As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Thursday, December 10, 2015

11:05 am || Delivers remarks and signs the Every Student Succeeds Act; South Court Auditorium

Live stream of White House briefing at 12:30 pm

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  1. So… will Thursday be a “lazy” day (hide and do nothing) ~OR~ will it be a “sneaky” day (hide and create new ways to weaken-insult the USA)for Dear Leader Obama…???

    I would ask this “WH press corps” whats going on…but as we have seen for the past 7 years they dont have the GUTS to report what really is going on in the Obama White House.

  2. The most shameful and useless Democrat in U.S. history, were the Democrats still capable of displaying shame.

    We should demand that one of his sympathetic Telemundo or Univision “Live From the White House” potted plants record him processing one of his PDB’s. That would be something to see.

    • I agree, however, they’d probably set up a fake briefing for the photograph. Obama would act interested for the 3 seconds it took to snap the shot and then go back to his daily ESPN lineup.

      • You’re right. The MSM would bang the drums for days, weeks in that case. They would bring out the smelling salts, exhibit all sorts of “did you ever hear of such a thing?” comments to thoroughly humiliate the Republican First Lady.

        With the Mooch? Nada.

        • So FLOTUS profiteers from being FLOTUS, pockets the speaking fee, yet doesn’t reimburse the Treasury for the costs and expenses involved in generating her profits?

          There is a word for this. CRIMINAL.

          • If the Obama’s were working for a corporation, and had tried to do what they are doing in our White House—hiring the wrong people, wasting the corporation’s money on nonsense, saying the things they are saying about the corporations, lying about their activities, purposefully undermining the success of the corporation, they would, as we speak, be in prison.

  3. Every student succeeds act — I don’t even want to know what that is all about.

    Meanwhile,let every immigrant in. Pretty much that is the amendment Leahy is offering and that will be voted on today as an amendment to nuclear safety bill. These amendments to bills that have nothing to do with them are part of the problem….that’s not legislation is kind of like blackmail.

    • I’ve found that the bill’s true impact is always inversely proportional to the title of the bill. The more the title sounds like a feel-good rainbow of unicorns, the worse the implementation and gov waste.

      For example – “patient care and affordable protection act of 2010”

    • And the eye popping sentence from that story: “If passed, the new rule would burden the U.S. immigration system and prevent authorities from normal background checks meant to ensure individuals are not tied to terrorists or other type of criminal enterprises, the source said.”

      So the Congress has now degraded itself even more in order to seriously consider an “Ally Ally In Come Free” kids’ game to upend all existing immigration law in order to not be accused of “bigotry”. That’s what this is really all about.

      What really ticks me off is how the entire establishment–Congress, Reps and Dems, the MSM, every little twit with a microphone has purposely and demonstrably used only a part of Trump’s full sentence regarding allowing illegal immigrants in order to get him out of the race. As you and others here already know, he actually, in the full sentence, asked for a moratorium so that Congress could properly sort out this current flood of Muslim (read potential ISIS agents) immigrants enter the country. That’s the second half of Trump’s sentence the establishment refuses to use. It doesn’t serve their purposes–to get rid of Trump. Immigration restriction is allowed by the US Constitution and has been done many times in our history before. Even the AFL-CIO did not change it’s policies demanding immigration restrictions until 1999.

      It would be like this (I’m almost done my rant ;+}). If a politician said that no one living in Miami would be allowed to drink city water in Miami until authorities tested the water for contamination. But the media and other politicians insisted the politician making the statement had actually said. “No one living in Miami would be allowed to drink city water.” Period. And they kept insisting that was the full sentence spoken by that politician. The second half of the sentence obviously changes the whole meaning of the statement.

      This little episode will go down as one of the most egregious and obviously false misquotes used by the elites to achieve a desired political purpose in a very long time. But they keep on keeping on. They just don’t care.

      (rant is officially done).

      • As well as all of them are ranting against Trumps 1/2 comment, they leave out: How are they going to protect our children? Do not listen to their whole rant, and cut off watching the commerical following it.

        • The primary responsibility of the President and Congress (among many other responsibilities ordained by the US Constitution) is to protect the safety and security of the citizenry. Obama and the Congress refuses to perform that responsibility, as we see in this current debate. That’s where we are.

        • That’s a fact. It is impossible to maintain a Constitutional Republic if we do not have a properly informed, serious, focused on the right issues population. It just can’t be done. And so we have the gaggle of misfits and comedians, as you note, who purport to be informing us about current events, but who are really singing Progressive karaoke songs approved by the White House and other similar lunatics.

      • The properly sort out part has been widely reported–disagree. But he says vaguely things like until we figure out what is going on, alluding I believe to a vague upcoming remark about some conspiracy between Muslims already here. We shall see on that. We would never figure out what is going on, so the ban would never be removed. All this is dumb bec it isn’t going to happen.

      • Journo-list 101. Attack, attack and then attack again.
        Yesterday, some pundits mused that MrTrump was in a conspiracy with the Clintons to help assure her election.
        They offered all kinds of dodgy reasons and snide comments to support their premise.
        Then, at the end of their segment the all agreed there isn’t a single fact to support this charge.

        No longer called a “clown”, MrTrump is a real threat to the establishment and their cozy ways.

        • I heard the the MSM and the left have built or are building that meme and using or misusing I don’t which two small tweets by JBush and CFiorina. But the MSM will run with anything — pretty much veracity has nothing to do with it.

          After listening to Hillary Clinton essentially call the families of the Benghazi terrorist victims liars claiming she did say terrorists to them there is not much further the Dems, the Left, the MSM, and Obama could go. I treat them as one, because they act as One.

        • Yep. I heard some liberal radio guru recently say, “A vote for Trump is a vote for Hillary.” No analysis, no exposition. Just a statement. If that were the case, wouldn’t you think that the Progressives would be begging us to vote for Trump?

  4. I had an idea…How about a regulation that any govt employee who let someone past who later committed mayhem could be fired, fined, or prosecuted. This might strengthen focus, so to speak–esp with those non-existent addresses.

  5. CUTE! Our dysfunctional Gummit’ has created another buzz-word for failure.

    Remember when we didn’t have a learning problem in our nation’s schools? Remember when Johnny could read, Sally could spell and Billy could add and subtract? Then they all grew-up, went out and got a good job and/or went on to college.

    That was before there was a Department of Education (Another failed Jimmah’ Cawter program). Before; “Title I”, “Head Start”, Clinton’s “Goals 2000”, Bush’s “No Child Left Behind”, Obama’s “Race to the Top” and everybody’s failed darling, “Common Core” (Which has actually been around for 50 years and has failed, in on version or another, more times that Communism and Socialism) So just like Communism and Socialism, along comes Obama (But I repeat myself) with another sure-fire failure, his, “Every Student Succeeds Act”

    The DOE has spent almost 200% more on failed programs now than in 1970 with consistently declining results. @

    BUTT WAIT! The DOE’s aims are being met. A stupid person is a stupid voter. We only need look back to the 2008 & 2012 elections for that proof.

    The only way to halt this downward spiral is to stop the Ass-Kissing programs that are made specifically for the NEA. Dismantle the DOE and stop the partisan funding for NPR & PBS as well.

  6. I am glad the press sells papers and gets ratings for covering Trump–his ramblings need airing and it was supposed to be the press’s job to air things (abdicated in Obama’s case). Even people on this list wish the press would cover Obama’s short days.

    I am for better systems, better procedures, not throwing up hands and wholesale banning…which would probably not prevent anyhow. Now they know the Calif terrorists planned for 2 yrs, that gun buyer even knew about it (see ya, buddy), and Neil Cavuto has reported that the Farook name was on the air amongst the cops while the rampage was going on. So people knew a lot! Why no action? No surveillance anyway? Or are they waiting to answer that hoping the Trump tempest will block it or God forbid, another incident?