As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream ||White House Briefing – December 15, 2015

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  1. Since Trump has p____ed off every voting consortium, Hispanics, Blacks, women, he is simply the best news Hillary has. The Republicans are right to fear him. Our only hope is Ted Cruz and can he beat Hillary?

  2. The longer Trumps hangs in the better it gets for Hillary (and it is already very good for her) I am afraid his base will get larger than it is and he will go 3rd party and then we are 100% screwed.

    fwiw I like Christie the best out of all of them, he could out debate Hillary imho
    sadly I don’t think he’ll get anywhere

    • I agree with you and Christie thoughts… If he could that charisma back that brought him to national attention, I would give Christie some more support…

      • Same here, he sure isn’t perfect but he CAN give hill a run for the money-you are right, he has the charisma

        he is back on the stage tonight – probably a bookend spot, we’ll see

  3. Anyone have a link to watch tonight’s debate online?

    I think CNN is offering it free but I don’t know plus going to one of those sites kills my speed

  4. Watching a little of the undercard debate on CNN a few minutes ago. What stands out in this foreign policy debate is the massive, destructive, idiotic, dangerous mess the Obama administration has created in international affairs. The candidates are scrambling all over the map trying to address the foreign policy issues Obama has created in his 7 years in office, and not having much luck.

  5. @grace no I am not a trump fan but I know a lot of people are. I am not a christie fan really either I just like him the best out of the lot

    (for some reason I can’t nest my comment under yours)