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Saturday Open Thread || December 12, 2015

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  1. 7 years later what have we discovered.

    Gay agenda push = Obumerzero really is gay.

    Muslims can do no wrong = Zero really is a Muslim.

    Jumps on every black shooting = He hates whites

    White house advisers are mostly radicals = zero is a radical

    Bows to Saudi’s = They are better than us and Zero

    CIA forms ISIS = Bummer pretends to attack them while arming them.

    IRS scandal = Ozero is a crook
    Benghazi video = whole admin is a lier

    Attack on guns = help his muslim buddies to attack you and me.

    Well that is more than enough but yet there is far more!

  2. Open thread–want to hear a weird story? I got an email from a woman saying she had a bible that contained my parents’ wedding date and names (which she knew–how she found me–my mother’s obit was on one of my sites). Also a family history back to 1830. Her mother had bought it in a thrift store over 35 yrs ago and asked her to find the owner…Yesterday she said it called to her, she took it off the shelf, googled in five mins had me. I can’t wait to see it. Love the intertubes!

  3. We are facing more bubbles. In stocks,cars and in Housing. Its going to be 2008 again only much worse.

    Buy guns, food, ammo. You might need them in the months ahead.

  4. I watched a cook do that very same thing.
    He opened a pack of ramen, sprinkled the flavor packet on them and crunch. Yikes!
    Chinese chef with his own program and restaurant, go figure.
    High bp, have to watch sodium intake, same with sugar. Had some beautiful tomatoes come in this year and threw caution to the wind. BLT’s 3 times in 1 week.

  5. OK you vet’s & non in military families.
    Army Navy game. Army ahead by 3 in 3rd quarter. Any gamblers out there?
    Cold drink Army takes it.