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Trump Calls Hillary a Liar – and He May Be Right

Donald Trump Sunday called Hillary Clinton a liar, indicating that contrary to her claim Saturday night, ISIS is not using videos of him as a recruiting tool.

And the Clinton campaign agreed. With the lack of a video part, at least.

“He’s being used in social media by ISIS as propaganda,” said Clinton campaign communications director Jennifer Palmieri. “She didn’t have a particular video in mind, but he is being used in social media.”

Appearing on NBC’s Meet the Press, Trump pounced. “She lies like crazy about everything, whether it’s trips where she was being gunned down in a helicopter or an airplane,” Trump said. “She’s a liar and everybody knows that.”

Clinton had said: “They are going to people showing videos of Donald Trump insulting Islam and Muslims in order to recruit more radical jihadists.”

Appearing separately from Trump on Meet the Press, Clinton campaign Chairman John Podesta also indicated there was no video. He said the existence of the video was “the interpretation we made” as a result of ISIS’s social media efforts.

Trump also dismissed comments by Jeb Bush, who had called him a jerk, remarking ironically that Bush was attempting to “get a little mojo going,” and asserting, “He’s going to be off the stage soon,” referring to Bush’s place in the main GOP debate.

Appearing on CBS’ “Face the Nation,”Bush called Trump’s Muslim ban “ridiculous,” while Rubio described it as “not a serious policy proposal.” However, the CBS poll released Sunday shows that 77 percent of Republican voters in Iowa favor Trump’s Muslim ban idea.

Trump also sought to defend his complimentary comments toward Russian President Vladimir Putin, saying that while Putin may have killed journalists, it hadn’t been proven.

Meantime, a new CBS poll shows Sen. Ted Cruz at 40 percent in Iowa, with Trump at 31 percent, Sen. Marco Rubio at 12 percent, and Ben Carson at 6 percent. A separate CBS poll shows Gov. Chris Christie approximately doubling his support in New Hampshire, where he is now in fourth place with 11 percent of the vote. The New Hampshire survey has Trump in a commanding lead with 31 percent, followed by Cruz with 14 percent and Rubio at 13 percent.

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21 thoughts on “Trump Calls Hillary a Liar – and He May Be Right”

    1. The problem is they are all exaggerating, popping off, lying, shading, saying any darn thing to get votes. I was raised to think lying was the worst–my parents were death on it–but now, kids are told to tell “social lies” (No, those pants don’t make you look fat”), expedient lies (I just said that but I think I saw it on TV), rationalized lies (well, he didn’t really didn’t do THAT, now that you challenge it, but he probably did something else bad”), and just plain old no-shame whoppers (It was the video). It’s to the point now that O’Reilly (many fans here, I know–not), says of one candidate, everyone knows he doesn’t mean it, so it’s OK. So now some want a candidate that doesn’t mean what he says–instead of calling him out for it.

  1. Wait…Hillary is a liar?

    Whatever will it be next…that there’s gambling in Rick’s Cafe Americain?

    Kidding aside…anyone who doesn’t think Hillary is a say-anything-do-anything politician, after all these years, is Tommy Walker in need of a mirror smash.

    1. If a lie was a marble, Hillary would have collected enough marbles in her life to circle the earth 2,967,310,431.7 times. Settled science. ;+}

  2. The message she wants to send is the same as MrO’s- let’s be nice to the Islamists so they don’t hurt us.
    Well, I’m an American and I don’t bow down, kneel, or grovel to any foreigner no matter what the threat.
    This is MY country, MY land, and there is only one ROE that is enforced here is this:
    Whatever it takes.

      1. They still just don’t understand, and for some reason can’t understand, that there is an organized group (ISIS) that just wants to kill all of us. No amount of diplomacy, no concessions, compromises, bribes, policy changes, or back room deals, can change this. Any response short of killing all of them just gives them more time to organize and perpetrate more murders of US citizens. I say get the hell out of the mideast, give the whole region over to Russian and/or Chinese interests, and watch how they all get along.

  3. Mr. Trump… She said you are an encouragement to terrorism so you called her a liar.
    While true – she is a liar – name calling is not an especially effective campaign strategy at this stage of the game. IMO, you can and must “be better.”

    1. Can he stop? I doubt it. The pattern is say some extreme thing, get publicity for it, belittle anyone who objects, then walk it back a little or replace it with some other extreme statement, rinse, repeat. It seems to be working–a third of Reps and some Dems buy it…so he won’t stop.

  4. She may be a liar? Did you really say that? Benghazi, the video, Was being shot at, calls Trump a bigot (thats a lie and she knows it but will say anything to get elected). She’s desperate for votes and lies every day now, she can’t stop, never could, lied about the e-mails, gets caught and still is allowed to run for President? Where is her prosecution for letting classified secrets and lieing about it out of the bag for all to see? What kind of country are we now, that she could become President?How could our country allow her to run? After that? While they prosecute other people for much less?

    1. Hillarious that she had her campaign data hacked. Honest, responsible people learn from their mistakes. Dishonest, irresponsible people double-down on their lies.

  5. Hillary calling Trump a recruiter for ISIS is the stuff of grand satire. Hillary, who’s ineptness in dealing with the ME, who’s astonishing mishandling the situations in Egypt, Libya, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria and everything else gave free and open permission to ISIS to grow into the monster it is. She’s every bit as responsible for ISIS as Obama for the mess we and the ME are in.

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