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Video || Obama: “That’s Not Who We Are”

The lecturer-in-chief tries to drill it into us.

I really don’t think he knows who we are, and that’s been the problem all along.

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  1. “I really don’t think he knows who we are, and that’s been the problem all along.”

    Hello Mr. Trump, he knows who “we” are. I much prefer bombastic over bafflespeak. :D

  2. Jimmy Carter in 1979 placed a moratorium on Iranian immigration and gave Iranian students one month to report to local Immigration Office.
    That led deportation of 7,000 here illegally.

  3. Who is this “we” he refers to anyway – The Chicago political crowd he kanoodled with, the Black community he tried to organize, or the zillionaires he hangs with now?
    The “we” that we associate with go to houses of worship that promote love and peace, they celebrate the 4th of July and honor the American flag, we love parades, football games, car races and worry about the electric bill or college expenses for the kids.

    We do not love illegal aliens of any stripe or nationality, nor do we approve of giving them rights they don’t deserve.
    We’d like to keep our hard-earned money to spend on OUR family, not the family of illegal aliens or people who come here to kill us.
    “We” assume if we fail in life that it’s our fault for not trying harder, not the fault of someone else.

    “We” call ourselves Americans, not hypen-Americans.

  4. The question I have ……Who is we? LOL

    I am curious if anyone has heard what is the departure date for his much deserved (sarcasm) holiday trip to Hawaii? I wonder f he will fly over San Bernardino………

    • Well, not exactly. The Branch Davidians in Waco TX were blown up then burnt down by the Feds who didn’t like what they were doing.
      Then we have certain Mormon sects that were outlawed across the land.

      America has a history of actively discouraging religions that make virtual slaves out of women, and/or use children as sex objects – oh…wait…..would that be the basic Muslim tenets?
      We also don’t bide with husbands killing their wives or daughters for not being , um, observant enough…oh…wait…would that be the basic Muslim way?

      We don’t hold with abusive husbands or child marriages or whatever they call them. The very bedrock of Islam is the man’s , um, needs are paramount.
      Their idea of Heaven is not peace and love, a meeting of those lost, but rather a sexual orgy with anonymous virgins.
      They are not who “we” are, for sure.

      • The problem is, the vast majority of Muslims do not do or believe the things you mention…much less act on those beliefs with violence. Do Christians do everything it says to in the bible–no. Do Muslims do everything in the Koran–no. My friends (doctors’ wives in Atlanta) don’t..The king of Jordan’s son at Georgetown does not…I had Muslim neighbors for 8 yrs–and no people came and went. I knew a Saudi guy in college–his fam was fabbie rich and he was crabby–but was he assoc with Osama…doubt it.

    • We can close the country to any race, religion, group of people that is deemed dangerous to the welfare of the country. This is not, not, about religion it is about national security. Religion here is just a strawman.

  5. US Code 1182, passed in 1952 by Democratic controlled Congress, House and Senate and signed by a Democratic president.
    ” Suspension of entry or imposition of restrictions by President.”
    Whenever the President finds that the entry of ANY aliens or CLASS of aliens into the United States would be DETRIMENTAL to the interest of the United States, the President may by PROCLAMATION and for such period as HE shall deem necessary suspended the entry of all aliens or ANY class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants or impose on the entry any restriction HE may deem appropriate.
    Where is Trump wrong?
    Bad law? Repeal it.
    Emphasis mine, homework by Rush Limbaugh.

      • Repeal it if there’s so many “loopholes”
        But it seems clear to me, it reads “the President”
        The guy that’s supposed to have our back.

      • Sharia Law is against our Constitution.
        Female genital mutilation is against our Constitution.
        Stoning women for adultery is against our Constitution.
        Not allowing women to get an education is against our Constitution.

        You let enough of these cockroaches in here, this Nation will cease to be what our Founders envisioned it to be.

        Trump is right.
        Stop it before it manifests itself into a cancer that cannot be fixed.

        • Those are rationalizations–we either have laws or not. Let’s make the laws work better…I had one idea somewhere on here…I think we need way better execution of our present systems or to change those systems. I still support a ban on refugees from the place where Daesh exists–the mother ship, if you will. But no matter what we do-determined bad guys will still get in or are here already. Same for some blanket ban.

  6. Carson’s new “health” idea is to start Medicare at age 70–will eliminate a lot of poor old people, that for sure. Incl your humble commenter here. Or you can get $2K for an HSA–that’s tips for the cab to the hospital over and over.

    • 70! OMG!
      What is he thinking.
      I just got Medicare, and I would have to wait another 5 years under his new health idea.
      Come on Doc, give us a real break.

  7. Trump also said with the jihadists using the internet, we should talk to Bill Gates or someone who knows about this to see if parts of it “could be closed up.” Anyone worried about freedom of speech, he added, was a foolish person. People who know about the internet said it’s impossible to shut parts down…It’s designed to withstand nuclear war…

    • “People who know about the internet said it’s impossible to shut parts down…It’s designed to withstand nuclear war…”

      That’s BS.
      If you can find their website, you can shut it down.

      • He wasn’t talking about “their” 400 websites or whatever–he meant the dark web or whatever they call that…Or maybe Facebook? Since they use that? As usual, he was not specific…

      • We’ve spent untold billions of dollars finding these websites, monitoring them, collecting information, sorting it all out, etc. We know exactly who “they” are and where they are and what they are up to. And still, Obama refuses to shut them down, which, I agree, we could very easily do. Like THAT! He refuses to do so, therein exposes who he really is. Again.

  8. Who is this person “Hoo Wee-Are” that he keeps referring to, and is he/she Hispanic or Asian?

    If we knew that, it could substantially whittle down the possible suspects and finally he could say – “That’s Hoo Wee-Are, over at the table by the kitchen door!”.

  9. Star,I wasn’t arguing the merits of the law, but the law, passed by the Democratics in 1952 is nothing different than what Trump is proposing, yet he and the Republicans are being demonzied for the same idea.
    When I use the words argue or argument, its in the court of law usage.

    • Oh–I thought you meant this could be used to ban a “class” of aliens–and that class would be Muslims. I misspoke then, sorry. Miswrote? Mistyped? As for that being Dems and Dems now condemning Trump, I think inconsistency is probably who we are now.

    • We can go back to the 1790 Naturalization Act, to 1882 (disallowing the immigration of those likely to become wards of the state), to the Emergency Immigration Act of 1921 legal find authority to restrict immigration for a variety of reasons. And we have done so many times in our history, as have other countries. Trump has broken no new ground here, for goodness sake.

      Here’s a short, quick history of restricted immigration to the US and other countries.

  10. No, Obama definitely has no earthly idea who Americans are. He is living in a world of his own making that has nothing to do with reality. He is a very stupid man.

    • It’s what Obama REALLY thinks we are that makes him so dangerous and off tune.

      Based on his own words and actions over the past seven years, Obama truly believes we are a racist, evil nation which has caused death and mayhem all over the world. He is the ONE to fix that, in his world view. He’s going to teach us a lesson.

      We, in ObamaWorld, are a gun-toting, maniacal, killing society, intolerant of all who are “different”. Obama and his associates truly believe we constantly attack Muslims in this country and have caused Blacks to hide in ghettos because they are terrified of us. We bring disease and disaster everywhere we go. We are selfish, out of touch and deeply unappreciative of all Obama has done to help us become world citizens. And that makes Obama very angry.

      Well, you get the idea. Obama treats us like ignorant swill because that’s what he thinks we are. He was trained to think that way since he was a child. And he will never change.

  11. He is so full of himself it’s spilling over. Before it was an irritant, an amusement, an Oh Obama, get over yourself. Now, it is full blown belief that he is above the law, the Constitution, any enforceable “thing” in the US system and that only his word and his word alone means anything and that “Americans” know this and will follow him to the ends of the earth and then fall gratefully into the great arms of “promises”. Yeah, he makes about as much sense as I do. He knows nothing about what Americans are other that he hates us.

  12. I’ve been down this road before with bubba Clinton trying to define what is is…now it’s what ever the heck “we” are…Barry has no clue about anything other than Me! We is not in his vocabulary

  13. And Michelle is rapping about going to college. I think they will be even more insufferable when he leaves office.

    I only hope to live long enough to read the books that reveal what has really been going on this past 8 years. How is it that ValJar and her muslim background seems to hold The One captive? What was given Michelle to keep her from divorcing The One after the first term? How weird has private life been in the White House? How many historic treasures will this couple steal from the WH in the name of reparations for slavery?

  14. You can blame the Southern border crisis on the both political parties, but mainly the Democratic administration. Since the abandonment of Article 1, section 8 of the Constitution Obama has used executive orders and crucified the US Border Patrol for doing their job, and then for interior enforcement ICE who have had their hands tied. The surge of illegal immigrant children continued unabated in November, pushing the Obama administration to announce emergency measures to try to handle a problem it thought it had solved earlier this year. The morale on the border agent has dropped to an all time low, owing to the signal throughout Central and South America that you will not be turned away.

    Corruption in Washington is evident, with the wealthy donors running the same old game with nothing for the American worker. I only trust in Donald Trump to bring order to government; stopping the bleeding of jobs out of the country and the rising numbers of businesses slipping away to low tax and wages in foreign countries. He will revitalize our countries economy as businesses return or find themselves paying extra taxes for sending their products to consumer America. Currently our country sinks under a serious federal deficit, while many nations have had a wonderful existence on the US dollar will begin to realize we are no longer an easy target.

    More jobs for Americans and legal immigrants of all races, will stabilize a country fallen into a mild form of anarchy. Civil unrest in our cities is to me the main reason for ordinary people remain in stagnant hopelessness of no jobs. Everybody will pay their fair share in taxes, with no corporate welfare anymore. Everybody will pay something, with no exemptions. Trumps wall will stem the rushing tide of millions of more foreigners, no longer welcome under Obamas open door policy. We need to look after our own. The people who truly need aid are our seniors and our military damaged armed forces, which Obama has decimated or ignored. Go to the dark streets and you would be numbed by old servicemen just discarded like trash. Trump will build our military to be our greatest asset and even bypassing the Chinese forces numbers and dwarfing there scale of weaponry.

    Donald Trump will be a real leader and not carrying any extra baggage as Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush. Trump may be a billionaire and a real estate developer but cannot be influenced by affluent donations. His interest is making as he says “America Great Again’ instead of draining our resources as this government has done.

    Just two months into the new fiscal year, the amount of unaccompanied children jumping the border and getting caught is at an all-time high. So far, the U.S. Border Patrol has picked up over 10,500 — more than twice the number at the same point last year.

    Also the number of families trying to cross has surged, with more than 12,500 people caught — a 173 percent increase over last year all thanks to this un-America President who has forced on the citizenry and lawful immigrants in the Department of the Politically Correct Police to expose the Liberal effort to transform the people into cringing slaves by using racism as a raw fulcrum. The family surge is accentuated the changing nature of the flow of migrants, with parents progressively more risking the journey with young offspring in tow, hoping to take advantage of what they believe are compassionate deportation policies under President Obama.

    There is immense fault to go around, but the bottom line is the cost. These people are poor and uneducated and YOU the people are forced by federal and state law to intend to all their needs. We know the expenses entailed are the same as any human being, who in many cases must be cared for until they die. Our population is exploding, while our federal deficit keeps rising. The near 19 Trillion dollars are scary with no end in sight, with our own elderly retirees suffering, old soldiers, and our own share of homelessness. It will not happen under Trumps watch that for sure.

    The Liberals may make a few converts through their lies, but I am not stupid to fall for their pledges of free giveaways. We already have too many Americans, who are too lazy to take a job, while there is an ever increasing load on individuals who do work, but cannot bring enough in to feed the family. My ex wife has two adult children who spends all day playing video games and smoking pot, but hopefully under trump these “deadbeats” will be cut off from welfare and will have to fend for themselves. It’s hard for me to take, when after spending 26 years on cargo ships, carrying munitions for the military.

    Illegal immigration usually surges in the spring then drops in the summer and remains low through the winter months. This year the movement has defied that tendency, leaving the Obama Homeland Security scrambling to invigorate its ability to handle a problem that Homeland Security officials hoped was behind them.

    “We continue to aggressively work to secure our borders, address underlying the causes, which concurs with this administrations pressure to overrun our nation with illegal aliens as new Democratic voters. Until we perceive a new presidency the future with a useless President who cares so much more for his legacy and not the populace. The future looks dismal with this present government, but their might be a spark of hope? Increases in illegal migration, while ensuring that those with legitimate humanitarian claims are afforded the opportunity to seek protection,” U.S. Customs and Border Protection said in a statement.

    The numbers of illegal aliens is forever growing and something must be done and soon? As we enter the final year of a bungling president and his entourage we must choose a new president. For me that’s Donald Trump; his statements are straight forward, to the fact and not applied in a smooth tongued way as the 2016 pack. To me his greatest positive feature is his thick skin, against the continuous attack by the Left and Right. The other contenders are governed by there wealthy owners, who donate all the money to the crusade of keeping the power in a small group of financiers who the Hillary Clintons, Jeb Bush’s are beholden too.

    The surge of Central American women and children began several years ago and peaked in May and June last year, when more than 20,000 were caught at the U.S.-Mexico border every month. By the end of last year, the numbers had dropped abruptly and Homeland Security officials were confident that they had solved the dilemma, but with a widely open border the rush of illegal aliens with undermanned Border Patrol have their limits.

    The numbers have climbed increasingly this year, however, and November’s 5,615 illegal immigrant children caught at the border is the highest monthly total since June 2014, when some 10,508 were detained. Among families, the 6,476 people apprehended in November — mostly women with young children — were the most since July 2014, when 7,436 were apprehended. The vast majority of unaccompanied children and families come from three Central American countries: El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala.

    Under Obama administration policy, illegal immigrant children from countries other than Mexico or Canada cannot be sent home promptly. Instead, they must be processed and sent to live in municipal homes or with sponsors, awaiting court dates that often don’t arrive for years. This is the making of overpopulation and although we are a reasonable people, fervent and a nation of philanthropist people, we just cannot keep taking the waifs and strays anymore. We must have Donald Trumps wall and an more immediate recruitment of border patrol men and women and not just on the Southern Border, but our Canadian border as well to prevent (ISIL) terrorist from entry that way. Additionally we have heinous criminals crossing the border regions, and at the same time through Obamas orders, the Dept of Corrections is releasing thousands of them. And now we have the killing butchers from areas of the middle east, ready to massacre large groups of people.

    We must demand an army of ICE personnel to stop business owners hiring millions of illegal aliens instead of Americans and future citizens who are not finding jobs; they are instead given to unauthorized workers. Our only tool for this is MANDATORY E-VERIFY, not some limp Optional preference for companies to bend the rules? Punishment for business and Industrial CEO, Directors and management must face fines and prison. According to a news report the middle class are fading away, but TRUMP can alleviate this problem. TRUMPS wall and MANDATED E-VERIFY is the answer.