As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Video || Earnest Disqualifies Trump – and the Other Republicans

How about sitting in the pews for years and listening to your preacher make anti-American statements. Does that disqualify you from being president?

9 Responses to Video || Earnest Disqualifies Trump – and the Other Republicans

    • I think the WH Press Corpse is afraid of the James Rosen Effect. If you ask embarrassing questions about the Prince of Pancakes, you and your parents get harassed by agencies of the Federal government. I wish Ernie Pyle was still around.

  1. The more the media and other politician’s condemn Trump the more free air time he gets. It is ironic that those condemning him for wanting a temporary ban till background checks are straightened out are now wanting to ban him. Pot calling the kettle black.

  2. What that mealy mouth Earnest refuses to acknowledge is that the Trump phenomenon is much larger than Trump, the person. Opinion surveys tell us that the Congress, the MSM, the government as a whole are at record lows ratings. We detest them. The Obama White House is an assemblage of buffoons with a toxic agenda, and we all know it. People at fed up and are angry, disgusted and in a mood to throw the bums out. Trump is just the pony that, at this time, many people are rooting for because, well, just because we hate the “establishment” so much.