As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Tuesday, December 15, 2015

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
11:25 am || Delivers remarks at a naturalization ceremony; The National Archives Building, Washington
12:30 pm || Lunch with Biden

Live stream of White House briefing at 12:30 pm

44 Responses to Obama Schedule || Tuesday, December 15, 2015

  1. And then play golf, spend more taxpayer dollars on frivolous stuff, circumvent our Congress, shred our Constitution, and continue to aid and abet our enemies! Nice schedule for the traitor in chief! I do look forward to be day when you are tried for treason, convicted, and put in a nice orange jumper at Gitmo!
    Sic Semper Tyrannis

    • He could start by fixing those scuff marks he made on that historic desk with his filthy shoes. Question: do we think he ever fixed his scuff marks on anything, or cleaned up a mess he made, or picked up his socks, or painted a living room wall, or repaired a light socket, or cleaned out a garage, or took out the garbage, or framed a picture, or planted a vegetable garden or….well, you get the idea of the question.

    • He has no respect for that desk. He couldn’t even be bothered to sit behind it during his Oval Office address last week…instead, he stood in front of it at a podium, “lecturer-in-chief” that he is.

  2. Why bother with the ‘naturalization ceremony’? He would be better off standing at the border in Tijuana, Mexico, welcomog all of his illegal Mexican and Muslim amigos!

  3. It would be interesting to see just how many taking part in that “Naturalization Ceremony” who are Moo-Slime or “Wetback” – I’m bettin’ those who aren’t, ya’ can count on one hand.

  4. I swear, I’m really beginning to think that ISIS could set off a nuclear bomb in Times Square on New Year’s Eve and Obama would blame Republicans for recruiting the bomber and the rest of America for offending him to the breaking point.
    On another note, a follow up to the bulk cell phone purchases and propane tank robberies down here in my area:
    The cell phones no look to be part of a trafficking ring where they are purchased cheap here and then shipped off elsewhere where they bring a higher price and a hefty profit. (Looks like capitalism isn’t racist after all.)

    Haven’t heard anymore on the propane tanks other than this:

    Basically makes sense. Why would a terrorist cell draw attention stealing tanks they can buy cheaply? It’s also heading into the colder part of the year here and could be nothing more than a few a holes trying to get their heating for free this winter.

    Will let ya know if find out anything else.

  5. Obama just threw Sec. Johnson under the bus admonishing that we should have been monitoring public information on social media. As if the directives are not being dictated by our incompetent and dangerous Commander!

    • Jeh Johnson will suffer any indignity in service of Barack Obama. What he will not do is keep our country safe. Jeh Johnson should have been removed a long time ago.

      But the Republicans are not doing so well on that end either. Last Friday Paul Ryan wined and dined Nancy Pelosi.

      Well, it did not pay off for American citizens concerned with national security. …Republicans have secured the lifting of a decades-old ban
      on exporting U.S. oil. But, GOP attempts to insert language into the
      bill to impose tougher controls on Syrian and Iraqi refugees were

      Read more:

      As you said, social media is not even used to vet illegals, refugees and others wanting to enter the country. Yet Tashfeen Malik used it to advocate jihad. And she succeeded. 14 families will be mourning their loved ones over the holidays. Congress will be home with theirs.

    • Reply to @Gracepmc:
      About the CA families who are mourning the loss of their loved ones – how do they bear knowing their lives were taken for some insane religious mindset?

      We’ve talked about the survivors – the people that the terrorist shared an office with 5 days a week, for years. They returned to work and saw all the empty desks. The people they knew and shared social events with are gone forever.
      Those who were wounded or just in the building are most likely suffering from PTSD and will for years.

      • It is just so sad.

        With Hanukkah ending and Christmas beginning I just pray for all these people that they can find some comfort in the memories and love and support of other family and friends. And, as you say, the resulting PTSD and trauma for years.

        I am ashamed of the nation’s visible concern for these victims. And the media is just disgraceful Few of us even know their names. We can only hope that their communities have honored these lives.

        At least Hillary promised to get the videographer. Obama — and those who are supposed to protect us –nothing.

        And I hate the fact that Obama might stop by on the way to Hawaii — to use them this way is despicable. Sorry for the rant — it infuriates me.

  6. Ah, a day of “Delivers Remarks” awaits the Prince of Waffles. Delivering remarks.

    Is there an occupational code for that profession? Like, “Remarks, Deliverer Of –OC294H62. An occupation which often leads to political office. Must be well versed in the arts of Bravo Sierra, word tangling and faux sincerity. Able to create an impression of intellectual superiority while offering no empirical evidence of anything verifiable on the topic being addressed.”

    • Plus some doc said Trump’s health was Yuge! Best ever. Highest health poll. The man is 69. Remember when Obama’s doc said he’d be a nifty president–and now he looks so pale and wan, he’s hardly even half-black. A new British study out says elected officials age faster than mortals…something in dog years…nah, I made that last part up.