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Live Stream || Obama Press Conference – December 18, 2015

It’s Obama’s big year-end gloat. And he’s got lots to gloat about. Let’s hear your comments as this progresses!

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  1. The Republican Party has morphed into an auxiliary of the Democratic Party.
    And I still get E-mail solicitations for donations.
    Well RNC, go pound sand, I might as well send money to the DNC and cut out the middle man, YOU!

    • I keep thinking–I have no party to be for anymore. I quit the Dems with Obama…Now from being here for yrs on this site, I thought I was basically a conservative–but no, almost everyone here is for a RINO now and used to scorn them…I got nuttin’.

      • They are still scratching their heads over the Trump phenomena. Go figure.
        We need to vote them out for being impossbily stupid; never mind their mind-numbing greed, duplicitousness, callousness, lying, thieving, preening ways.

        • Marco Rubio, who appears to be the GOPe golden boy if they kick Jeb to the curb, was the only presidential contender who did not show up for the Senate Omnibus vote, after saying that he would attempt to slow the bill’s movement. Didn’t do a thing.

          If Rubio becomes President, expect Paul Ryanesque. And the Dems will be calling and thanking him too.

          • If it were going to be close, he would have been there…They can gauge that… I actually respect Ryan as well as Rubio–go figure, as some on here like to say. As for the Dems–they may have the majority in at least one house.

          • Exactly. It was to be Jeb, as decided by the gurus in the back room behind the back room. He’s collapsed on the trail and now it’s all Rubio, all the time. His Excellency Rove has declared it to be so. They have a big surprise coming come election day.

          • I have never trusted Rubio but this AM, the crew @ MoJoe really lambasted him. Joe referred to his campaign as a ‘Potemkin Village’- a facade.
            He hasn’t been in Iowa, NH, or the Senate. He is spending his week-ends at home watching football instead of fundraising.

            He reminds me of Obama in one respect: he is lazy! He is using the campaign to escape ‘work’…exactly like Obama did. He has not earned his stripes in the senate – unless you call the Gang of Eight and Schumer something to brag about. He is an opportunist/hustler and a huge RINO.

            Why would we elect another minority potus, anyway? Didn’t we learn our lesson with Obama? We don’t need to go as far back as the Mayflower, but certainly not first generation hispanic/Cuban. Too dicey. And besides, I, for one, do not want someone who will be known as the first Cuban-American
            (Rant over)

          • We were discussing this on WaPo–Joe was all buddy-buddy with Rubio earlier this yr–his fellow Floridian…then he turned and never misses a chance to slap him. We (WaPo) could not decide whether he tried to call Rubio and Rubio was not interested or whether Andy Lack at MSNBC put out the hit on Rubio. Joe does it everyday. He seems bitter–like it’s personal. One guy at WaPo said maybe it’s bec he was not in Congress that long and Rubio went to the Senate–we don’t know.

          • Re Cruz ‘creeping out from under his poison pill’ immigration Amendment…I would be suspicious had it not been for the fact that uber Conservative, Jeff Sessions, stood head to head with Cruz on the Amendment.
            Sessions is my guy!

  2. He IS delusional – he thinks our umemployment rate is under 5%, we all love Obamacare, a ‘boom’ in green energy. oh geez.

    Everything he’s bragging about is a loser, a loss, a lie. Good Grief.

  3. Judging by the number of comments, no one wants to listen to this [INSERT YOUR OWN WORD HERE. I CAN’T USE MINE, ESPECIALLY DURING THE CHRISTMAS SEASON].

  4. Meanwhile, Moochelle made sure she was amongst the first to see the new Star Wars movie today:

    White House to host Star Wars screening

    The excitement surrounding the new Star Wars movie has made its way to the White House.

    First lady Michelle Obama is hosting a special screening of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. on Friday for Gold Star families who lost service member relatives in overseas conflicts.

    President Obama himself apparently wants to see the movie, which was released in theaters at midnight. But the White House didn’t say whether the president will stop by the screening.

    Press secretary Josh Earnest was asked by reporters twice this week whether Obama plans to watch the film.

    “I am confident that the president will at some point see the movie,” Earnest said Wednesday.

    Obama is holding his annual year-end press conference on Friday afternoon before jetting off to his Christmas vacation in Hawaii. The president is stopping in San Bernardino, Calif., to visit with families of the victims of this month’s terror attack before continuing on to his home state.

  5. Obama’s San Bernardino visit prompts mixed reactions

    SAN BERNARDINO >> President Barack Obama will arrive today in a city with conflicting thoughts on his decision to meet with the families of victims of the Dec. 2 terrorist attack.

    While unsure how much anyone can comfort someone who just lost a loved one, many residents said they’re glad Obama is coming — they just wish he was doing more.

    “This whole community is grieving, and we all want to hear from our president,” said Dolores Fernandez, 24, a San Bernardino resident. “It’s not just the families who are affected.”

    Obama and first lady Michelle Obama will visit privately with victims’ families but will not hold any public events before continuing on to Hawaii, according to the White House.

    Fernandez, who said her Bible study group includes the relative of a victim and has seen the effect of “gun control rhetoric” at a gun range she frequents, is no fan of the president generally.

    But even those who think Obama’s doing everything he can don’t expect this to be a game-changer.


    “I wish he would have come earlier, and to tell you the truth, I think he’s just coming because he’s on his way to Hawaii,” Delgado said. “But it’s good that he’s showing his support.”


    While Rep. Pete Aguilar, D-San Bernardino, said in a statement that he welcomed Obama’s visit and had conveyed the importance of the president’s presence, other elected officials asked for more.

    County Supervisor Curt Hagman, whose district includes the majority of the west end of the county, called Thursday evening for Obama to meet with the families of the wounded and first responders, rather than just as the families of those slain in the attack.

    “Wounded members of the San Bernardino County family and the first responders who saved them from further harm also deserve the president’s time,” said Hagman.” This is an opportunity for unity and healing at the highest level and I call upon President Obama to be more inclusive with his meeting.”

  6. Nuthin’ new here. “I’m the greatest thing since sliced bread.” “I stamped out Ebola, which otherwise would have been the end of the world.” “Anyone who doesn’t agree with me is an outlier.” “Reducing the terror threat is a hard, hard job, but I’ve got it under control and I don’t want to talk about it anymore.” “John Boehner and Paul Ryan are the best gifts I could have ever hoped for.”

      • So, even in light of this monstrous spending bill, couldn’t the House defund PP and the refuge influx in a separate bill come 2016 that was completely unattached to the “shut down government” idea? That is what should be done, and there’d be nothing to “blame” on the GOP.

        • But there was no time.
          We had to pass this or the gov would stop !
          We were up against a hard point.
          If we didn’t pass this, the earth would stop rotating, the glaciers would melt and we would all be out of a job.

        • I for one am glad I don’t have to defend the Reps on various boards against causing a shutdown. Shutdowns, despite what Cruz thinks, are a stupid way to govern. And yes–Republicans are cued up to be blamed–that isn’t going away.

          • BTW, over on WaPo, used the word “snooty” for him and someone asked did I mean “uppity”? So the race slap is not diminished in the least by the last 7 yrs. Fomented daily by guess who.

  7. UGH:

    Obama says he won’t fade away in final year–politics.html#

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Closing out a tumultuous year, President Barack Obama sought to lay the groundwork Friday for his last year in office by vowing not to fade in the background but instead use his remaining months to push longstanding goals to fruition.

    “In 2016, I’m going to leave it all out on the field,” he said. “Wherever there’s an opportunity, I’m going to take it.”

    In his annual year-end news conference, Obama portrayed 2015 as one of significant progress for his agenda, pointing to diplomacy with Iran and Cuba and an Asia-Pacific trade agreement as big wins for his administration. He also praised a Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriage and a congressional rewrite of the No Child Left Behind law as further victories for causes he’s made central to his presidency.

    Still, he said, he plans to do much more in 2016.

    “I said at the beginning of this year that interesting stuff happens in the fourth quarter — and we are only halfway through,” Obama said.

    Calling attention to his signature legislative achievement, Obama announced that 6 million people had signed up for health care so far this year under the Affordable Care Act, a surge that officials say illustrates the program’s durability.


    Obama said lawmakers had ended the year on a “high note” with additional legislation on transportation and education. He noted optimistically that by averting a funding crisis for the next nine months, Congress had cleared a path for cooperation with him next year on areas of common ground, such as criminal justice reform.

    “Congress and I have a long runway to get some things done for the American people,” he said.

    Obama took questions as he closed out a turbulent year marked by successes on restoring diplomatic relations with Cuba, clinching a nuclear deal with Iran and finalizing an unprecedented global climate treaty. Those successes have been tempered by a lack of progress on the president’s other priorities, like closing the Guantanamo Bay detention center.

    Obama said he’d present a long-delayed plan to close the prison to Congress early next year, then wait for lawmakers’ reaction before determining whether to take action on his own to shut it. He predicted the prison population would dwindle by early next year to less than 100, a threshold his administration has been pushing for to bolster its argument that keeping the facility open isn’t cost effective.

    Amid widespread fears about terrorism and extremist, Obama pushed back against critics questioning his strategy for defeating the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria, arguing that “there’s only so much bombing you can do.” He also affirmed his longstanding position that Syrian President Bashar Assad must leave power for Syria to resolve its civil war, a stance that has been questioned in recent days amid comments from Secretary of State John Kerry and others.

    “Five years later, I was right,” Obama said about Syria

    The end of 2015 marks a major transition point for the president, who has one year left to try to finish as many of his projects as possible. He won’t be rolling out sweeping new policy proposals that would be unlikely to get serious consideration amid the focus on electing his successor. The White House is promising Obama will deliver a “non-traditional” State of the Union address in January laying out an agenda that includes securing congressional approval of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact, taking further steps on climate change and bolstering gun control measures.

    Obama plans to return to the White House in early January to begin a final year in office that will be increasingly overshadowed by the 2016 presidential campaign. Predicting success for his party, Obama said he was confident Democrats would nominate a strong candidate to replace him.

    “I think I will have a Democratic successor,” Obama said. “And I will campaign very hard to make that happen.”

  8. Yes, he did thank the Repubs AND the Dems in Congress for this spendathon budget. He’s just so excited to have so much money to ‘lower higher education costs, promote clean energy, and make everyone rich beyond their dreams’.

    OK, I made up the ‘everyone rich..’ thing.
    Talking about the terror attack, our response, what is going on with our military – I think he said things we’ve never heard before. He revealed that his estimate of the costs to our military and treasury would be too high for him to consider doing anything.
    Someone gave him those figures, he must have asked for them.
    He talked about Syria, about the Sunni Muslims, and that Russia hasn’t moved the ‘needle’ so to speak.
    Very interesting stuff today.
    I think he revealed more than he should have.

    • He noted optimistically that by averting a funding crisis for the next nine months, Congress had cleared a path for cooperation with him next year on areas of common ground, such as criminal justice reform.

      This is called making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

  9. Oh, he can gloat all he wants, I don’t listen to him and never will. In his mind, he’s the king of the world and the boss of everybody. He’ll go to Hawaii, play golf and hang out with Valerie. We’ll get pictures of him basking on the beach and eating shave ice. When he gets back (God help us), he’ll do everything he can to take away guns, release terrorists and, the few he doesn’t release, he’ll put in a prison in my home state. I’m so over this guy and am wondering if we’ll have a country left when he gets finished. A year is a long time. Look what he’s managed to do in seven.

  10. “Obama said he’d present a long-delayed plan to close the prison to Congress early next year, then wait for lawmakers’ reaction before determining whether to take action on his own to shut it.”

    And this is a flat lie.

  11. HELP. Yesterday I used the link below to claim that Brat, Gowdy, and Webster (FL) did not vote against the Omnibus bill. But today I heard Brat on CSpan opposing it, and called his office and they confirmed he did vote against it. That makes me suspect of Gowdy and Webster voting for it as well. Also, when I check that link and the list it showed Scalise voting against it — which I cannot believe.

    So, apologies for misinformation. Does anyone have an accurate roll call (House and Senate)link for Omnibus votes?

    But we do know that Rubio was a no show. There is that. :)

      • They totally nailed what slimy hustler Rubio does and does very, very well:

        Marco Rubio wants to unite later by staying vague now

        t is a habit with Rubio, a candidate aiming at moderate and conservative voters who often seems to advocate two positions at once. He tells voters that he has a personal view on the subject — whether abortion, immigration, Syrian refugees or gay marriage. But he also has a view of what is politically possible. Which, usually, is not what he personally wants.

        That tactic allows Rubio to offer two right answers to the same question, and lets him carve out wiggle room on topics where none seemed possible.

        He did it Tuesday night in Las Vegas, talking about immigration in the fifth Republican debate.

        “I am personally open — after all that has happened and after 10 years in that probationary status where all they have is a permit — I personally am open to allowing people to apply for a green card,” Rubio said, talking about his views on whether and how to offer legal status to immigrants who entered the country illegally. Then the caveat: He is also open to not following his own personal views. If that’s what people want.

        “That may not be a majority position in my party, but that’s down the road,” Rubio said. “You can’t even begin that process until you prove to people” that border security is working, he said.

        Such a strategy might guard him against being pushed too far to the right for general election appeal, but avoid riling conservatives during the primaries. But the extent of his equivocation on key issues has left many Republicans, including his supporters, wondering what he really believes.


  12. This email from Lyin’ Ryan was in my email inbox this morning:

    Speaker Paul Ryan
    Subject: Coming in 2016…

    It is a new day in the people’s House.

    We’re opening up the process. We’re finding common ground to advance the nation’s interests. We’re getting the House back to being the people’s House.

    Now we’re ready to move forward and raise our gaze.

    That’s why, in a speech at the Library of Congress earlier this month, I laid out my number one goal for 2016: assembling a bold, pro-growth agenda.

    We have to treat this like the generational defining moment that it is, and offer the people of this country a real choice.

    Together – and only together – we can restore a confident America.

    Paul Ryan

    • Do you ever go to Speakers Blog — it is hysterical. Ryan all aglow.

      He’s all into moving forward and raising our gaze. No idea what that gaze thing is all about. I am finding him to be arrogant and condescending.

      • What you got in your email is the blog post I see.

        And here it is! Now we’re ready to move forward and raise our gaze.

        It’s in almost all the posts so I guess it’s kind of a slogan.

  13. Did anyone catch Obama’s parting words at the presser? “I gotta get to Star Wars!!!”
    He never disappoints! Once an azzhat, always an azzhat! He knew he was going to SB to ‘console’ the families…why didn’t he at least make it sound like his heart was in it?
    Instead, he made it look like SB was the farthest thing from his mind. Which it was!!

  14. Yeah, he’s got lots to gloat about. Why would the Republicans fund this terrible budget for billions of OUR DOLLARS. Ryan is horrible! He just handed our money to this dumbest of all presidents without a sound. And today Obama just loved sticking it to us, he got a thrill telling us Americans that he is SPEEDING UP EMPTYING GITMO when he damn well knows the Islamic terrorists are eager to get back to killing us. Obama is a real sick spiteful idiot and has turned the White House into the Spite House. He just loves EVERY DAY TO STICK IT TO US WITH HIS DUMB LECTURES. I blame Congress and the Republicans. The Republicans are not Republicans anymore, they are the worst along with Congress. We need Trump now more than ever, at least he will try to PLEASE the American people, not spite us like Obama does because he is very ill mentally.

  15. I just read something very revealing about Barry´s way of thinking.
    Some New York Times reporters talked to Obama about terrorism and in the resulting article was this passage: ” Obama indicated that he did not see enough cable TV to fully appreciate the anxiety after the attacks in Paris and San Bernadino”. !!!!! That is, he knew he was out of touch and thought it was due to not watching TV !
    The story was published by NYT late Thursday. By Friday this passage was erased without explanation and another passage was added in which Obama elaborates on why ISIS is not an “existential threat” to the US and why his politics is so great and successful.
    How about it ? Sometimes we get a glimpse behind the curtain. But his handlers quickly clean the scene and tighten the curtain again. Oh dear, Barry is a child, a clueless, frigid person who imitates and stumbles along. By the way, this news piece can be found on Zero Hedge.
    Barry threatens that “he won´t go away” when out of the White House. But I think that he is one of those politicians who lose all the lack and lustre when not surrounded by a power apparatus because then all can see that he is just nude . And if Trump rides in , along with his attractive wife and pretty, new little son, oh, the media will just forget about tired-looking Teleprompter-Barry and his grumpy wife and daughters, I am sure.

    • That’s the story we’ve also been hearing and reading about. So we know he misses most of his Presidential Daily Briefings, he doesn’t watch cable news, he only knows what he reads in the newspapers (which he likely doesn’t read beyond the sports page). And so on. All of which indicates what we all suspect: he lives in a very small bubble, a protective shield reinforced and maintained by his own Rasputin, Jarrett the Ferret, has very few real friends, rarely meets with his full cabinet, has not a molecule of genuine bonhomie in his personality, is a childish, intellectually and emotionally immature individual who is completely tone deaf to the affairs of normal people. In other words, he’s a little weird.

  16. Story on WaPo on how vegan or vegetarian diets are worse on carbon emissions than meat-based…Not sure I am buying the whole methodology, but the crew over there is fluffed up over it. Also another story on Chonabi Greek yogurt sales are slumping–they are out of things to write about…