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Koffler on FoxBiz Talking Hillary and Trump

A spirited discussion, as they say, with a Democratic opponent. It ran live Tuesday afternoon.

Koffler on the TV

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  1. Sorry–that was so depressing I could go back to bed. First, I call that woman with her terrible voice Minnie Mouse. And Keith–you are now in the tank for Trump officially? Congrats for getting on Fox Biz, though.

  2. Have to agree with @Star here, Keith, re that horrible screeching woman. Seems like most of the FOX women are under orders from headquarters to be as obnoxious as possible. Can’t figure it out. It’s why I stopped watching FOX.

    That said, Trump is certainly the most ‘interesting’ of all the candidates and pushes up ratings…but do you really think he has a snowball’s chance in the General Election?? The reason his polling is so high is b/c the rest of the herd is so terrible. It’s depressing, and I will probably stay home for the first time.

    It won’t even be close if Trump gets the nomination, IMHO.

  3. Well done Keith.
    You held your own against the loud mouth liberal.
    I don’t know if Trump can win this, but if the conservatives can’t win against Hillary or a socialist Bernie Sanders, this Country has a major problem.

    Polls lie, and the people taking the polls lie, or have no idea on how to answer a deviously constructed question.

    Keep up the good work Keith.
    What I heard from you was entirely logical.

  4. That young lady was not speaking for me, nor my Mom. My Mom was working before it was the norm. She may be speaking for the woman who enjoy the “give me all for free routine. Great job Keith.

    • What? They have no idea how to court a woman? They must resort to rape & beating. Everyone is so correct in saying they are stuck in some old, cave man era. They have not evolved as human beings, and our stupid government is welcoming them with open arms & wallets.

          • My point is, you don’t know what you’d do until something happens. It’s easy to talk big. Have you shot someone? Me, either. I had a gun to my head for 7 hours, did everything to save my baby’s life–was 2 weeks pregnant–but before this, when the first guy walked into my bedroom–backlit from the hall, would I have fired if I had a gun. Don’t know to this day. I am sharing these disgusting moments bec I see so much palaver about how people with guns would automatically make a situation better. You do not know that.

  5. Ever wonder why Hillary and Obama have Iranians as their chief advisers ?
    And why Iran came out smelling sweet on the deal that is going to cost us billions ?

    • Nope. I don’t wonder at all. It’s obvious they hold high staff positions in order to make sure Obama delivers on his promises to them for “changing” the government. They advise Obama and Hillary on what to say, how to react, how to make sure the Iranian killers get everything they want.

      Huma Abedin’s entire family, including her mother, Saleha Abedin, are upper level Muslim Brotherhood and Sisterhood members, and Huma herself was the editor for a time of the official Muslim Brotherhood magazine. She’s without doubt infiltrated herself into the back rooms of the Obama Administration and influences the Administration to favor Iranian and Muslim Brotherhood aims and goals. It’s one of the most amazing stories the MSM refuses to explore.

      As for ValJar, we know a lot of her dark history and the association of her family with both Islamic interests and the Communist Party. Huge swaths of her family are or have been active members of the Communist Party and are directly connected to that old fool, Frank Marshall Davis. See how the circle forms. Here’s a Judicial Watch article about ValJar which will pop your eyes out.

      And then we have Obama peppering his Administration Muslim Brotherhood agents and Communists (Van Jones, et al).

      Many of us who are paying attention know these things already. The giant question is why the MSM virtually ignores any of it. It’s more than just a little story. It is conspiracy against the best interests of the United States at the highest levels of government.

      Here’s a possible answer: much of the MSM is cut from the same cloth as Obama and the fools he has placed in his Administration. They are from the same political litter.

    • The young lady’s hysterical yelling and insinuation is easily decoded, and it goes to their deepest fear: a one on one debate with either Cruz or Trump. Either one would demolish her into oblivion, using their own methods. Trump by making her look like blithering jackass and maybe making her cry in frustration, and Cruz by using her own history and words to obliterate her. That’s what keeps the Hillary people awake at night.

      As to the rest of the field, Hillary could pretty easily skunk them in a one on one debate, IMHO.

  6. As far as I know the bodies of the 6 military personnel killed in Afghanistan were returned home today. RIP brave warriorsl

    Best I can tell the highest government representative to receive them was Ashton Carter , who is pathetic in his treatment of the military. If that is all the government can muster in thanks, it is beyond obscene.

    And as usual, such bad news pales in light of the outrageous media drama over Sir Golfsalot chip shot.

    The treatment of veterans, alive or dead, is disgraceful

  7. Heard on the radio about BLM blocking malls etc. And it appears they blocked a major roadway to the airport in ….?

    People have been planning their vacations, going home for the holidays, perhaps to take care of the elderly, or to welcome home a vet, to celebrate the birth of a child, or to be with family. Airline tickets are not always changeable, loss of paid vacation time, etc.

    What right does BLM have to interfere with people’s lives and livelihoods. Where are the fed and local governments, where is the national guard.

    Get permits, respect others. And where in hell are the mayors, law enforcement etc. These people are breaking the law and no one will speak out.

    • I just read about that when I awoke this morning. NO permit. This was delaying airline flights. This Intrustion will continue untill they put their foot down.
      Than their is the Te’ Par’ty that suffered with their freedom of speech.

  8. I am just hurrying in and out here this morning to say to all you dear people here: God Jul och Gott Nytt År ! I guess you know what I mean.

  9. Morning in America. Just browsing and saw this from a short article over at Powerline linked below.

    This coming year will help clarify whether the American people actually still want a republic – whether we are still fit for self-government. Or whether things have changed so much that a critical mass of our countrymen will respond as Britannicus did in I, Claudius, when his father laid out his plan to restore the Roman Republic: “I don’t believe in the Republic. No one believes in the Republic anymore. No one does except you. You’re old, Father, and out of touch.”

    I am a Trump supporter but do understand concerns that he might not be prone to follow the confines of the Constitution. The paragraph is whether we will have a Duce from the left or the right, or if we will remain a Republic.

  10. Don’t you commentators think it’s a little early to go to the mattresses about this Presidential election thing?

    We still have several eating holidays to get through – Valentine’s, Easter, 4th of July, Thanksgiving…