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Live Stream || Obama Statement on Terrorism

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  1. The guy just doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut!
    Please, take an early flight to Hawaii and stay there for the next year.
    Your legacy will be written in stone: Here lies the captain of the JV Team!

    1. Keep calm and carry on, then blame some one else.

      Go shopping this weekend and spend spend spend. We are counting on you!

      Stopping in San Bernardino for a statement tomorrow so his Hawaii trip can be free for him.

      The Wookie on a separate plane?

        1. I feel so badly for them. Murdered in their own country at the hands of jhadi terrorists living amongst the, Their loss, grief, the season and now this self aggrandizement.

          For those who support Obama, perhaps this will bring comfort.

  2. Are we discovering a theme, here? Go to a center of operations, spend less than an hour meeting with some people, pretending you understand or care about whatever they are blathering on about. Then march them on stage behind you and give a quick mid-day “statement” containing no new information, but make it so quick that you can be back the the WH in time for the 2:00 airing of College Football Live on ESPN. The last time the Jarrett Machine put this much effort into some staged photo ops, staffers were handing out fake lab coats to pretend doctors.

      1. Paul Ryan happily joined with the liberal Progressive Democrats in their declared war on the United States and its citizens. No one is surprised. Not even a little bit. Where did Ryan hide his 30 pieces of silver? That’s the only thing we need to know now.

        1. Ryan is delusional. Check out the Speaker’s Blog.

          I have said it before and now I am really convinced — Paul Ryan, running as Jack Kemp, for President post 2016. The speakership is for that alone, and we will be able to map every footprint he makes. Paul Ryan is a fraud.

          1. Agree. I’m now convinced that the whole “I really don’t want to run for Speaker” routine was a complete ruse. He wanted it all along. Boy, are we in trouble as a country.

    1. Planned Parenthood, fully funded.
      Obama care, fully funded.
      Immigration, fully funded.

      This is clearly a slap in the face to the American voter, and you wonder why people don’t vote.

          1. Once again the GOP fully gives Zero what he wants.

            We are now a Banana Dictatorship.

            We the people play no role in our ops there government.

            We are the serfs who just keep sucking it up.

  3. Oh, I am not going to listen.
    But, we have a good reason to cheer today because Putin endorses Trump ! Putin said many nice things about Trump in the press conference in Moscow today. He welcomes Trump.
    The future turned rosy again. I am dreaming.A new , more peaceful world will emerge after the long, dark period with Barry and his crowd.

      1. AFVeT, I haven´t heard of it but, then again, the MSM never reports any negative news items with Muslims involved.Tomorrow we are going to Copenhagen to see the “Nutcracker” and we will bring our passports because of the new strict identity checks on the bridge. Never, ever did we need any passports before when visiting our Nordic brothers and sisters but now, with all the “refugees”, everything is changing.

        1. Speaking of passports, SL, Americans are required as of 2010 to present passports at the Mexican border.

          We have accepted all of their poor and huddled masses without any documentation, and now we are treated as outsiders.

          You couldn’t pay me to travel to Mexico, but it’s the principle.

    1. Putin wants either a worthy ally or a worthy adversary in the person of the president of the United States. Right now, in Obama, Putin sees a spineless poof. It must be very frustrating for him. He likes Trump because he’d like to play international policy chess with him. That should be a can’t-miss-this-one engagement.

          1. Notice how little play Obama’s cave in to Putin got in the MSM. Didn’t happen. All those redlines gone.

            Bowing and scraping to Putin, Obama actually had to make a good call re. Assad. I wonder though what Putin said he would do if Obama didn’t back the position.

        1. Yep. Putin’s a tough guy. He wants a tough guy to deal with. Interesting note: Putin held a three hour press conference today (he does this a couple of times a year). Apparently, any question from the reporters is OK with him. Anyway, one of the reporters asked him about his daughters, i.e., where are they living, what are they doing, that sort of thing. Putin’s response? “None of your damned business. Next question please.” LOL.

          1. Disagree. Putin doesn’t want a tough guy. He wants to irritate Barack Obama. He has made great strides for Russia and its interests while Obama has been in office.

          2. AFVET. I agree with you about Putin (and the rest of our enemies) taking advantage of Obama’s weakness. Poorly worded perhaps, but my point was that Putin does not truly want a tough American President like Trump — that is not to his advantage. It is to his advantage to irritate Obama by making those comments about Trump though.

  4. I just pulled up new Oleans s votes to remove Confederate Statues. LEE CIRCLE no more. N.O. To remove 4 Cofederate Statues. I am in tears. This is just the beginning. Names, statues, PArk titles, school title, creeks and Lake names will be changed and removed. There will be no history to be shown.

    1. It seems that all they need these days to alter history is ONE wacko dissenter.

      Heard on Rush today that ONE wacko caused one grade school in the South to cancel a Charley Brown Christmas play.

      One wacko atheist in Santa Monica caused the Nativity display to be discontinued.

      We are living in dangerous times!

      1. In Kentucky, one school modified the kid’s Charlie Brown Christmas play because Linus quoted the Bible about the real meaning of Christmas.

        1. My Mom just cled upset about the statues. She had spent an hour on the phone with my Aunt about the issue. Mom also God me about the parents being told to take the bench away. They had placed at their sons grave that had the word God on it.

    2. This is unbelievable. By the way, if these statues are so offensive they need to be removed, then why is the mayor talking about putting them in a museum or special park? It doesn’t make any sense to me.

  5. Heard The ‘Bam chewing the citizenry out again today saying something like…”We can’t say it too often, our nation has been enriched and revitalized by immigrants……” etc. Oh, we are such a selfish, mean people. Right, Barry?

    Well, we understand that, Barry. We really do. But, see, it’s the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS that we are worried about, and the ones slipping under the radar under lousy vetting rules. And then there’s ISIS sliding in with the other ME immigrants as they brag about every day. And we know with certainty and by statements from your own government officials, YOUR officials, we are not capable of vetting these people. We can’t even vet the easy ones, like the fiance who killed so many Americans in San Bernardino quite recently. YOUR lousy vetting process allowed her to enter the country and commit jihad.

    So, we’re not much worried about legal immigrants who have taken years to go through the genuine immigration process. We like them. So try to understand difference, Barry. Have someone explain it to you.

    1. He reminds of certain professors. Didn’t take a genius to determine what they wanted to hear and parrot that information back to them on exams. They never taught – they indoctrinated.
      And they were more than satisfied with all the little parrots in their classes. Never occurred to them that we weren’t learning or being brainwashed – we were just ensuring our eventual graduation and that precious degree. (Sarc)
      Just saying…

      1. Did you see the Harvard eating club placemats–how to answer on Islamaphobia, Syrian refugees, etc when home at Christmas and questioned by you know, people who work and think? For this someone pays sixty large a year or whatever it’s up to now?

        1. I saw the placemat. I no longer have adequate words to describe my disgust with the people who brainstorm these ridiculous items into existence.
          I can tell you one thing – if someone showed up at my home with one of these, they would be shown the door.
          My house, my rules.

    1. From what I’ve read, the waiting times for vets are longer than ever, the general treatment is just as bad, the bureaucracy is worse than before. VA does some procedures well–head trauma, PTSD–the kind of injuries associated with war injuries, etc. But for the rest–nothing special, if you can get an appointment at all.

    2. Nothing has changed. At least that I can see. I do not understand why champions like Montel Williams do not persist. It seems it has faded away.

      That doesn’t help. We have no staying power.

  6. On the home front, illegal minors are bragging to Border Agents that they will be free to stay. They’re sending pics of their ‘permisos’ back home and urging friends to come to the US. “It’s so easy”!!!

    On a personal note, I have noticed a huge increase in the illegal population just on the L.A. Westside. Huge!
    They are disguishable by their incredible lack of hygiene, lack of knowledge about our American currency and how to use their EBT cards at the registers, and inability to read the price tags on merchandise and food products.
    It’s appalling!

      1. Thanks for the link, AZ Granny.

        The illegals that I mentioned are not children – they’re a bit older and sooo illiterate and dirt poor.
        It’s like they just fell out of the sky and landed in paradise! They all look disoriented.
        We will have to take care of them forever!

        1. Girly1, I think I know the type you’re seeing. With that huge influx, plus the kids and now all these refugees, it’s really concerning about the expense of their care.

    1. I liked Gowdy and I’m so disappointed that he voted for the Omnibus bill. I knew Ryan was a given, as were most of the others. May they all receive a big lump of coal in their Christmas stockings.

          1. Thanks for the link! I knew Salmon voted against it but didn’t know how the other AZ boys voted. I am very surprised Dem Rep Raul Grijalva voted against the bill.

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