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Video || SNL: “George W. Bush” Discusses the Candidates

6 Responses to Video || SNL: “George W. Bush” Discusses the Candidates

  1. The liberals just can’t get over PresBush – the evil behind every horrible or disaster that happened in the last 7 1/2 years.
    That another, completely different man, was President during that time is obviously not relevant to them.

    Not funny, just mean-spirited.

  2. Only SNL could get a two-fer this way. Picking on the Rep candidates while also making fun of Bush. Let’s see them do Obama critiquing Hillary and Sanders….
    yeah right.


    • Sorry didn’t see your comment. I agree. There is a whole it’s of them he could have made comments on. They could have done a a whole show on it.

  3. I love Will Ferrell’s George Bush parodies. I’ll bet GWB does too.
    He has a wicked sense of humor.

    Why is it that Trump can mock the GOP candidates and no one cries foul? SNL is supposed to be comedy and does lean heavily to the left. Trump is not a comedian, and he mocks the GOP out of his mean spiritedness. Sometimes I wonder whose side he’s on.

    Trump hardly ever mocks Obama and Hillary. Why not?