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Cruz Creates the Year’s Funniest Campaign Video

Not only is Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s new ad pretty clever, it humanizes the candidate, who can seem a bit pre-programmed in his delivery. And it attempts to say to America: Here is your next first family, and they’re a likable bunch. 

The video was unveiled this weekend during “Saturday Night Live,” and it beats a lot of what you see on that program. We haven’t seen a funnier campaign ad. You decide.

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50 thoughts on “Cruz Creates the Year’s Funniest Campaign Video”

    1. We need serious.
      The present POTUS is not finished in taking this Country down.
      Storybooks and kids are always nice.
      The sweet implications, heartwarming.
      Get rid of the damn stories Ted.

      We know you have kids and you read to them, fine.

      We don’t want Mister Rodgers.

      1. Exactly. This ad wasn’t funny to me.
        It was snarky and not that clever.
        And don’t blatantly use your children in a stupid political ad and then complain later when they are the center of media attention.
        Every.Single.Politician in the USA is completely out of touch with the needs, wants and desires of the gainfully employed majority of USA citizenry. Whether they believe it or not, it’s true.
        Someone needs to burst their bubble and that may just be Donald Trump.
        Pay attention Mr. Trump and learn from the mistakes of your opponents.

      2. you under estimate the power of satire and mockery. the left has been applying it to the right for decades or more to great effect. and like it or not culture follows politics; not the other way around. if you want to reach certain (ie. a lot) of people you have to sometimes use humor.

  1. The kids are cute, but please leave them out of it. I don’t like “progressives” taking little kids to marches and having them carry signs and chant slogans. I find this distasteful, too, and it makes me question the candidate’s judgment.

  2. Just another sell out GOP guy. Insider and will do nothing but continue helping the dems destroy the country.

    We are not represented and we are screwed by .gov every day!!

    1. how is cruz a sellout? before he got into the senate he (successfully)fought cronyism and has been fighting for liberty and the constitution ever since. one merely needs to look at his record. your lame smear only works on the uninformed.

  3. I agree. Not the time for kids. If everything here in America was what some may call: Smooth Sailing type of conditon, I wouldn’t mind. I am scared for the future of the our children, so no, there is not time for cuteness.

    1. Wow! you nailed it. Great post.

      OT: sort of
      Today, I got a CHRISTMAS CARD from Donald Trump! A Christmas card!
      A few weeks ago I logged on to his website, gave my opinion (positive) and filled out the form – name, address, etc.
      In 8 years, I never got a Christmas card from B.Obama, SenMcCain, SenFlake, my Congresscritter, the Mayor of my city, etc, etc. Even though these people have my e-mail address and send me their puffery to convince me that they are just working like crazy to, well, whatever they think I’d like to hear, but never a Christmas card. Nada, nil – nothing.

      The card wishes the whole family a Merry Christmas, and does NOT ask for anything in return!

      1. Nice, srdem. Also nice that it was Merry Christmas and not Happy Holidays. I am an oldfashioned girl, it is Christmas we celebrate in a couple of days and hopefully it is merry.

        1. By the way. I read in Daily Telegraph that the almighty Sultan of Brunei has said that celebrating Christmas is a danger to the beliefs in the Muslim community, therefor, anyone who is celebrating in Brunei will get 5 years in prison. Islam seems to be a religion that needs threats, oppression and violence to continue existing.

      2. I emailed Graham thanking him for the good ride–gosh, golly, will I get a card? Nah–he “wrote” back saying he only answers people from his state…still, I appreciated him.

    1. I like Cruz. And I liked this ad. I’m not big on using children in political ads, but I am not terminally “offended” in a lefty kind of way either.

      Can’t win for losing. Too serious. Not funny.

      1. “Cruz Christmas Classics”. I liked it too. Cruz is showing his lighter side while getting his point across. His campaign ads are the most imaginative and not boring.Plus, I’m a sucker for alliteration!

        1. For those of us that are not named George Will….

          Alliteration = the occurrence of the same letter or sound at the beginning of adjacent or closely connected words.

  4. OT. Star, especially, did you see Mike absolutely call out Hillary Clinton as a no show for Sunday morning or practically any media show and also calling out the MSM for rolling out the red carpet for her?

    I was very surprised. And it was clearly a difficult call for MB to make.

    1. Mika hopped off the Hillary train some time ago…Even before Joe boarded the Anti-Rubio Express. Yes, I enjoy them trashing Dems… But please oh please get new material–Trump confounds everyone, Trump said this, that, was vulgar, unspeakable…giggle giggle… Look–Trump won’s assassinate us…He’s so cool… At least Christie, on a phone-in, when asked would he disavow killing reporters, asked, “Is Mika there?” He is funny.

  5. Obummer has taped yet another dopey TV appearance. Actually, it’s an online show:

    Obama to Appear on Jerry Seinfeld’s ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’

    First he sat between two ferns to be interviewed by Zach Galifianakis, then he ran wild with Bear Grylls. Now President Obama is riding in a car and getting coffee with Jerry Seinfeld.

    The president will appear in an episode of Mr. Seinfeld’s web series “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” to be released on Dec. 30, the White House said Monday.

    In the show, Mr. Obama and Mr. Seinfeld take turns driving a blue 1963 Corvette Sting Ray split-window coupe around the White House driveway encircling the South Lawn, and then sit in a basement dining room to chat about what it’s like being president.

    It is Mr. Obama’s latest foray into pop culture, following appearances last year on “Between Two Ferns,” Mr. Galafiankakis’s online talk show; a podcast interview with Marc Maron in June; and on the NBC reality show“Running Wild With Bear Grylls” this month. Such appearances are often strategically planned to promote policy issues — Mr. Obama talked health care with Mr. Galifianakis and climate change with Mr. Grylls.

    The president’s “Comedians in Cars” appearance, which will kick off the program’s seventh season, did not appear to have any such policy dimension. The White House said it was “an opportunity to pull back the curtain for Americans on life in the White House.

    “The president and Jerry had a unique, candid conversation that focused largely on the lighter side of the presidency,” said a White House statement on Monday.

    At the end of a trailer for the new season, Mr. Seinfeld is shown pulling up to the White House in the Corvette, and can be heard making his trademark phone call to find his guest.

    “White House,” Mr. Obama answers. He then responds to Mr. Seinfeld’s request to speak to the president by saying, “Speaking.” Mr. Seinfeld can be heard gasping with laughter.

    “Growing up in the ‘60s my kid dream was always to be an astronaut — doing a comedy show with President Obama in and around the White House felt like going into space,” Mr. Seinfeld said in a statement released by Crackle, Sony’s free streaming network that distributes the program.

    Mr. Obama “was so easy and fun to be with,” Mr. Seinfeld said. “It was an unforgettable day.”

    1. Mr. Obama “was so easy and fun to be with,” Mr. Seinfeld said. “It was an unforgettable day.”

      The joke is on Seinfeld! He actually believes he spent the day with a ‘President’! LOL.

      In reality, he spent the day with a ‘poseur’ – someone with the gravitas of a flea…a PINO (president in name only).

      Both of the grifters are in hog heaven when they are mixing with celebrities – not the reverse. Obama has never done a lick of work in 7 years. How hard is it to bypass Congress and sign EO’s? Or read teleprompters?
      The bar is so low for the next guy, it could be JayZ or even Beyonce. At least they are ‘professional’ performers…more than you can say about the untalented Obamas.

    2. Obama doing comedy shtick while the world is on fire is, well, the mad emperor Nero comes to mind. There’s something seriously not right with this Obama character.

  6. Good morning everyone, and Merry Christmas. Everyone on different schedules. Traveling, cooking, shopping, wrapping, enjoying company with loved ones. Everyone have a wonderful, safe, Christmas, Lee
    I still need to make oyster dressing, and yams.
    Yes shopping still. :)

  7. Chuckle, chuckle, chuckle. Since Americans react to emotional messages, this hit the “warm and fuzzy” button while also being humorous.
    Cruz 2016

  8. DeniseVB,
    Awesome! No time for nice-nice, Trumph is the right guy for the tougher times ahead.
    A s.o.b.? That’s ok with me, at least he’ll be our s.o.b.
    Time to give the country an enema. Put the nozzle in Congress and don’t stop till the water runs clear on the Oval Office.

      1. Actually I ” borrowed ” it from somewhere/someone, I just can’t remember.
        But in either case, I do.
        Did you read his latest?
        He said Hillary got “schlonged” in the election.

  9. Keith, you just pointed out the fatal weakness of Ted Cruz, especially when contrasted with Trump.
    Ted Cruz needs a slickly produced video to “humanize the candidate” ?

    Trump doesn’t rely on slick video ads, to “humanize” himself. He is quite human, sometimes to his detriment.
    Watch him at the rallies. Watch the connection, with capacity crowds,the townhalls no script, no teleprompter, stream of consciousness. Ad-libbing. A real warmth between him and the crowds.
    Cruz is in Iowa this week. 1500 seats, small venue,where Trump was in front of 5-7 times that number in Iowa the last few weeks. But, of course, “Cruz is surging in Iowa” Whatever.

  10. So, if Cruz had hired some actor children to stand it for his, it would have been all right?

    I think this commercial is pretty funny and the kids weren’t used in any way to make their appearance uncomfortable (such as Mexican baby waving).

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