawaii

I mean, let’s give credit where credit is due.

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    • If you could get a closeup photo of that golf ball, you’d see a tiny string attached to it and pulling it into the cup. I betcha. Some Secret Service agent was buried under the green and tasked with pulling that string. You heard it here first.

  1. Did you notice that the first thing he did was to turn to the cameras to be sure it was caught on camera? there must be a yiddish term for this, lets ask Donald….

    Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas..

  2. Let me be the first to cast doubt on the veracity of this. Especially if it is being reported by the MSM and supported by the Traveling Sycophants. Obama could grill a puppy on the 18th hole and they would report that he beat the course record. And besides, who really cares?

    And don’t tell me about video evidence….

    • Let me be the second. The only way I would believe anything reported about him is to see it with my own eyes.
      I would more likely believe Marcus’ theory above.

  3. My comments not showing up this morning. Checking my electricity bill. Paid. Checking my internet bill. Paid. Checking the phase of the moon. Seems about right. Is this my turn to be the invisible poster? Might be. Ahhh..misspelled my email address on sign up. Got it now.

    • LOL. The rumor is that the Secret Service agent who recently got his badge and gun stolen from his car had the sad duty of blowing on the golf ball to make sure it made its way to the cup. Sort of an embarrassing punishment for him. That’ll teach him to be more careful with his stuff.

  4. George W. Bush stopped playing games once he put American troops in harms way. Obama is no better a golfer since he became President 7 years and 250 golf dates later. Give him credit though, he corrected his novice military knowledge by eliminating the term “MARINE CORPSE”. Steve Harvey would be a better Commander-in-chief!

  5. BIG DEAL!

    That’s the first and only thing that the O-Bungler has been “on-target” these past 7 years – HELL! Ever since he’s been in the public eye.

    Whatever handicap he’s carrying is nothing to the handicap that he’s placed on the American (LEGAL) citizens to carry for him.