As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

33 Responses to Video || SNL Spoofs the GOP Debate

  1. Say what you will, this was really funny…SNL has slipped way down when it comes to comedy, but this was really hilarious…

    If we cannot laugh, we do not live.

    Merry Christmas to all


  2. Thanks so much, I really needed a good laugh this morning. This is hilarious and I’m still chuckling. I think my favorite was Chris Christie. LOL

  3. Meanwhile, back at the ranch… Obama thinks Americans are worried about ISIS due to over saturation of media reports. Also, the WH hasn’t messaged well enough about the work they’ve done to defeat ISIS.

    Mr. Delusional once again. My fears aren’t caused by lack of WH messaging. It’s due to Obama’s incompetence and his willingness to cozy up to terrorists.

  4. Very funny and well done. Good belly laughs. We need that.

    Joyeux Noël to all in the WHD family. Thanks to Keith who lets us run amuck with all our thoughts and opinions, and enjoy one another’s company.

          • I agree with you on Sessions.
            I like his no nonsense approach.

            Cruz knows the legal system and we will need someone like him to go after the criminals that infest this administration.

      • x2 on Sessions. Great for VP.

        Cruz is so talented — VP, AG, plenty of room for him.

        I am a “Trumpster”, but after reading and hearing about the Dem “debate” it really seems with all the corruption especially at the voting “box” (dead people x3, the sadly demented bussed in X3, any manner of illegal who can say “yes”) but the Dem. devotion to Hillary and the absolute refusal of the media to report with any level of integrity on the Democratic race I can’t help but see a Coronation in our future. And it won’t be because of Trump.

        I really really hope I am wrong. We are so over the tipping point that I am not even sure Trump could right this. The Republican Party with Paul Ryan and the recent demeaning statement by McConnell about tea party and conservatives is so corrupt that they will do anything to keep their personal power. It’s nasty.

        SNL — funny. Now I am waiting something as funny for the Dem debate.

    • DOD, JCS. Anyone paying attention?
      Anyone awake at the Pentagon?
      Another slap in the face to our military.
      Fort Hood of all places. Site of a terrorist attack.
      Evil, just plain evil.

    • This is unacceptable. I agree that Ft.Hood should not be a daycare center for these illegals. As with everything Obama touches, his administration has failed to keep all these kids safe while in their care. Kids are being raped, released to pretend family and sold as sex slaves, released to pedophiles and so on and so forth. Our laws need to be enforced and these kids need to be sent back home.

  5. We are our own. GOP has merged with the Dems and no one, no one cares about the needs of the actual citizens of this country.

    Its all about doing something to bring more and more people from other countries here. Why?

    Next on the list is empowering gays,lesbians and the like. Why?

    On TV and movies they are showing Blacks in the best light they can. Why?

    So we are now the class of peeps to be attacked by the media and carry the load to keep going in to dept and buy, buy buy!

    We are serfs now and debt slaves. Buy a new car with 144 payments.

  6. In case you missed it, Here’s Trump making a complete fool out of George Stephanopoulos on ABC’s This Week yesterday. Little George–who helped the Clintons ruin the lives of women who were attacked by Slick Willy– tried to entrap Trump, asked loaded questions, all the usual tricks. Trump ate him alive. That’s why people like Trump. He lets these phonies have it with both barrels. It’s a 12 minute interview.

    • I hope Trmp can skillfully respond to Obama’s charges of racism and fear mongering.

      Perhaps it’s better not to. I don’t know. But nobody finds the gutter faster than Barack Obama.

      • I’m not sure either. Obama has no credibility in whatever he says, so there’s that. The MSM may run with Obama’s words, but they don’t have any credibility either. I think I’d advise Trump to let it go. For now. Trump’s target should be Hillary now, and he’s got plenty of ammunition to destroy her candidacy. He’s fighting the Democrats, their candidates, the MSM, the GOPe and their candidates, the political gurus, so his plate’s pretty full. He’s up for the fight though.