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Obama Speech Lifts Trump, Cruz

The general consensus is that President Obama’s speech on ISIS did little to benefit the American people. He failed to enunciate any changes in policy, he threatened Americans’ gun rights, and he didn’t even sound like he recognized the alarming nature of the threat.

But there are two Americans he may have helped on Sunday night: Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

What the president’s message lacked was dynamism of any kind. It couldn’t be found in his tepid prescriptions for solving the ISIS problem nor in his unemotional, uninspiring delivery. Watching Obama, many voters will recognize the absence of these traits. And some will realize that dynamism, so necessary to dealing with crises and threats, is what Trump and Cruz possess in abundance.

Just look at the dry platitudes Obama offered up, deflating the country with vows to “continue” existing policies that already aren’t working.

  • “Our military will continue to hunt down terrorist plotters in any country where it is necessary.”
  • “We will continue to provide training and equipment to tens of thousands of Iraqi and Syrian forces fighting ISIL on the ground so that we take away their safe havens.”
  • “We’re working with friends and allies to stop ISIL’s operation.”
  • “With American leadership, the international community has begun to establish a process — and timeline — to pursue ceasefires and a political resolution to the Syrian war.”

Obama then turned to gun control as a measure sure to help and sternly warned America to “reject discrimination.”

Presumably, then, Americans are supposed to report suspicious behavior, but not focus on the population most likely to commit it.

Voters know that neither Trump nor Cruz will be having any of this political correctness. The initial focus of either of these two would be securing the homeland, not preserving the “safe space” of Muslims or anyone else.

Both have demonstrated the fire in their personalities that Obama lacks and that they surely would apply to the response to ISIS. Cruz has shown it on the campaign trail and on the Senate floor, where he regularly rocked the Senate’s staid status quo. Trump has been projecting force and even ruthlessness — “You’re fired” — to the public for decades now.

Obama counseled against fear during his remarks, but that’s a pipe dream. When America is attacked, even the bravest will have fear. And when there is fear in the land, people will turn to a “strong hand” to rescue them and recoil from Obama’s brand of milquetoast.

After watching Obama, people will think of someone like Cruz, and perhaps even more likely, Trump.

Because, try to imagine either the president or any of the Democratic or Republican candidates putting a gun to the head of an ISIS terrorist and pulling the trigger. Who might do it?

There is only one.

This piece also appears on PoliZette.

59 thoughts on “Obama Speech Lifts Trump, Cruz”

    1. The link did open to Arkansas Online. But since you didn’t specify article didn’t know what to look for. But confirm link does work.

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  2. Josh Earnest and Barack Obama is now the judge of what disqualifies a person from being President. I guess we should shouldn’t hold an election. Because Obama is going to try and find a away to 3rd term through Executive Action…………

    1. We can scoff at their remarks, but remember how many lo-infos are out there.
      The bar for qualifications to be POTUS are so low, anyone of us could be lawfully elected.

      oh. not to say we wouldn’t do the job, but you get my gist, right?

      1. The low infos will remain low infos. Twisting ourselves into pretzels or hoping they will see through the lies and media manipulation — waste of energy. Kinda’ like old waz’ his name up there….

    2. Hahaha,…Bring it.
      They are feeling the wrath of the Americans that are sick of the delusions that they continually shove down our throats.

      The dance will be continuing for the next year.

  3. Unfortunately, the media is not concentrating on Obama’s epic fail Sunday nite. They’re going ballistic over Trump’s ranting and raving about closing the borders to Muslims.

    Just as mass deportations of illegal Mexicans is an impossibility, closing the borders to Muslims is also a radical move.
    This puts Trump in a bad light b/c he should know better. There is such a thing as Congress. It would never fly.

    Trump is in hot water now for being too ignorant of the Constituion to be potus.
    Sure, he is entitled to free speech…but at what price?

    He was also asked this A.M if he would go third party. He didn’t say NO. Said he signed a ‘fairness’ pledge. I could be wrong but I thought he signed a pledge NOT to go third party.

    Hillary must be smiling.

    1. Driving today — heard a snippet of The Bearded One (Paul Ryan) say that this is not what the Republican Party stands for. Not in the mood so I didn’t listen further. Any know anything about that — or did I just not hear correctly or cut out too soon?

      1. If it’s somehow OK to discriminate on religion–how about on nationality–all Hispanics? Some of them are “bad” too–legal and illegal. Let’s just keep them all out to be on the safe side. SARC

        1. Right everybody is welcome. Can’t exclude. PC crap.

          More more, give me more. who cars if there bad or good we need them.

          48 million all ready on EBT whats a few million more. Cannot speak English no problem the my health plan has 96 language interpreters on call.

          1. Me casa, su casa.

            Me health plan, su health plan.

            That whole me casa, su casa thing might come faster than we ever thought possible.

        2. Please stop. You are full of political correctness. Face reality, its wartime — you think you are so goody two shoes about the Muzzies, are ya? 14 dead and 21 wounded in 5 minutes — you like these people that you can’t tell if they are killers or not? You think they belong here with their sharia and treatment of women and not assimilating into America? Its nice to love everybody but not a people that will smile at you, work with you, and then kill you when you least expect it, for their distorted religion.

        1. I hope not. But the GOP is almost asking for it at this point. It’s refusal to listen to the conservative base or anyone really not for its Chosen One (Jeb soon to be Pretty Boy Rubio)is blatant. And I don’t think Trump wants to run as a third party — but they sure are trying to push him out the door. Ryan’s statement so out of line. Again, IMHO.

          1. I agree, so out of line, hate him now! How could he? No loyalty at all, Repubs will lose again to the worst of all women, Hillary Clinton. Keep it up Repubs.

          2. Trump is guaranteeing a Hillary sweep. Oh, well—he’s her friend. I will not vote for either–first time ever, as I have said, I will not vote. And by the way, some people’s goody two-shoes is someone else’s intelligent problem solving based on facts, thoughtful procedures, and an eye toward keeping Muslim allies onboard.

    2. It may not fly right NOW…but if there’s another Daesh attack or three on American soil between now and next November, voters will be DEMANDING that the borders be shut down.

  4. I thought Rubio was impressive during an interview on Fox News right after O’s speech Sunday night – came off to me as strong, focused and presidential.

  5. Joshie — Trump’s GOP rivals “should say right now that they would not support Donald Trump for president.”
    1:54 PM – 8 Dec 2015
    Who is he to say what the GOP candidates should and shouldn’t do.
    Unfortunately, they probably will do this. Except for Tom Cruz.

    Further, Paul Ryan said “‘not what this party stands for and more importantly it’s not what this country stands for’.

    Ryan should be impartial in all the GOP candidate remarks or he should make it a habit to assess and publicly review each candidate’s remarks for party approval on a weekly basis. He furthered counseled all Congressional members to not endorse or follow Trump’s suggestion. And finally there is that hackneyed ” not what this country stands for”. Thanks PR and BO — we get what you think we should think the country does and does not stand for.

    Ryan should keep his opinions to himself regarding Republican candidates. And, in a phone message, I reminded him that my Congressman should be responsive to what I want, not what Paul Ryan or the Party tells him. For all of those who think Trump was out of line, so was Ryan as Speaker of the House.

      1. As soon as I heard that clip of Ryan, that’s exactly what I thought. I’m sick to death of Barry unilaterally proclaiming who and what America is and is not. Now we have Ryan doing the same. Ryan was out of line and should have kept his mouth shut.

      1. I’m not surprised. When there was first talk of him as SOH he was all No, I will not.
        That lasted a few days. Then he was all in for the good of the country, party whatever.

        I never believed a word of it, and I suspect other people think the same.

  6. I just looked up “Ineffectual” in my Unabashed Dictionary and it listed THIS as an example!! “With American leadership, the international community has “BEGUN TO ESTABLISH A PROCESS” Sheesh!!! I’m surprised Obama didn’t threaten to “sorta, kinda, maybe, almost do somethin’ BAD to IS/ISIS/ISIL!!!!

  7. Rupert Murdoch
    Surprise from Murdoch. And smart. He takes it in the whole.


    Has Trump gone too far? Regardless, public is obsessed on radical Muslim dangers, Complete refugee pause to fix vetting makes sense.

  8. Trump and Cruz project and offer fire because they truly feel it. Obama feels nothing, his eyes look dead, he looked more like he was an actor in a horror movie. I think this particular lecture for us to be nice to the Moslems finally made us all realize that Obama is just hopeless, he will do nothing to protect us, or fight against Moslem terror. We finally got the message from him and from his puppet heading the Department of Justice, which just shocked me when I heard her statement, no emotion about the 14 dead and 21 wounded but she said her greatest fear withf or the Moslems???!!! I never heard anything so stupid coming from the Department of Justice?? We hoped and hoped Obama would care about us but he does not, Obama is over, he won’t even try to do the right thing.

  9. Hillary Clinton is worshiping the Muslims and the low-infos. She knows thats all she can get. All these candidates are so phony and that includes the Republicans turning on Trump like a bunch of greedy pigs. Go Trump, you are the only one, the others are all phony politicians. Cruz isn’t bad and neither is Rubio but I wish they would be loyal to their own party because if they keep it up on Trump, Hillary Clinton will win. So selfish are all these candidates and such liars and so phony, except for TRUMP that is. Go Trump you are our only hope.

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