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Video || Chris Cuomo Suggests Carly Fiorina Responsible for Shooting

Chris Cuomo, son of the former liberal governor of New York and brother of the current liberal governor of New York, has been given the job of hosting a supposedly unbiased program by a supposedly unbiased network. And so here’s the result.

This is why there’s a Fox News.

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16 Responses to Video || Chris Cuomo Suggests Carly Fiorina Responsible for Shooting

    • Ohio is in the process of defunding PP in the state.
      It has been discovered that they were disposing of the fetal tissue in landfills.
      They are ghouls and monsters.

  1. “The View” looks to be in charge of the daily “Dump Trump” campaign. Why shouldn’t CNN get their share of the pot shots at the GOP?

  2. GOP needs to give up on the Prolife BS. Over 50 percent of the peeps want to be able to Abort. Pro choice sells and they are too stupid to go with it.

    The Donald is looking like a winner and need to go with that too. Not Dole or Mccain or Romney. Peeps like that are losers!

    • According to Gallup (May 2015), 29% believe abortion should be “Legal under any circumstances”, whereas 51% believe it should be “Legal only under certain circumstances.”

      The question that should be asked of every Dem is if they support late-term abortions…Gallup polls show that 80% of Americans reject third trimester abortions, and over 60% reject second trimester abortions.

        • Oh, okay, they’re all just being PC.

          Back to reality…yes, it’s the law of the land, but opinions are changing, especially with ultrasounds where folks now actually hear the heartbeat and see that the baby looks like a human being from early on. And the late-term aspect is significant – that’s what the Planned Parenthood videos were all about.

  3. Not surprising at all. When FOX gets tiresome, and it does, switching to CNN gives another dimension to partisan views.
    JakeTapper started with great promise, but now talks in the same cadence as WolfBlitzer.
    Their bias against all things conservative or even vaguely not progressive is glaring and offensive.

    What was once a respected international news entity has devolved into a clone of MSNBC et al.
    Personal observation: if one listened only to CNN, one would think MrTrump was the only Repub running for President. They ignore DrCarson, SenCruz, for the most part and the lower tier all the time.
    They promote GovChristie for some reason – maybe geography – y’know- NewYorkCity-NewJersey.

  4. Have never watched one minute of the Cuomo morning show. The entire family reeks of corruption.

    So glad that FOX finally fired Allison Camerato (sp). She finally got her dream job at CNN. She is liberal to the bone.