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Video || It’s Still not “Islamic Terrorism” at the White House

And it never will be, because to do so would admit that President Obama had it wrong and wasn’t identifying the threat.

9 thoughts on “Video || It’s Still not “Islamic Terrorism” at the White House”

  1. After some thought, it doesn’t matter what MrO or any of his minions say – we know what it is.
    Poll after poll shows that Americans know the danger, know who is responsible, and even if MrO was to say the words, we’d just shrug.

    He thinks we, the American public, are racist, domestic terrorists, stupid, needing of direction from our betters in DC and again, we just shrug.
    We expect nothing from him. We get nothing.

    1. After seven years posing as POTUS and CIC, you would think Obama would have grown in stature – just a smidgeon.
      Never happened.
      He is, and always will be, a community agitator.

  2. This is what happens when 50 years of liberal control of public education creates enough brain dead voters that they elect a President who is American on paper only. His heart and soul (if he has them) lies with the Castro’s, Chavez’s, and Muslim Brotherhood’s of the world. In his mind he is too big to be contained by the constraints of a Constitution written over 200 years ago by imperialist white slave owners.

    1. I am very let down with Congress as well. They have a job do and they have failed. I is a prime example of why we have Three Branches of Govt. I am 54. I had my family to teach me as well. I could duscuss current events, ask questions about history.

  3. It will never be Islamic Terrorism. Hey, we’re lucky we have graduated to “terrorists” and “terror” in the US.


    No matter, re. Obama’s ridiculous trip to Pentagon (where I think he got some pushback) this article is useful in identifying people and who is in “command” of what. It is short. And at the end, notes Obama’s “contribution” to global warming. :)

  4. awwww the little barry has spoken, or so they say. I feel so much better that he is headed to the Islands for a big long undeserved vacation.

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