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Video || Who Cares What ISIS Wants??

One thing I really don’t get: Whether you support sending troops to destroy ISIS or not, what’s the point of saying we shouldn’t do it because it’s what ISIS wants us to do, as President Obama and many others have done.

The presupposition here is that ISIS would win, right? That we’d be playing right into their hands. Even Obama thinks so.

The only way ISIS would win is if, as we often do in foreign engagements, we don’t make enough of a commitment to victory. It’s reasonable to debate whether it is worth sending our men and women over there to fight and die.

But there’s no question in my mind about whether they could do the job, even if our president has his doubts.

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  1. Agree. There is a lot of shaky thinking going on at the moment. If you don’t have a plan, then you need to go along with Trump’s idea. If you send “Crusaders” into the Middle East, it will stir things up (like they are not stirred up). Obama has a plan. you just can’t detect it, dummy. Better keep out all Muslims to be on the safe side. ETC.

  2. So Obama is fully in line with ISIS’s propaganda, it looks like. Don’t really take on ISIS and squish them because then, you know, they might get really mad at us. I think we understand now.

  3. If we went over there with Obama-typical rules of engagement, we probably would lose, or certainly lose more of our soldiers than we would really need to. While I think we should send troops, I don’t think we should send them until we have a real leader who will send them in to win.

  4. Not one American life should be sacrificed for the limp-wristed pantywaist who has the audacity to call himself CIC.

    We could have taken out the bulk of the “JV Team” two yrs ago when they were on the road to Iraq. They numbered somewhere around 1000 in those days.

    Just let Putin take care of business.

  5. No, no troops in the MiddleEast or anywhere to fight religious fanatics of any religion – or political beliefs.
    Let them fight it out, Muslim vs Muslim, in their own homelands.
    Close our borders. Stop immigrations from everywhere. Do what it takes to find and isolate the evil-doers already here in the US.
    Protect us, protect the USA.

    We fought there, twice already. Both times we spent our treasure, lost so many of our own, and all we got was more grief, more agony.
    The US military has too many rules, too many PC tactics to fight a modern war.

    Let Russia with it’s brutal, winner take all, kill them all, and take over the country attitudes do the job. Their only ROE is to win at any cost, and that’s what it’s going to take when fighting a force that thinks death is an honor – just as the old Japanese military installed in their fighters.

    When your house is on fire, there’s no sense trying to put out the forest fire. Protect our own ‘house’ first.

    • That sounds good but you have to eradicate them, otherwise they will just come back again, like cockroaches.
      They have been on this march for 1400 years.
      This president will not allow the eradication of radical Islamic Muslims.
      Therefore, we need to elect one who will.

    • 3 things:
      First, srdem, if I’m in a hurry, I scan the comments for yours and read them. I think you are a wise person.
      Second, regarding CIC setting stupid rules of engagement, I’d love to (at least) hear one of these arrogant narcissistic jackarse candidates say they would only give the ‘go’ order, then defer the details of (the proposed) military engagement to the military leaders, since they are trained to run a military campaign.
      Third, I saw a Jeb mud-slinging commercial. It really ticked me off. Their collective ignorance of the cause of Trump’s popularity is idiotic. Politics as usual is all they know, and all they can do. They’re all fired! Enough is enough.

    • Agree on the shakiness or seeming shakiness of the investigation–it’s like they are waiting for something else to push it off the headlines. If the police were on the radio using the name Farook while the shooting was happening–as reported by Cavuto–then something needs to be looked into better.

  6. Barry shouldn´t even think about sending anyone or anything over there, well, maybe he could go himself, singing Kumbaya and preaching about gay rights to ISIS.They sure need it. Saddam, Khadaffi, Mubarak, like them or not, but the West should never have helped toppling them. And Assad, like him or not, should not be toppled either. In fact, he should be supported. Syria was one of the few multi-religious countries in this region, with a leader educated in Britain with a western-looking wife. Why is this a worse country than for example Saudi with their depraved kings, medieval laws and public decapitations en masse ? Assad has asked Russia, and only Russia, for help so it is the Syrian Army and Russia that should fight ISIS in Syria . But who fights ISIS in Iraq and Libya ? The result of Barrys disastrous US foreign politics is probably that ISIS is growing in the anarchy in these countries.

      • Sorry – computer glitch.

        Re Assad: I am always reminded of the incestuous relationship between Michelle and Barack with Vogue editor, Anna Wintour.
        There was a full cover spread of MO shortly after she assumed the throne. Several followed.

        At or around the same timek, Wintour also did a huge cover spread on the Assads! It was quite lovely, actually.

        That said, I agree with you 100% on the removal of Assad and his disastrous removal of OUR dictators, Ghadaffi and Mubarek.
        Sadaam never should have been toppled either.

        Obama’s support of Morsi was so telling. He is also a card-carrying member of the MB, IMO. Should have been ousted from power, along with Morsi.

        Unfortunately, it has taken seven long years expose Obama for what he really is – a traitor of the highest order. Something most of us knew from the beginning.

        • Thank you, Girly, so happy that you agree.
          I remember the Vogue-spread, and oh, how nervous Wintour was , choosing so “wrong”, so not PC, at least according to the Obamas. Actually, you can find interviews with Assad on the Net that somehow never, ever are published in Western media. He analyzes the situation and the events in his tormented region in a very analytic and intelligent way. I don´t think that grinning Teleprompter-Barry ever could do that. I do not think that he has much understanding of foreign politics although he obviously has some core beliefs, about Muslims for example. But he is probably led by others. And to think that his deputy, the violent, heartless , untrustworthy Hillary was his advisor for many years. What a pair.

    • I’ve pretty much given up on the GOP. Sen Flake is back in town for the weekend (how nice they can travel on our $) and was interviewed on the news about the wonderful experience he and his family had visiting a Scottsdale mosque.

      Then he blathered on about Trump and ended with this:

      “I think Republicans are smart and will come around. I don’t think Donald Trump will be our nominee and I am grateful for that.”

      So, I guess I am not smart because I will not come around. I’d vote for Trump over Hillary any day.

      • Normally I would agree. But Democrat Party has changed with Obama, Blue Dogs and Moderates have been purged, hard core leftist ideologues like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid remain. There is no walking across the aisle for them unless their fingers are crossed. Pelosi will use everything she got, and Ryan will assume he is making progress and give the Democrats something in return for the pleasure of her company. No Star. It was called walking across the aisle, that no longer exists. Perhaps it will return.