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Obama Schedule || Monday, December 21, 2015

President Obama today is vacationing in Hawaii.

14 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Monday, December 21, 2015”

  1. The mainland is free of pestilence. Oh wait — the GOPe is still here! Well, it’s a start!At least McC and Ryan are tucked away in their districts. Holiday reprieve.

    Merry Christmas everyone.

  2. MrObama said during an interview last week with the NYT that MrTrump is appealing to “blue collar workers” and others in similar circumstances. People who feel alienated, left behind, and unable to find a job to support themselves and their families.
    He suggested that this appeal is somewhat racist or anti-government.
    What he didn’t acknowledge is that ‘his’ government HAS alienated, left behind or just ignored the whole of the US that is not Af-Am, an illegal alien, or of the privileged, moneyed class.

    While he enjoys a vacation that 99% of Americans could only dream about and he is surrounded by servants, aides, and a massive security detail, the rest of America tries to keep a roof over their head, and worry about crazed religious nutsos who wish to kill them.

    Why DonaldlTrump? is a question they keep asking themselves. The answer is in their complaints about him and they can’t see it.

    1. You have to be pretty desperate as a President and as a man to call Donald Trump a racist. But it’s the message Obama wants to leave as he departs for yet another extravagant vacation in Hawaii. Let’s hope to h*ll he has enough fun for him to forget about the the rest of us while he is inhaling golf.

  3. “President Obama today is vacationing in Hawaii.”
    Haha, this could have been Keith’s post for the entire year. Pretty much covers everything he’s done for the last year.

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