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Saturday Open Thread || December 19, 2015



27 Responses to Saturday Open Thread || December 19, 2015

  1. The Donald: Jeb! is as dumb as a “box of rocks”
    Jeb!: Donald is a “jerk”.
    Bernie: The DNC is fixing the election.
    DNC: No we’re not, not really, trust us.
    Rubio: Cruz is lying.
    Cruz: Rubio is not telling the truth.
    DrBen: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
    GovChris: Where’s the donuts?
    Rand: All Americans should shelter in place.
    Santorom, Kasich, et al: la, la, la, la.

    Is this the most unusual, exciting, ridiculous, hilarious, and scariest national election ever?
    What a mess.

    • It certainly is all of the above, srdem. And more.
      I would be willing to live through it for the next eight years, however, in order to avoid the disaster that is awaiting us…the Hildabeast.

      There is no doubt in my mind that HRC will be back in the WH, along with the worst cast of supporting players that ever existed.

      When Obama was elected, my only thought was: Thank God, it’s not Hillary. Anyone but Hillary. My feelings have not changed, only worsened.
      She is infinitely more repulsive the second time around. It’s not even ‘what’ she says, it’s ‘how’ she says it: phony, cloying, saccarhine, shrill, mixed dialects, whispers – all of which could be considered corporal punishment tantamount to waterboarding.

      I think we should all sit back and enjoy the ‘really big show’ starring The Donald for Nov. 5, 2016 is going to be a very sad day. I pray I am wrong!

  2. HRC returns to the podium late after a commercial break during the debate.

    The media gives her a pass. Supporters say she handled her late arrival with class.


  3. In case you missed the debate, Hillary wants to tax everyone earning $1M or more…drum roll please…45%!!!

    Of course, no one was listening on the Sat. nite before Christmas.
    No tweets from The Donald…he must have been watching the Miss World contest.

    • But that begs the question:

      Why would anyone strive to succeed, if making “success-tier” money would get them taxed all the way down into the ranks of the hoi polloi?

      • That’s the point. $1M these days, especially in border states, is peanuts.
        This should be a game changer for HRC but no one is talking about it this a.m.