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Open Thread || GOP Debate – December 15, 2015

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  1. Jeb! Time to retire to the ranch, take up a hobby.
    Kasich! Time to get those football playoff tickets.
    Paul. sigh
    Christie. NewJersey needs you more than we do.
    Carson. Maybe you should consider teaching your craft.
    Carly, Carly. Go home.
    Trump. Can’t be beat.

        • I think part of Carly’s issues of how she presents herself in this political hog-rassle is that she was trained (appropriately) to present herself as a savvy CEO before a business audience–investors, stockholders, members of her Board etc. In those meetings, you have to be data-credible, results oriented, a get’er done person, in a this-is-what-we-need-to- do active mode, etc. Steps one, two three….Bang! It doesn’t matter a damn to this business audience if you are a “nice” person, have a pretty smile or are particularly friendly. Results, baby, that’s what matters. You have to convince that business audience that you are the person to lead that company to success. That’s why you hear her say, “We need results and this is how we are going to get them.” so often.

          Now she’s talking to a different audience in a different arena, where likability and being accessible, politically centered, and having a nice smile and a sense of humor, having effective argumentation across a ridiculous range of topics, and seen on top of world affairs are the coins of the political realm.

          Is that fair to her? The right answer is that she has to learn how to present herself in this political arena more effectively, keeping what that political audience is interested in. She needs to get better at what resonates with voters (and she for sure has hit some home runs, no doubt about it) and get on board. I think it would be a relatively small adjustment for her. She’s smart and clever, she just has to get the right picture of her political audience in her head.

  2. I like Christie, I know he’s a rhino but I am being realistic about who could actually win

    btw did you know he was a federal prosecutor for 7 years :P?

    I think he said that every time he spoke, what a maroon

    • I heard a lot of criticism about Carly from former Fiorina supporters. Too bad. She could and perhaps still can create a slot from herself in an Administration. But she has lost something. Perhaps her coffers are running thin and this has caused a reassessment on her part and knocked her a bit off course.

      • I think she is smart and capable, too–but Marcus is right–maybe today’s “all emotion, all the time” sector wants her a little more flustered, hesitant, and typical womany.

  3. It was not well planned to have this debate on the same night as The Voice finale. What we watched of the debate was unimpressive. The other candidates are not going to win me over by attacking Trump. And some of them just need to go home.

  4. Just my two cents but I finally quit even live tweeting it, it was getting so petty. Cruz – Rubio – Paul ……you voted for this, No you didn’t, yes you did, but that was a vote for….not for……
    For crying out loud, any of you would be better than Hillary Clinton so start acting like it. Lay out your plans in light of recent events and make the event about the future not in the weeds procedural votes that just make all of you look two inches tall.
    (Just my IMHO of course)
    And WTH was it with CNN having every “average citizen video question” be from people who’s only reading accomplishment to date was to memorize the DNC playbook.
    It was as much CNN’s fault as anything, so overall I give them an F and the candidates a C -.

  5. I don’t get why the left leaning media sponsor a republican debate or why there aren’t right leaning moderators.

    I can’t see Fox having a democrat debate.

    • Don’t know why the RNC and the candidates agree to debate on CNN etc. without some firm ground rules or not at all. The option you ,might ask — well, there’s a good question. And the answer that there is no option, the media is corrupted, should tell us something.

    • CNN and the rest of the left media love it because it’s some of their highest ratings and highest ad $$$. Grace has it right, it’s the RNC letting them do this that is the problem.
      By letting CNN, MSNBC et al do the “so and so said this……you said that….”all it does is present ALL the candidates to the non-Republican primary voters in a negative light.
      Think of the media as the 8th Air Force in WWII. The bombing campaigns weren’t going to win the war outright, but they softened up the enemy for the ground troops to come in and finish the job.
      Media softens em up or starts a meme (Stephanopoulos starting the War on Women with the abortion question to Romney in 2012)to make it easier for their candidate to win in the general.
      There is no reason, not one, in this day of internet and alternative media outlets for the RNC to give any more time to hostile networks hell bent to put Republican candidates in a negative light.

  6. Just wondering: A what point do the candidates who are polling in single digits throw in the towel?
    Jeb! has never gained a point of interest with the Repubs, Kasich is a “who’s he”, Christie is too EastCoast for fly-over country folks, the Doctor is a nice guy who acts like he thought he was applying for a job at a new-fangled hospital, and so on.
    MrHuckelbee is a great guy, but without a shot at the Presidency. SenPaul has some good ideas but no traction. MrSantorum and the rest are just space holders, nothing more.

    At the most, there should only be four candidates left in the running by now.
    Idle men who think running for President is better than sitting at home watching JudgeJudy and NCIS are just wasting their time and mucking up what would be an exciting race.

    • I couldn’t find a live stream, but comment wise, I heard that that is exactly how he was. If he is not embarrassed he should be. He is becoming an object of ridicule. Who wants that for himself?

    • It’s interesting that none of the Bushes from father to sons, ever seemed to master a comfortable television presence. They all seemed awkward, or petulant or incredible out of place by being on that newfangled contraption called television.

      Jeb’s probably the most uncomfortable of the three Bushes. His glasses, which somehow amplify his eyes so large that he looks like a crazed bee hunting for nectar, don’t help a bit. Sometimes he looks like he thought the TV camera is about to attack him and he’s ready to defend himself with a Karate kick. Very weird. The sad thing is the skill of “how to be on television and not look like a cat on fire” is easily learned, there are people who teach it for a living. It’s not like it’s this great secret.

      • Insight! Yes, that’s what bothers so many.
        His posture is terrible, he speaks in a dead tone, and what he says might read well on paper, but falls flat in speech.

        • Maybe he does, like Hillary, think he deserves to be next in line. You are so right, little effort is made to squsre up. show some enthusiasm and humility as well.

  7. One of my fave moments was watching Rand Paul schooling the school yard bully, Christie, on Russia and Putin. He (Paul) was the voice of reason. Christie wants to ‘start WW3’. Also, his line about
    ‘closing bridges b/c you hate your friends’ was well deserved.

  8. Kasich always looks angry when he speaks.

    Carly has her speeches down pat but looks mean when she talks. And why in the world did she wear that bright red outfit for a serious debate?

    Christie sounds smart and is an excellent debater but I don’t trust him and he does not look healthy either.

    Jeb not only lost his exclamation point but he lost a lot of ground last night by argueing and raising his voice too many times.

    Carson is too soft spoken and I can’t see him dealing with Putin or even the democrats.

    I voted for Rubio when he was running for the Senate as did a lot of us in Florida but as soon as he got elected he disappeared. So what would he do if he became President?

    Rand Paul-why do you bring your teenage cheering section with you…’s annoying as heck!

    Trump and Cruz make a good pair and they sound strong on their love of America so they have stood out for me in the last few debates but things could change as all of you know.

    The rest of them up there last night I don’t even remember their names so I guess they are a big NO for me.

    • Kasich is a “hand chopper”, and it’s very distracting in this visual medium called television. Hands and arms going up and down, up and down like he was trying to hand tenderize a roast for tonight’s dinner. Can’t remember a thing he said, just have that hand chopper thing in my head. Would I vote for a hand chopper? Not likely.

  9. Another thing that I found interesting especially since it was CNN that was hosting this was that they showed Trump arriving surrounded by Secret Service vehicles and men, they showed him walking into the building with Melania and others and they did a few shots of her and Trump’s sons in the audience. I did not see that CNN showed any one else arriving. Maybe I tuned in too late?

    • Am I the only one who has a sneaking suspicion that all of the MSM would love for MrTrump to be elected President.
      We sense they aren’t that in love with MrsClinton who is a big snooze and has too much baggage.
      MrT, however, daily news breaks -He said This, He did That. MrsTrump is a beauty, some real ‘eye candy’ that the MSM loves to showcase.

      Just sayin’, y’know.

      • I’d agree.
        I think the MSM wants a break from hiding O’s failures and Hillary’s incompetence and get back to some good old fashioned bashing of Republican President. Just for one term.

      • I still think that a Trump/Cruz ticket would take it.
        Trump for his business acumen and Cruz for his knowledge of the Constitution and conservative values.
        This Country is in bad shape and it is going to take a strong team to put her back together.
        A lot of congress wants to repeal Obamacare, but they didn’t send it to Obama because he would veto it.
        Trump/Cruz would deep six it in a heartbeat and fix the health insurance system.
        Trump has said that it needs to be opened up across state lines in order for the competition to kick in, and he could make that happen.

        I’m going with Trump/Cruz.

        However, that will only work if we retain a republican majority in congress, otherwise, it will be gridlock again.

        • Interesting idea of Trump and Cruz.

          I am concerned that Trump could be a bit rash in making decisions. With Cruz, the consitutionalist keeping him in check, it might really work.

        • Trump and Cruz works for me. As for the Republican majority — whatever. Half of them are Democrat compromisers anyway and that will not change. McConnell will most likely fight a Trump or Cruz as vigorously as he waves the white flag at the mere whisper of veto from Obama.

      • That would be nice. But there is little evidence of that.

        I am tired of cowardly pathetic hangers on who are not interested in doing their job — informing the public.

  10. I was turned off by the CNN claptrap beforehand, the Priebus blat, etc. I have seen this movie. I watched about 45 mins maybe–then could not stand it. I once said I would vote for Cruz, now will not, so it moved my little needle. Here is what I posted at WaPo.

    First, it is not possible to keep the entire country “safe.” The challenge is to eradicate as much of the recurring danger as possible and keep it to a dull roar. This does not involve making sand “glow” or bombing the hell out of someone on a one-time basis or banning a religion. This all or nothing thinking is the simplistic nonsense that REALLY bothers some of us–us meaning some Republicans, some conservatives, and some thinking people. Clearly, to me anyway, the Dems do not have a handle on this type of ongoing assymetric warfare. I would say Rubio comes closer with his emphasis on countering the social aspect and in consulting the military experts on the eradicating part. If Trump and now I am thinking, Cruz, are nominees–I have no party and will not vote. What a situation!

    PS Lindsey and his drink more and kill the bastards platform–now that I love.

  11. For the Swedish Lady’s consideration. And ours. It appears that the jihadis are sending threatening mail to Swedish citizens telling them to convert or else….

    Of course, this could never happen in Obama’s America. And the Republicans with no effort to stop the Syrian Refugees in recent legislation are not doing anything to help us either.

    • Listening to Glenn Beck right now and he was just in Sweden a few days ago.
      He just said that they are putting fliers on the front doors of the houses saying convert to Islam or we will kill you.
      You have three days.

      I hope Swedish Lady reports on this for us.

      He also said that the suburbs in Sweden are infested with Muslim communities.

  12. Curious. The other day I quickly saw a small headline (on Drudge I think) Kerry tells Russia Assad could stay.

    Does anyone know anything about this, or is/was it just unsubstantiated reporting? Or, a figment of my imagination?

  13. Interesting that most of the commentary is not an outrage over what Trump said. Hmmm, has he slipped into “accepted”? Also, from what I hear and did not see, he didn’t say anything particularly outrageous and was,some say, quite good.

    So, perhaps CNN’s tactic of ask about Trump’s position on the way to asking other nominees a question failed.

    • There is something about him that allows us to see and understand his ramblings.
      And, yes, he does ramble at times.

      He speaks to us, not at us. He understands the ‘other side’ and that is what we are to him – the others. We are not even in the same ballpark as this billionaire who has his own jet plane, but his deal-making makes him aware of what we want from the, well, deal he’s offering us.
      We want the border closed, illegals returned to their homeland, the rule of law – y’know the one they expect US to follow, and we want a President who will not bully us, but bully the world.

      He punctures the elected and deflates them like a cheap balloon with his remarks – he’s lazy, he’s stupid, he’s a loser. Those are the kind of things we all say out her in fly-over country about our disappointing elected officials.
      MrT is a marketing genius. While the other candidates are spending millions of dollars to find themselves at the bottom of the polls, he just floats with free advertising from the MSM.
      The MSM thinks by showcasing his statements that the public will turn against him, but they don’t realize it’s the MSM that we don’t like or trust.

      IMO, y’know.