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Video || Go to College – With Michelle and Jay Pharaoh

Uh, well, not everybody needs to go to college. Maybe they should have titled this, “Rack up some debt.”

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  1. And this is how you will turn out.

    D Souza at Amherst. And this is one of the better ones — Amherst let him speak, and the student actually used words that were in the dictionary as those commonly found on the street or among the supporters of BLM.

    The young man is bright, he is just brain washed. I don’t see him leaving his white privileged Amherst any time soon.

    This video is stupid, Michelle can’t dance, and of course, it is the stupid white kids that are going to hang out and not go to college. Couldn’t fit another piece of propaganda in here. But hey — Mooch — singing and dancing. There is that.

  2. Can’t bear to watch the Moose on the Loose…
    Judging from her thesis, she was not benefitting from an education – she was honing her activist skills.

    *** Still wondering why she surrendered her law license after only 2-3 years. Has she ever been questioned about that? She can’t blame it on ‘raising her daughters’ – the first one wasn’t born until 7 yrs after her ‘marriage’.

  3. Mooch “dances”, Obama golfs, and families have memorial services for loved ones in San Bernadino today. Guess he can’t make it to sing Amazing Grace and mourn with these people because that does not serve his political message. Instead he spoke about his climate change “deal” which probably has all the legitimacy of his Iran deal — non binding and without signatures.

    Personally I don’t care what the heck the Obamas do, but in his capacity as President of the United States I do think it is disgraceful when he makes every effort to attend services for blacks who died at the hands of the police without adequate investigation as to what actually happened. In San Bernadino there is no doubt what happened and he can only drag his sorry ass as far as the golf course.

  4. I finally had a stable enough stomach where I thought I could watch this. It is typical of this administration to present the white kids as the dummies. If it were reversed, holy crud, there would just be gnashing of teeth and heads spinning 720+ degrees.

    However, this is the first action that suggests part of a real solution to our cultural decay that I have seen from the FLOTUS, ever.

    There is the question of whether the fed should be spending money on this in the first place, but that train left the station for much worse offenses a looong time ago, and it is the dems that hypnotized their voter base into stupidity over the last 4 decades.

    The principal that this supports is this: If you want to make more money, make your personal skill set more valuable. I can’t find fault in that.