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Live Stream || Obama Delivers a Statement on ISIS

Obama’s statement has concluded.

44 Responses to Live Stream || Obama Delivers a Statement on ISIS

  1. Today Zero declares ISIS fighters must register their guns. Assault weapons must have non detachable magazines per California current law. Mags can hold no more than 10 rounds.
    New or newly acquired guns must go thru a Fed licensed dealer with a 10 day waiting period.
    Problem solved.
    Oh sorry that’s just for USA citizens. Muslims exempt.

  2. “I just had a chance to meet with my National Security Advisers. After they introduced themselves to me, we got down to some serious business…”

  3. He thanked the military for their service with as much sincerity as I would thank the policeman for giving me a speeding ticket.
    He can’t even fake it anymore, he’s a disgrace to the office.

      • But I dont see the current brass (Gens/Adms) having the balls to stand up to the Obama regime…
        If they cared about the defense of the USA or their Service they would speak out (i.e. -MacArthur or -‘Revolt of the Admirals’ in the 1950s)and not be so concerened about being so PC and protecting their Flag perks & comforts.

        • Butt..LS, the brass may have seen threats we are not aware of and care about their families lives.
          Remember Judge Roberts look when he left the WH after discussing ACA with 0 & his buds?

          • Threats? What happened to being brave and standing up to a mouse like this one? If he threatens why don’t they have him arrested? Who are they kidding? They just go along to get along, no more brave men anymore??? What happened to our brave men? Iblame those who do not stand up, not the mouse anymore, Republicans and military what has happened to you, Repubs, etc. are no beter than the socialist communist dems???

  4. Where’s the fire, Barry??? He’s rattling his ‘speech’ off so fast, he has no clue as to what he is reading.
    There. He’s finished. Hightails it out of there so fact, he took no questions, as usual.
    Empty suit exits stage.
    That’s all folks!

    • You’re right, I didn’t make the connection.
      I’d guess the meeting didn’t go his way – which is no way- but the military brass and his security team advocated stronger moves than he wants.

    • Interesting that he didn’t bother to introduce anyone up there with him. (Unless I missed it). And no questions. As you say, it was him reading something or other, and then a hightail. He absolutely did not want to do this. Zoom. I’m done. Check.

      Who was that masked man?

  5. Immediate reactions to Obama’s little speech:
    1. He did not want to be there.
    2. Sober, ticked off, deadly serious military people around him. Not a happy bunch.
    3. Said nothing of substance, nothing we didn’t already know.
    4. Photo op opportunity, nothing more.

    And another thought comes to mind. Obama was clearly not happy, uplifting, convincing or to be taken seriously in that speech. He read it like he would read the names in a phone book. He was ticked. I’m wondering if he got his royal ass handed to him in the meeting before the speech. I’m wondering if those military guys let him have it with both barrels after putting up with Obama’s dithering for seven years, Obama’s lack of respect for their plans, strategies and advice for how to deal with the ME, ISIS and all that goes with it.

    Just wondering. There was something else going on behind the scenes there.

    • I didn’t see it Marcus, but you may be correct.
      However, I doubt whether Obama will take criticism from the brass without taking names.
      He tends to be vindictive.

      • True. He’s vindictive and he takes names. The only checkmate they have is to tell him they know stuff about him that would be, let’s say, very embarrassing if it got out. It might, in fact, destroy him, politically. And I have no doubt they do. Whether they would use it or not, is another question. The soap opera continues.

        • It won’t get out.
          His records are sealed.
          Any of the Brass that would attempt to expose Obama will be immediately dismissed.

          They know who and what they are up against.

  6. Obama: “As we squeeze its heart we’ll make it harder for ISIL to sell its propaganda to the world,”

    I’m not as worried about their “propaganda” as their brutal and savage killings. It’s frightening this man, our preezy, is so disconnected from reality.

    • Won’t be satisfied until his ass is in jail. I trust no one to do the right thing in this Administration, and unfortunately, increasingly in the military — unless the Pentagon briefing demeanor is an indication of a turn on the part of the military.

    • With a little time. Congrats to Gen. Abrams. This took guts. I hope he is, and I suspect he is prepared for this to be his last command. Obama will punish him.

      On the other hand, this might even be a part of Obama’s demeanor at the Pentagon. Knew he was going to lose the Bergdahl battle — previous guy wanted him brought up on lesser charges with no jail time. Abrams went all the way — Desertion and Misbehavior.

      Now let’s hope someone at DHS and CIA and DIA and State — someone of heft — to address what is not being done to vet illegals and others entering the country. Another peep or two from the Pentagon from Obama’a degrade and destroy game would be great as well.