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Obama Schedule || Friday, December 18, 2015

1:50 pm EST || Holds a press conference; Briefing Room
5:15 pm EST || Departs for Hawaii vacation
7:55 pm PST || Arrives in San Bernardino, California
7:55 pm PST || Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama visit privately with families of victims of the terrorist attack; San Bernardino
9:35 pm PST || Departs San Bernardino
1:05 am HST || Arrives in Honolulu, Hawaii

Live stream of Obama press conference at 1:50 pm

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  1. Holds a press conference. About what? Probably going to thank Paul Ryan and the Republicans ( and there were a lot of them) for their generous Omnibus gift.

  2. Isn’t 8 o’clock rather late to start visiting with the victim’s families? The man is always late for everything, it’s unlikely he’ll be on time. Couldn’t he have left an hour earlier? It’s not like he has a full schedule for the day.

    • His extreme malignant narcissism is now setting the tone for the next year.
      The self-aggrandizing will be off the walls, and barf-inducing.

      Just heard that his SOTU address in Jan. will be all about him – inspirational and aspirational. Nothing about the country. Only what he has done to save the world.

      It’s amazing what can be accomplished with the stroke of a pen: How to fundamentally transform the 57 States of America into a third world country for Dummies 101.
      He never even broke a sweat.

      ***The results are starting to trickle in: Cuba just announced that he can visit but he has to stay the h*ll out of their business.

      • Probably going to have a “special box” with Mooch and all his new buddies — the Ayatollah, the Cuban Castros (as opposed to the LaRaza commie Castros), Erdogan. Maybe a rep. from Boko Haram. Probably missing a few from the Global elite, like Soros etc.

      • We need a Charles Dickens to write a sort of “An Obama Carol” to force Barry to see and experience and realize the evil he has wrought on the nation, how it has impacted the country, ruined people’s healthcare, created mayhem and confusion in every aspect our lives. He needs to be forced to see the bloody deaths his policies have caused in locations all over the country–shopping centers, at company parties (San Bernardino), on the battlefield (ROE’s, etc). You get the drift of what I’m trying to say.

    • One would hope. But these poor people are probably still in deep grief having lost their loved ones at the hands of murderous Islamic extremist jihadis in America that this is just one more thing they must endure. And that is so very sad.

    • Thanks for the link. They forgot to add MrsO’s last overseas junket to advise girls to go to school.

      No one expects any President to be 24/7 in the WhiteHouse, surrounded by working papers and advisors.
      However, is it too much to ask that he not vacation in the most far away spot in the USA? He might have been raised, so to speak, in Hawaii, but the Os don’t have any reason to visit there – they don’t surf, don’t fish, don’t stroll down the beach, don’t, um, hula.

    • “We believe the American people would not begrudge their president for taking some downtime with his family around the holidays.”

      Obama does not take an extraordinary amount of vacation time.

      He’s taken 23 vacations spanning all or part of 177 days, according to Mark Knoller, a CBS News White House correspondent who maintains an authoritative record of presidential activities.”


    • So, he had no idea that Americans might be scared out of their shoes when an American Muslim shoots up his co-workers at a Christmas party?
      He obviously had no idea that the majority of Americans do NOT welcome illegal aliens into their neighborhoods, nor do they want to support them with their hard-earned money.
      He hasn’t heard that most of American doesn’t give a fat rat’s patootie about his global warming/change/cooling or whatever they call it.
      He’s under the impression that White police officers are roaming the streets of any Black ghetto shooting innocent young men at random for..uh, sport.
      He really doesn’t know “who we are”, does he.

      • These thoughts would occur to thoughtful folks. Sadly most people are brainwashed or too busy watching Kardashians Dancing with the Empire or whatever crap is the tv now-a-days.

        We should get him a subscription the the WSJ. Get him some effen knowledge.

    • It’s easy to see why he wouldn’t sense the anxiety.

      He himself doesn’t have anything to worry about: he’s got the best home security in the country, and and armed security detail that will catch bullets for him–all paid for by we the peons, of course.

      No WONDER we have yet to see his college transcripts: he’s trying to hide the A he got in his “Insensitivity and Snobbishness For Future Politicians” course.

  3. The WH has announced that the SOTU will be “non traditional”. You know because it’s only the SOTU and this is where Presidents stand before the nation and in Obama’s case, make complete asses out of themselves.

    So, “non traditional” — perhaps — a hulu dance? Perhaps President Jarrett will deliver her last SOTU? In full burqa, in Arabic? Or maybe he will praise America and apologize to the nation for the mess that he himself, Barack Hussein Obama, has made of it? So many options when you go all “non traditional” and stuff.

    What the heck is this a middle school talent show? Which President gets the participation trophy for most “non traditional” SOTU?

      • Well, that is because you lack the creative depth of the liberal who says crap like this and tries to impress with big words. (BTW he was not rewarded with any discussion of coproencephalic head — which I think came to the fore when Rove was talking about Hillary’s non stroke back in the day).
        Apparently the fact that Christianity is murderous bigotry went right over your coproencephalic head.

        Deuteronomy 13:13-19

        • Mostly I believe it’s all been said before. Merely making all the more true – with each passing day …

          I think Obama has done so much damage and abused our country to such a degree – people have become immune. $70 million for extravagant vacations? Why not? The entire government (Ash Carter) using private email servers? Carry on! Obama using executive action to ban guns? Yawn!

          • Hopefully we are on the last self indulgent leg. And let’s hope the damage is not so great that we have our very first coronation.

            Chin up. Non carborundum illegitimi.

          • @Johnny Drew

            You’re a fucking idiot.

            Either that diatribe was written by someone else, and you’re just copy-pasting it, OR you typed all that stupidity out longhand.

            So either you’re incredibly lazy, or you’re world-beatingly ignorant, one of the two.

            You aren’t going to beat the wave of freedom that is going to sweep across this land next November, and wash your little tin messiah onto the ash-heap of history.

            And you aren’t going to change any minds around here by beating your keyboard and pounding out that insufferably TLDR tripe.

            So go beat something else if you want to pleasure yourself.

            And go back to HuffPo, asshole.

    • If he follows his true nature, the SOTU will be his final opportunity to chastise the whole USA for being the most racist, war-mongering, murderous, gun-toting, anti-government, horrible people in the whole wide world.

    • If that’s how he wants to roll, the GOP needs to boycott the speech.

      Let the empty suit, in the empty chair, speak to a chamber that’s nearly 60% empty. It would be the most damning visual of his presidency.

      We the People have had enough.

  4. Here’s an eye-popping article based on an interview with Chuck Hagel in Foreign Policy.

    We can only hope this is the first of many first hand unmasking the corruption, the back stabbing, the ineptness, the essential madness existing in the Obama White House. Yes, there have been books (Leon Panetta and others) describing the Alice In Wonderland nature of the current employees of the White House, and this Hagel article adds to those efforts. Many more revelations to come, we hope. It would have been better to have this insanity reported much earlier, but we are where we are.

  5. On the ground for 90 mins. Wow what a guy!

    We all know its just a Photo op and a pretend to care.

    While charging us for the flight across the country!

    yep! Should be a comedy skit.

    • He’s just checking off the box, before he checks out for paradise.

      To describe this behavior as contemptible would be like describing the Chernobyl disaster as a minor power plant malfunction.

  6. OT. I like Mark Steyn very much. I like to read him, listen to his music, etc. Appreciate his intellect and wit. His defense of self and America.

    This is his testimony before Congress about charges brought against him. It is a very good read and defense of free speech as well. He does not spare his accusers and the “environment” in which they operate. It also includes the usual MS references to theater and music. Maybe bookmark it — good read.

    Data or Dogma?
    Promoting Open Inquiry in the Debate over
    the Magnitude of Human Impact on Climate Change
    December 8th 2015

  7. POS interupting my air travel for the third time. They shut down the air corridor when this arse is in the air. This SOB needs to check my f**king schedule before traveling.